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Korean Movies: Its Influence on The Students’ Behavior

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Korean Movies: Its Influence on The Students’ Behavior essay
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We live in the time of information where a question living inside our heads has a tendency to be answered, obviously with the utilization of the most prevalent remote medium of correspondence, the internet. The internet gives all that we have to know, beginning from the most essential to the most sophisticated information we can ever get.

The modernization that is continuing occurring in the general public is a decent indication of advancement and improvement in the communication and technology of the different nations around the world. Also, the development of television is one of the evidence in these imaginative circumstances. From being a medium of communications and source of information, it has been additionally a shape as a medium for entertainment locally and international too, that drove individuals to be enamored with sitting in front of the television arrangement as a component of their day by day schedule. Also, up to now, individuals been belittling neighborhood and global television programs using diverse advancements, for example, workstations or net books driving them to locate later and approaches to watch their most loved film and show arrangement at whatever they need to and turning into a medium for a nation to impact another nation.

Korea’s persuasions are frequently watched now to Filipinos not just by their design styles, Korean foods, music and dance moves, yet in addition by their everyday common schedules, most particularly the viewing of Korean movies or drama. Korean shows are loaded with entertainment, with sensational plots, lovable and great looking male on-screen characters, both primary and supporting, and always have a pretty woman.

A Korean show intimate to television arrangement, it was created in Korean dialect for Korean crowds and it is additionally accessible with English captions for different watchers. A considerable lot of these shows end up well known all through Asia, particularly in the Philippines and have added to the general uniqueness of the Korean waves. Most Korean drama series has likewise turned out to well known all through East Asian nations, for example, Japan, China, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.(Tapulgo, 2012).


We should be smart in picking what to watch. Korean drama in our way of life rolls out improvements throughout our life, however we should realize that everything in our life is not the same as to Korean drama’s story. Korean show can give us numerous effects to our life, positive effect and negative effect that may create our way of life to do awful things or great things (Tobing, 2015).

Korean dramatizations demonstrate all the more engaging as for us visual and the spots that appeared in the story. Korean makes some contacting lines that the greater part of Filipinos like the most. Korean shows playing just in two hours seven days contrasted with the Filipino day by day 20 minutes scenes. The development of Hallyu everywhere (Abacan and Raymundo, n.d.).

Through the world, which YouTube, facebook and twitter had help to advance this sort of sensation. YouTube made the route for the spread of promotion of Hallyu, where the watchers witness the drifting video of Korean artist (Kocis, 2011).

The supporters continually belittling to watch a show on account of the impact of Korean music in the western world. They went to alternate places just to watch a show of their most loved artist. The supporters who seek the show were French as well as other individuals from the diverse nations like Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain and numerous others (Kocis, 2011).

In one study conducted by Fu and Chang (2016), they discovered that the female undergraduate of Taiwan won’t assemble fantasy on Korean Dramas; rather they see the Korean Dramas as a diverting excitement and contrasting option to the real world. Korean Dramas are not just source that female school watchers get the thoughts of affection ideas.

Based on the study conducted by Agatep (2014), it demonstrated that the third and fourth year understudies of Lorma Collages special Science High School addressed that K-Pop music ought not be separated in this way ought to be regarded and also it fans. Likewise, measurements demonstrate that K-Pop music doesn’t impact much on the social communication or identity of non-fans. This investigation suggests that K-Pop music’s appreciation for individuals is high. K-Pop music assumes a critical part in the lives of understudies. It gives motivation to the fans and gives a feeling of energy about Korean culture to the non-fans.

In one study conducted by Kim, M.G, Kim, M.K. & Kim, S.J. (2015), demonstrated that the respondents and members both have positive perspective as far as introduction and impact of form styles depicted in Korean Dramas. In any case, the examination demonstrated that positive perspectives and impact are two unique things and that regardless of the Filipino understudies positive perspectives of Korean form of television, they moderate their way of life. In the last examination, Korean Dramas simply expand the mold style decisions of Filipino understudies.

Based on the study conducted by Mato (n.d.), the researchers reasoned that the measure of time the young people is presented to Koreanovelas. Most second year high school students of city high school watched Korean Dramas in view of the amusement and they get the chance to relate as far as family issues, fellowship stories and better comprehension on their own personality.

In one study conducted by Robledo (n.d), it uncovered that lion’s share of the university students viewed koreanovelas frequently for stimulation purposes. The analysts discovered those primary interests of the Korean Dramas and why the vast majority of the young people belittled the K-Pop or Korean Dramas.



As we all know, Korean movies is one of the popular trends among teenagers especially the students. The researchers address what are the impacts of the Korean movies in terms of their behavior of the students. They conducted this research because they want to find out the influences by these Korean movies due to their behaviour. The purpose of this study is to determine what will be the impact of Korean movies in relation to the behaviour of the students in San Pedro Relocation Center National High School.


The present study is based on Cultural Proximity Theory (Straubhaar as cited by Ksiazek & Webster, 2008).

Television audiences seek local media content because of its traditional and identifiable cultural content and language,”

This theory involves that the gathering of people lean towards media content with common place social contributions, for example, semantics, visuals, social capital and qualities. On the off chance that there are not found in the nearby media, the gathering of people would search for media content originating from different nations proximate in topography, culture and dialect.


  1. A Korean movie affects the attitudes and action of the students.
  2. Students who watch Korean movies tend to apply it into certain situation.


Modernization – The state of being modernize (according to Merriam-Webster dictionary).

In this study the word modernization is the age where technology emerged.

Such as television, social media and other kinds of technology.

Behavior – The manner of conducting oneself (according to Merriam-Webster dictionary).

In this study it refers to the actions and attitudes of a person in regards to a certain situation. It is also used to show what causes an individual to watch

Korean movies.

Korean movies or drama – It refers to the “telenovelas made in South Korea” (Caisido , J. et. al, n. d ).

In this study Korean drama or movies is defined as the influence of the behavior of the students.

Hallyu – Also known as the Korean wave, it refers to the phenomenon that Korean culture became popular and is widely accepted by the people. (Jung, 2006 and Hogarth, 2013).


The study aims to determine the influences of Korean movies in relation to the behavior of the students in San Pedro Relocation Center National High School.

Specifically, it will seek to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the genres of Korean movies which influences the students’ behavior?
  2. How Korean movies affect the behavior of the students?
  3. What are the reasons why students keep on watching Korean movies?
  4. What are the benefits of watching Korean movies?
  5. Will Korean movies help to improve the student’s behavior?


The findings of the study which aim to determine the influence of Korean movies to the behavior of the students have significance to the following:

PARENT. This research will serve as a guide for them to make ways in order to help the students on the influence of Korean movies by giving advice to their children’s. Millennial are becoming more and more attached to technology affecting their lifestyle and for them to ignore or pay less attention in their environment. This study may help our parents to understand why their son and daughter pay more attention in the influence of Korean movies this study can provide information to help them in controlling the time in watching Korean movies. This study shows some of the consequences that can help for them to realize that giving more time in watching Korean movies is not always good.

STUDENTS. This study will help to give them awareness on their behaviors in Korean movies. This research study can be used by students for them to realize the influence of Korean movies or how Korean movies affect them and how or why they are addicted in Korean movies. Using this study it may also help them for their activities or assignments that are related in this study.

FUTURE RESEARCHERS. This study will be beneficially to those future researchers if ever they will make similar to this study. They can make this study to be served as literature review. This study will help the future researcher to accumulate knowledge and it will serve as reference that will give them a background or synopsis of the study. It will also use as their guide in garnering data to support their study. Moreover, the result of this study will not also use as their cross reference and it will facilitate them to easily find a solution to the problem.



The researchers will use the phenomenological research design, a type of qualitative research. This Design is suitable to the study because the researchers wanted to find out the influences of Korean movies on their behavior to a certain phenomenon.


As an instrument the researchers will use a one on one interview, those asses the respondents on the impact of Korean movies to the student’s behavior. Also the researcher will use an observational checklist to determine on how the Korean movies affect the students behavior in San Pedro Relocation national High School.


In identifying the participants, the researcher will use the purposive sampling technique. It will be held in San Pedro Relocation Center National High School (SPRCNHS) Main Campus. In using this technique the researcher will select 20 participants in all levels. The participants must have the main criteria, that is, the participant must be a fan of Korean movies.


The researcher will send a letter of permission to the principal’s office to seek permission to the principal. Once the principal approved, the researchers will seek the permission of the teachers and choose the participants to be interviewed. The waiver will be given to the participant and the researchers will start the interview process with observation to the participant. The study adopts the interview guide questions in another interview guide questions of other researchers, as well as the observational checklist. The questions that were not needed in the study were removed.


After the interview was conducted, the researcher will do the transcription. In this process, the researcher will write the exact statements of the participants word for word. After transcribing they will get the main thought of each statement. Then this statement will be grouped according to their main idea and categorized.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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