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Liposomal Vitamin C: Advantages and Application

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Much of the human anatomy is contingent upon the flow of electrons between compounds. Free radical is a term that describes those molecules rendered unstable due having an unpaired valence electron. They are catabolic, which means that they help degenerate larger molecules into smaller ones. They are made in a cycle known as oxidative stress, which causes harm in & destabilizes the cells, tissues, & organs. VITAMIN C serves to bestow an electron as a means of neutralizing free radicals, which helps to reestablish homeostatic harmony in the body.


VITAMIN C performs a critical part when it comes to both the function & well-being of the cells in the immune system. VITAMIN C gives white blood cells the ability to endure the assaults of free radicals, germs, bacteria, protozoa, & viruses. Additionally, it may function as an anti-histamine in that it lessens inflammatory conditions that are a symptom of allergies, colds, flus, & fevers.

Furthermore, it aids in the creation of collagen, which is the chief component of discs, ligaments, tendons, bones, & skin. In high dosage amounts, it has been demonstrated that Vitamin C can advance the recovery of burns, cuts, sprains/strains, burns, wounds, & broken bones. As if all that were not enough, the vitamin is of the utmost importance in promoting the healthiness of the eyes. To that point, there are many specialists out there who believe that it would take only 1,000 mg of liposomal VITAMIN C daily to avert cataracts altogether.

Cancer & Vitamin C

Pollutants originating from the surrounding environment may harm cells & intracellular organelles, which can lead to modified cellular metabolism & mutagenesis. Vitamin C is so potent an antioxidant that it helps to safeguard from the oxidative stress against the cell. The presence of large cancerous tumors in the body necessitate higher dosage amounts of VITAMIN C. Oral VITAMIN C formulations do not directly assault the cancerous growth, but it aids in strengthening, & maintenance thereof, the immune system to enable it to kill the cancer.

When administered via IV, the vitamin takes on the role of a prooxidant that constitutes hydrogen peroxide, & as a chemotherapeutic agent, that ends the development of cancer cells. Liposomal VITAMIN C executes the inhibition of oxidative stress that modifies intracellular organelles & causes mutagenesis.

Additionally, VITAMIN C works to avert chronic inflammation that permits the development of the mutated cells into fast-growing cancerous growths. VITAMIN C should never be relied upon as the sole therapy method to treat cancer. Rather, it should be utilized as a complement to supplement a full-fledged natural or customary medical procedure.

Heart Disease & Vitamin C

VITAMIN C aids in the protection of the arterial walls all over the body. The most critical, & stressed, blood vessels are those in the coronary arteries that sustain the heart muscle. VITAMIN C aids in the reduction of diseases & other types of oxidative stress that alter the blood vessels. Additionally, VITAMIN C averts cholesterol oxidation within the bloodstream.

In addition, VITAMIN C bolsters the function of the lungs & general oxygenation within the body. People suffering from asthma especially have a habit of needing a greater dosage amount of VITAMIN C. VITAMIN C in the daily dosage amount of 2000 mg reduce the manufacture of histamine & inflammation associated with the lungs.

Furthermore, VITAMIN C aids in the stabilization of blood sugar, which is crucial for those people suffering from diabetes and/or heart disease. Blood sugar that is raised & improperly supervised within the body leads to the sugar molecules binding to the proteins. Consequently, this results in the formation of advanced glycolytic end products (AGE’s). AGE’s generate widespread amounts of oxidative stress that cause tissues in the body harm. Daily dosages of 1,000-3,000 mg decreases the creation of AGE’s, and bolsters circulation & tissue oxygenation.

Ideal Delivery Method

The foundation of human biochemistry is contingent on the solubility of water & fat. There are difficulties with inserting a water-soluble nutrient into a fat-soluble matrix, such as the cell membranes. The mismatch results in poorer nutrient uptake & use rates within the cell.

VITAMIN C is a water-soluble vitamin that does not mesh all too well with the cell membrane wall, which is composed of fatty acids. When consuming oral VITAMIN C, it is estimated that intake is split 20%/80% absorption rate, with the former related to transmission into the bloodstream, & the latter related to accumulation within the colon. The consumption of oral VITAMIN C is also linked to unpleasantries in the digestive system, such as cramping & diarrhea, because that form of VITAMIN C pulls water into the colon.

Nature of Liposomes

Liposomes are nano-sized, fat-soluble means of transportation for transferring nutrients directly into the cells in the body. The innovation of liposomes can be credited to Dr. Alec Banham, who is a hematologist at the Babraham Institute, based in the UK. In Greek, “lipo-“ means fat, while “-soma” means body. Essentially, liposomes are bi/double layered fatty materials, similarly to the bilayered phospholipids of the cell membranes within the human body.

Liposomal VITAMIN C is bundled as if it were a bodily cell. This helps the VITAMIN C overcome the absorption barrier within the digestive system in order to directly transmit the nutrients into the bloodstream. The absorption rate is superior to that of traditional formulations of VITAMIN C, with over 90% of the cells taking in the VITAMIN C. This is even higher than what IV VITAMIN C offers, which is a pricy, but effective method frequently used in hospitals & alternative health clinics alike.

Ideal Liposomes

The size of the liposomes factors into its ability to contain as high a volume of VITAMIN C as possible. Ideally, the size should range anywhere from 100 to 400 nanometers. They should be quality tested at a FDA regulated facility to ensure safety & quality. A FDA-controlled facility should subject the liposomes to quality testing & assurance to guarantee security in its usage, as well as its excellence.

Phosphatidyl choline (PC) is the preeminent carrier for liposomal VITAMIN C, assisting in keeping the liposomes intact. Ideally, the PC should originate from a non-GMO soy or sunflower lecithin source, & come in 250-500 mg per dose within a liposomal VITAMIN C formula. New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith had a miraculous recovery from a coma induced by leukemia & severe double lung pneumonia. Alan Smith, a dairy farmer in New Zealand, was afflicted with, & suffered from, both severe double lung pneumonia & leukemia. His condition deteriorated to the point that he soon slipped into a coma.

Traditional methods of treatment proved to be unsuccessful. His doctors were ready to give up on any hope of his recovery & resolved to put him out of his misery. However, Alan’s family intervened to try & save his life by suggesting that the doctors give Alan 50-100 grams of IV VITAMIN C. Alan started to react positively to this treatment. Unfortunately, the doctors were comparatively uninformed about VITAMIN C, & showed concerns about any consequential health complications from the administration of the high dosage IV VITAMIN C. These doctors subsequently drastically decreased the dosage to a scant 2 grams of VITAMIN C. The result? Alan’s condition again became critical, with his survival uncertain yet again. His family again intervened & took matters into their own hands.

They knew that VITAMIN C was the only treatment thus far that had shown positive results. To this end, they administered 6 grams of oral, liposomal VITAMIN C. In a matter of weeks, Alan’s condition greatly improved. He became well enough for his doctors discharge him from the hospital. This was nothing short of a miraculous recuperation & revival. This goes a long way towards showing the potency & advantages of liposomal VITAMIN C.

Vitamin c – liposomal vs. Iv

VITAMIN C specialist Dr. Thomas Levy, along with other specialists, have discovered & stated that 50 grams of intravenous VITAMIN C is the equivalent of a mere 6 grams of liposomal VITAMIN C. Although IV VITAMIN C does considerably increase the blood levels of VITAMIN C, the lack of the liposomal encapsulation greatly hampers the ability of the water-soluble VITAMIN C to efficiently pass through the cell membrane.

The antioxidant properties of oral VITAMIN C help to lessen oxidative stress in the body. IV VITAMIN C is a prooxidant means of treatment that aids in the production of hydrogen peroxide, which marks the cancer cells for destruction while leaving normal cells unscathed. IV VITAMIN C is a promising treatment method to administer to advanced cancer patients.

The fatty acids contained in the cell membrane wall obstruct the VITAMIN C located in the bloodstream from being transmitted into the cell. The membrane of the liposomal formulation is able to integrate with the same substance & structure of the cell walls. The consequence is a lesser, minimum needed dosage that saves the consumer much money, time, & stress.

IV VITAMIN C treatments can cost anywhere in the range of $125 – $160 per session. Regular sessions can take as long as 2 hours. A daily dosage of 6 grams of liposomal VITAMIN C can cost even less than $5 daily, & takes very little to take, if at all. Neither doctors nor needles need be involved. It is as simple & user friendly as swallowing a pill.

For people in good health with no major symptoms of any kind: Optimal: 1-2 grams; Take 1,000 mg, 1-2x daily For people with major health issues, or extreme athletes: Optimal: 4-6 grams; Take 2,000 mg, 2-3x daily For people suffering from a life-threatening disease including, but not limited to, any late stage infection, heart disease, cancer, etc.:

In regards to the use of liposomal VITAMIN C, it is recommended that you be aggressive. This translates to taking the upper dosage listed. Should you notice any symptoms including, but not limited to, faintness, nausea, cramping, diarrhea, high or low blood pressure, etc., then decrease the dosage to the lower amount listed, & keep an eye out for any changes in your condition.


For those who do not know, a contraindication describes any specific situation in which a treatment method should not be used on the patient due to a fear that it may cause more harm than good. A glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is a contraindication for the use of VITAMIN C. A G6PD is a hereditary condition in which a person lacks the G6PD enzyme. This enzyme aids the body in functioning ordinarily. VITAMIN C administrations in incredibly high dosage amounts, as well as an incredibly high dosage amount of liposomal vitamin D have a remote probability of causing hemolytic anemia.

Allergens to sunflower lecithin, which is a primary ingredient in many liposomal VITAMIN C formulas, is another contraindication. Pregnant women, children, & people who are taking blood-thinning treatments should only use lower dosage amounts. Although most doctors do not have much experience with VITAMIN C as a means of treatment, you should still consult your doctor before you start using VITAMIN C as such.

Be cognizant that VITAMIN C can bolster iron absorption into the body, particularly in the heart where the presence of excess iron can cause health issues. This warning is especially pertinent to those people who are overloaded with iron. Ideally, ferritin levels would be less than 80. The transferrin saturation would be less than 40%. Should your levels be higher than those aforementioned, then consider donating your blood. Additionally, be sure to wait 2 to 3 hours prior to consuming anything iron-rich if your levels are high, after consuming liposomal VITAMIN C. Be especially careful with red meat, which is pretty high in its iron contents.

Proper Procedure

A PET scan typically serves as a beacon. A positive PET scan signifies that the tumor typically reacts to the VITAMIN C. A negative PET scan with a present, active tumor signifies that VITAMIN C will be relatively ineffective more often than not. VITAMIN C is best used as a complementary therapeutic tool in early-stage cancer. VITAMIN C should never be used as the sole means of treatment, or even as a last resort for late-stage cancer patients.

When you measure the costs & benefits of PET scans & oral supplements, the benefits of the liposomal supplements outweigh its costs. The worst-case scenario is that it cannot treat cancerous tumors, but will still boost all other systems in the body. Thus far, Liposomal VITAMIN C has been proven to be a great use of time and money.

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