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Life in The Future: How 2100 Will Look Like

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Based on what I have read, the world has undergone rapid and profound changes in 2100 which before this we just imagine and predict the future but never expect it will happen. 2020 and years below, the world still struggling with the machine revolution and try to push the boundaries. Many changes we can see in nowadays like typewriters replaced pen, tractors replaced hoes and many more. However, life in 2100 would not be much different compare to early 2000. People will still need their necessaries and everyone will go to their daily jobs as usual. So, what will be changed in the year 2100 if it is not the change in people? The obvious changes that will happen are in sciences, technology and consequently the quality of living such as infrastructure will be faster, more efficient and underground, transportations are by land or by rocket and space will become humanity’s new home.

Infrastructure will be faster, more efficient and underground.

The first change that we might see is in infrastructure which it will be faster, more efficient and underground. We usually receive poor grades and complaining from people in this country regarding our infrastructure ability. However, the infrastructure will more modern in the future with the potential of nanotechnology. By 2100, the machines either big or small machines will work together to fixed the current problems. The process to complete an infrastructure also take less time because there might have thousands or even millions of tiny or big machines working together. This in turn can help people to less worry if there is any damage on infrastructure such as during floods, earthquake or other disaster because those infrastructures can repair quickly.

By the end of the century, railroads and tunnels will be crisscrossing the country with high-speed transportation zipping along a maintained, privately-funded system of infrastructure. For example, the high-speed railway systems will replace the current and outdated railway. So, this probably will help us to save more time to travel or go from one place to another place. Can you imagine we might be able to go from Washington, DC to New York City in less than 30 minutes? It may be not possible at this time but it will be possible in 2100.

Transportations are by land or by rocket.

Have you imagined how transportation will look like in 2100? I always imagine that there will have flying cars in the future. Although we always claimed that there will be flying cars, but the aerial transportation revolution that might exist will be hands-free. Even in 2020, there also semi-autonomous systems that already exist such as in commercial craft. We also can find this auto-drive system in luxury car where the car does not need human to drive as it has been set by the programmable software. With auto-drive technology, people’s safety during driving will increase compare to drive on our own because people can do other things such as picking up calls while in the car.

By 2100, this hands-off approach will follow the evolution and human can choose whether to use autonomous aircraft or autonomous cars. They also have the option either to control the plane by operated remotely or fully autonomously. According to Stephen Pope, autonomous aircraft is much easier to create compare to autonomous cars because there are less things to think and consider when flying in the sky. Autonomous aircraft will contribute much to human when people can save more time to travel anywhere in the world. This in turn will give benefits to human that use autonomous cars and trucks which it will lead to less traffic, less accidents and less infrastructure on the ground. The coolest thing to happen on the ground is road made with some kind of magnetism created and superconducting pavement which can make the car float and no friction applied. So that, when there is no friction, this can help to solve the energy used crisis during driving as human can save more energy, since there is almost no friction to slow us down.

Space will become humanity’s new home.

In the late year, there was a proposed of daring mission into outer space. Unfortunately, this mission could not be accomplished as the technology of that time was not yet ready to be implemented for such an ambitious mission. However, in 2100, such mission is possible to happen. Today, we know that working in space is limited to a privileged few such as astronauts, astronomers, etc. But, by 2100, all humans are likely to go into space and will probably become a daily routine. 2020 and years below, we always fantasized that it might be elevators to space and this fantasy will become reality by 2100. The idea for the elevator to become realized is there will be car connected on a strong line (made of carbon nanotubes) that is made of powerful magnets or robotics which allows it to climbs thousands of miles into space. This in turn, can help to save more cost, time and easier to travel to the space as we know even to send astronauts or astronomers to space cost a lot of money and preparation.

These elevators would not be used only for space tourism, but will be used for daily commutes. In the future of 2100, this will look insane when we see people make travel pass to outer space easily but, this is the reality. This become more interesting when the affordable cost makes everyone even though not from space career can travel there and they are able to see and observe more about the outer space with their own eyes compare to just read on the book or watch on media.

In conclusion, many things that are impossible to accomplish in the days of 2020 and below will become reality in the future of 2100. Human life will change dramatically and they will be exposed to more advanced technologies and machines and their life will never outdated. Human life become easier and more modern. They can study the life of the universe and nature of science more deeply and appreciate what they have. Lastly, even though the life in 2100 is more advanced and many things will change compare to year 2020s, but all people need to appreciate and be grateful with what they have.


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