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The Issue of Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

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The Issue of Legalization of Cannabis in Canada essay
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In Canada, it is prohibited to use cannabis, also known by the name of marijuana, for recreational purposes. I feel strongly in the belief of one’s freedom and independence to make their own decisions. The laws put in place against this illegal substance are unsatisfactory considering it is proven by Health Canada that there are considerable health benefits that come along with the use of this substance (Health Canada, 2018). I feel as though the legalization of cannabis in Canada, for medical and recreational utilization, holds peak importance. I believe that it is the least harmful of all drugs and the most useful by its ability to treat several complications. It is stated by CBSN news that cannabis can help with chronic pain in adults, ease the nausea effect caused by chemotherapy as well as being able to treat muscle stiffness and spasms along with several others health related issues (CBSN, 2017). A survey conducted by researchers at Dalhousie University discovered that 68% of Canadians across the country are in favour of the legalization of marijuana (MacLeans, 2017).

The legalization of marijuana has been a long ongoing debate between the citizens of Canada and the government. I feel strongly that it is important to move forward with the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use. Freedom in Canada is something that is greatly valued and respected by its citizens. This should be the case when it comes to the use of cannabis, whether it be used with the potential of being harmful to its consumer or not, this does not substantiate the reason to put several laws on it. Forbidding the use of cannabis is not as effective as regulating its use because it allows people to make the decision on what they should and shouldn’t expose themselves to knowing the consequences. This could have a much greater overall effect on society. As stated by the Canadian Department of Justice, the “Cannabis Act” desires to achieve 3 main points: avoid the possession of cannabis in youths, preserve the profit of the substance away from criminals and the most important being to assure public health and safety to our citizens by minimizing the range of people who have access to the substance (Department of Justice, 2018). I feel as though regulating the use of a substance is beneficial and necessary because it will continue to allow the government to lay their point of view by reassuring good behaviours and discouraging the bad ones effectively.

Suffering from a mental and/or physical disadvantage is always a battle no matter who is enduring it. According to CBC news, Canadian doctors have an extensive opinion on the impacts of marijuana on the public’s health. While they keep into perspective the negative effects of marijuana, doctors have been able to conclude many benefits with the use of the substance. The most substantial marijuana research points, discovered by these doctors, that have led to positive effects lay within the relief of chronic pain in adults, it is an aid that provokes one’s appetite who is suffering from cancer, AIDS and other related diseases as well as it can help ease the effect of nauseas and vomiting for patients going through chemotherapy (CBC News, 2017). Statista Canada shows that between the months of April and July in 2017, 201,398 clients were registered as medical marijuana users (Statista, 2015-2017). I feel as though it is important to acknowledge not only the medical users, but also the recreational users of this substance. A lot of people find the use of marijuana helpful when trying to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, pain, or anger associated with family, personal, psychological or public issues. The main active chemical in cannabis is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This chemical, being the most effective psychoactive chemical found in the plant, stimulates the release of cannabinoids that bind to our cannabinoid receptors which stimulates the effect of being “high” both psychologically and physiologically. The legalization of cannabis will help reassure our people that the use of marijuana whether it be for family, personal, psychological or medical issues, is accepted in our community.

While there are a number of other illegal substance related issues out there, selling marijuana to young Canadians has left several criminals with a large profit in their pockets and many crimes for the police department to deal with. With the legalization of cannabis, the government has devoted their time and effort towards intending to reduce the acquisition that lays in the pockets of our criminals. It is important to understand that by legalizing marijuana, we are stripping criminals of their power in the production and trading of marijuana illegally. The Canadian Department of Justice stated that in 2016, 58% of police-reported ‘Controlled Drugs and Substances Act’ offences were related to cannabis (Canadian Department of Justice, 2018). This is more than half of the drug offences committed in 2016. I feel as though getting behind the wheel and risking the lives of not only yourself but of those around you while high off marijuana, is equally as dangerous and as much of a crime as drinking and driving. I believe that it is important to focus most of our attention on the criminals involved with this substance. Drug money, or in other terms, “dirty money” is something that gives these criminals the funds to purchase violent resources such as firearms and other weapons. By imposing laws and regulations on the production and merchandising of cannabis in Canada we will surely come to see that there will be a lower criminal rate related to drug offences involving cannabis.

I strongly believe that as a country who believes in the right of freedom, the legalization of cannabis will give our citizens one more reason to feel grateful for the country we live in. There is insufficient reasoning that suggests cannabis should continue to be an illegal substance. All of the evidence accumulated by researchers and doctors as well as the flourishing effort of those supporting the legalization of cannabis has proven that the health benefits of this substance override its risks. With the technology and science that exists in our country today, I firmly believe that the research of marijuana will continue to diminish the risks associated with the use of this substance. Regulating its use will ensure that people use marijuana responsibly and in moderation while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to take several aspects into consideration when legalizing a once illegal substance hence why the philosophy of minimizing who can have access to the substance is crucial. This will also lessen the profit that lay in the pockets of criminals. Although any substance you put in your body is a risk and could have the potential of being destructive, our knowledge of the side effects of cannabis remain for the majority positive rather than negative.

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