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Most Important Courses Learners Should Take in University to Prepare for The Future

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Table of contents

  1. Studying For English Courses
  2. Ict Courses
  3. Conclusion

University is a place of study that is most desired by every secondary school student. The university was established to provide high-level education services focusing on areas of study such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, biomedical, biotechnology, botanical, zoology, aquatic, ecological and environmental, biodiversity, microbiology, geology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, farming , agriculture, forestry, veterinary, horticulture, timber technology, textile technology, computer science and information technology and engineering. The diversification of the field of study is aimed at providing graduates who graduate from the university to be the source of providing professional workforce in the future. In the context of higher education, each student at this stage will be exposed in a way to improve their level of life through the addition of knowledge and skill. At this moment the advice of each student will be taught how to live better with intellectual development that is largely related to the function of public education. According to Syed Hussein Alatas (1998), the main meaning and function of general study is to seek a comprehensive approach to intellectual development.

For the younger generation today, most of them make course selection based on self-will. They need to know about the courses they will have since they are in the other year, they do not have to wait until they are in the final year to get information about their career. Should they (students) start enrolling at the University again they should be prepared and understand the career needs they are going to have because they already know about the courses they will follow. To ensure that students are not left behind in getting career information, various programs have been made by the university. The fact is that the challenge is to educate students that the preparation for career is important and the right course selection guarantees their future.

Here I will discuss two topics of choice, namely the selection of students on the need to choose the right course to prepare them in the future. Topic that was chosen for the selection of English language courses as well as computer technology. However, there are more choices for students on important courses, but I just want to emphasize the importance and needs of students to master the two topics. This is because every career requires a graduate who has the skills and knowledge of the course.

Studying For English Courses

The use of English in Malaysia was formally taught and included as a syllabus at the beginning of pre-school education. English subject is one of the requirements for graduating from university. The matter is strongly emphasized by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, that every student of the university needs to master the language. In fact, the use of English is also intensified in local universities in the learning process. For the Ministry of Education Malaysia, the ministry has determined that every elementary and secondary school students should master the English language that students must pass in each compulsory written and oral examination. At each school level, students have been educated on the need to master the English language. English subjects must be taken by all students from form one to form five levels. This English component determines students who are eligible to follow the English language based on the achievement of Malaysian University English Test (MUET) obtained by students before entering university. . There are 6 levels of scoring to determine the mastery of the student’s English language. Students attending loops 1 and 2 in MUET (low MUET) and for students reaching 3, 4, 5, and 6 loops in MUET (MUET high).

As you can see, English is the world’s first language or world number one. It is seen as a language that allows people of the world to interact easily and effectively in the rapidly expanding era and modern technology such as the introduction of satellite television, cellular phones and computer networks, and nearly 99 percent of the information on the internet is in English. Importance English proficiency cannot be disputed even if Malay becomes the national language in Malaysia. This global language is widely used and needs to be mastered especially for students who will explore the field of knowledge in the field of education, then apply in the world of work.

English is not only an international language, but also a technology language to enable the nation to become more competitive and competitive especially in the era of a borderless world that forms a more liberal environment in the use of services and resources. The need for the mastery of English became more pressing in the era of globalization until France, China, Japan and other countries that had previously been deeply covered with this language began to take steps to study it. In the context of the world of education, a student must master English to understand more readable and readable English materials. English has become an intermediary in the interaction among the world’s population, including obtaining a wide range of high quality online reading materials, references and teaching of scholarly teaching. Such scholarly references consist of 99% published in English and require the mastery and a good level of understanding of the language, as well as the ability of the students to master the information-seeking techniques themselves.

The use of English in science and technology, trade medicine and others is clear, especially in the era of globalization and economic knowledge. In the field of information and communication technology, English is widely used as if it were a fact that to acquire knowledge and information must be through English. This makes English a very important technology language. The use of English in teaching and learning sessions, especially in technical subjects, gives students the opportunity to gain more knowledge. The level of English language proficiency among students should be at a good level as the language is a tool used in informational knowledge. The introduction of exchange language can bring a cultural shock to some students and teachers especially the way they think and understand aspects learned. This is in line with the statement by Gilbert (1982) that the past beliefs and experiences are very difficult to change. It is evident that the use of English is a very important thing in everyday life especially when called as a student. Mastery of the English language is essential and it is a requirement for students to go to globalization period after graduating.

Prime Minister of Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad Amt emphasizes the importance of mastering English language skills. He has issued a statement that every member of the government under his leadership must master the English language. Specific findings on declining English language domination have been identified as one of the major contributors to the failure of graduates to get a job. An employment agency in Malaysia in 2005, is one of the factors contributing towards unemployment in Malaysia is poor English (56%), (New Straits Times, 2005). According to Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister Datuk Wira Dr Fong Chan Onn, a total of 30,000 Malaysian graduates were only able to get temporary jobs as restaurants and cashiers because of their weaknesses in the English language. He added that the weakness of these graduates has become a barrier to them for better job prospects in the future.

The good in mastering English is that it is easier for people to connect or communicate with others, especially for outsiders and when doing a career assignment. This is because someone will be more confident to face each other. Finally, it is undeniable that by mastering multiple languages one easier to get a job opportunity. This is because a multi-lingual speaking worker is considered to have many advantages and privileges for being able to speak with various parties. The knowledge and skills of this English language play a very important role in achieving a career arena that demands every master of the master. With this, a good graduate of the English language was born.

Ict Courses

The National Development Policy in the Eighth Malaysia Plan (2001 – 2005) emphasizes the importance of developing and expanding the use of information technology in education development. The move is aimed at promoting growth, training professionals, improving productivity, modernizing IT and knowledge management, reducing the digital divide, and ensuring that all citizens benefit from ICT (Information and Communication Tecnology). The education sector has become a changing agent to enhance ICT utilization skills among the younger generation. The existence of educated societies formed through computer, internet, and multimedia cultures reveals the existence of a community of love for science. The developed nation is the beloved intellectual development pioneered by the advancement of the education world. In this context information technology aims to widen the spread of human thought as a social revolutionary agent. The Information and Communication Technology Development in this area of education has had a great impact on the development of Malaysia as a competitive knowledge-based economy. Given that Information and Communication Technology is among the key determinants in the development process to enhance the economy, Information and Communication Technology is seen to empower the economy of the population through the success of education.

ICT changes will give a big challenge to the teaching profession. Students should be prepared to enhance their knowledge and skills to make computers as a teaching and learning technology in place of conventional approaches that are less technology-based. To lead education in the future, every student needs to be self-sufficient with ICT. The strategy to increase the use of ICT in schools depends on the capability of principals and students to explore. Therefore, every student must master ICT skills. Skills in ICT are an important criterion in the 21st century education system. Searching the information over the internet is an asset that will make the future of education. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) covers aspects of information technology and communication technology. Information technology is defined as the technology used by individuals to collect data and analyze data into useful and meaningful information, and to produce information in various forms such as text, graphics, voice, animation and virtual. Data and information are always needed for specific purposes such as for the purpose of improving knowledge / knowledge, experience, skills and abilities. Communication technology allows individuals or groups of individuals to exchange data and information in unlimited time and space, quickly and simultaneously (‘synchronous’) via local or global networks.

Computers can help learning in terms of forming interactive learning, individualization, as intellectual tools, student controls, managing teaching and learning time, helping students master teaching materials and as a means of testing learning methods. Computer technology also helps management and can be used as a tool for communication. We should not miss out on mastering information technology skills as this field will continue to grow from time to time. The future human life system will be more dependent on progress in this area. Even at this time, human reliance on information technology is undeniable. Therefore, to ensure the nation’s vision of becoming a developed nation can be realized with the mastery of information technology. We are all aware of today’s globalization circulation, human beings are racing to dominate the technology. Regardless locally or abroad. this means that the importance of ICT clearly shows us that a developed nation needs to master ICT well. At present, the use of information technology in our lives is widespread. Hence we must be sensitive to the development of information technology.

The students who master this skill enable them to get a job easily because today there are many jobs that use information technology. The use of computers, the internet and so on is a must in the current job industry. In addition, we can increase the use of English in our daily lives. This is because information and communication technology is using the medium of English as a technology language. When we master ICT, we can actually master English. We have mastered two things by just learning one thing that is ICT technology skills.


Each Course Selection chosen by a student is not an easy matter and a student is usually influenced by some of the external and internal factors in the environment. For students who have identified the desired course, it is easier for them to make a selection but for students who have not done the right course selection then they will have problems and dilemmas to make the selection according to their interests and criteria. Additionally, the course selection process that is appropriate and appropriate with the approval, interest and personality of each student is also very important in determining the direction of a student’s life. Therefore, careful planning in the selection of courses should be made to the best of the ability to suit the future of self-esteem, satisfaction and assurance.

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