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Middle Ages and Modern World: Midterm Assignment

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Robinhood is one of the most enduring legends of the middle ages, and these stories have evolved throughout the centuries to reflect the changing ideals of the society. The movie depicts how a poor man stands up against the inequality, injustice done by the kings at that time among which Robin Longstride (name used in movie) is the one. The themes in Robinhood movie are complex as we can see chivalry, inequality, violence etc. Robinhood steals from the rich persons and gave everything to the poor which showed his good nature. Robinhood was always there for the poor people to help them fighting against the evil and concealing the field of an awful lord. He organized an army of men to do this act of chivalry. He was an adventurous man who took chances to get deeds accomplished and he gloriously accomplished all those things. He was the most courteous outlaw in all of Sherwood. He steals from the poor and give all the money to the needy ones and in this manner he did the right job. He has never kept anything for his own selfish needs.

Robinhood was a fearless, honest and had a compassionate heart. In the motion picture Robin Long stride, a bowman coming back from the Crusades who mimics a dead knight with expectations of a free trek to England and perhaps a little payday. Roxley’s father convinces robin to continue the charade so that Loxley’s widow, Marian can retain the lands. Robin who was a thief at heart, finds himself responsible for a town. The movie shows the contrast between carefree humor of Robin and his men with the brutal violence and grin living conditions around them. The sets that are used in the movie of Robinhood shows the unequal status of people during the Middle Ages. Like Marian’s home in comparison to King John’s castle or the tent of King Richard versus the tent of the soldiers.

The clothes worn by the rich people like King Sherifs versus soldiers, knights, archers’ clothes. The fabric, color and cleanliness all were on different levels, for everyone. Best example depicting inequality is Formation of Magna Carta by Robin’s father who addressed the inequality issue before King John.

Inequality is a fair criticism, as in the middle age the differences between the richest and the poorest the highly educated and the uneducated men and women. The movie starts with a place called Nottingham which reimagined the legend from the point of view of the Sheriff of Nottingham making him a hero fighting a terrorist threat from the outlaws of Sherwood. The movie showed the battles very fantastically like they were fought in middle ages. The arrows, woodlocks, shields, bags filled with gunpowder and many more things make the battle scenes more interesting, authentic and believable.

Robinhood was shown as an archer in this movie who serves in the army of King Richard the Lionheart with the name of Longstride whose father formed the Magna Carta to resolve the issue between the king and the barons. The film makers included in the Magna Carta to show its relevance to the Middle Age time.

Godfrey is one more strong character shown in movie who was an English Knight who had conspired with King Philip of France to assassinate King Richard but was not successful in doing it which also shows the resemblance to the middle age time when the kings had enemies living in their own court, conspiring against them but still showing false affection towards King. The respect shown to the king by the soldiers, the way he ordered his army and make them believe that after winning this battle they all will return to England was remarkable and the way food items were given to the soldiers also was a good try by the film makers to show the medieval time. The scene where Robert Locksley one of the knights in King’s court was dying and Robin was sitting near him, he told Robin about his past and told him to return his father in Nottingham and king his crown to his family. Robin thought it would be great opportunity to disguise as the Knights and return back to England where his friends doubt as they were only archers but Robin says it’s just the matter of clothes and swords in which these all show the middle time. Robinhood is the most legendary character but in this movie Robin Longstride name is used which starts their difference now only.

Ridley Scott’s Robinhood shows a plodding screenplay which shows crusade, a castle siege visceral inventiveness that is Boiling oil is lobed over battlements and explodes when hit by flaming arrows. Knights duel in the surf while two boats knock together to squash them. In the movie Robin is seen on his way back from the holy land alongside Richard the Lionheart in 1199.

Technology was more advanced in the Middle East at that time: – Robin used bone and sinew to strengthen bows and arrows because he was supposed to have come back from Crusades, but if we see the fact Richard the Lion heart was not on his way back from Holy land in 1199.

The costume used in the movie by the costume designers include a halberd(tunic), hood, leggings and sleeves which seems to be very heavy and authentic. Heavy swords and shields were used which creates an environment of Middle Age. The sword used were made of bamboo and painted dirty silver to give rusty look. After coronation of King John, he ordered more collection of taxes and dispatches Godfrey to North direction while Godfrey was ditching him will use French taxes to stir up unrest and to get ready for King Philip to attack England. Then Robin and his companions went to Nottingham where Locksley’s blind father told Robin to impersonate as his on to prevent the crown from seeking the Locksley family lands, which depicts the taxation condition during middle ages which even included like in Locksley.

The beautiful English countryside is vibrantly displayed throughout providing a sense of both historical and realism and ethereal fantasy. The combat in Robinhood movie actually involve more than two or three hundred warriors which makes it more personal, visceral experience. It makes the movie more realistic and intense giving the impact of middle age battles.

Robin’s ultimate goal is to make King John sign a statement guaranteeing the liberties of the individual i.e. Magna Carta but he rejects the oppressive taxation policies and believes that regional barons should be empowered to help their people. Fact is Robinhood should be a young outlaw who spends his time stealing the Sheriff’s gold exploring Sherwood forest and trying to win Maid Marian’s heart which is the history but the film makers made the movie less historical and used technology more to gain young views attention.

Worldwide elements are mostly muted, although there are a few points like in the beginning of the movie Robin says that after the Crusades, he and his companions have become godless and that they have compromised their faith through their murderous deeds. For the most part, the Church is portrayed as an organization of greedy thieves in league with King John.

It shows many themes like violence, inequality, chivalry etc. The people end up getting stabbed, sliced, burned and shot with arrows which is a great piece of middle age time battles and doesn’t look like computer graphics. Inequality is shown as King’s are getting richer by laying heavy taxes on the poor people making them poorer.

Robin is the one who stand against this inequality. Chivalry is seen when Robin impersonate as Locksley and was seen with Maid Marion. So, on the whole the filmmakers had tried their best to give medieval, historical, authentic touch to the movie but were unsuccessful as most of the things were either twisted/manipulated or had a modern impact.

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