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Mitigated Punishment: Alternative Sentencing Or Community Sentence

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Alternative sentencing or community sentence is where an offender is convicted of an offense and contrary to getting to jail or facing a death sentence. The defendant is punished in alternative forms, it’s mostly used for non-violent crimes, white-collar crimes, first-time convicts, and juvenile convicts. Pressure has grown to the courts to seek out more sorts of sentencing except jailing or prisoning. Alternative sentencing grew because it’s major advantages and is more modern compared to prisoning which is traditional. Prisoning or jailing has negative impacts love it results in separation of families, and difficult to regulate back to their typical life after serving a jail term. Prisoning is dear to the courts especially when prisons are full. There are various methods of other sentencing and for one to be suitable for alternative sentencing an offender must meet certain criteria. This essay will discuss the kinds of other sentencing also as their advantages or disadvantages

The first method of a non-custodial sentence is figure release or weekend jail programs. they’re suitable to convicts who have jobs or they need obtained employment when on their jail term. Work release is when the convict goes to figure during his work times during the day while in the dark goes back to prison. In weekend jail programs the defendant goes to figure from Monday to Friday it’s suitable to convicts who have a full-time jobs. On Saturday and Sunday, the offender stays in jail, during the discharge time the convicts aren’t allowed to travel anywhere or do anything except attend their workplaces. this sort of sentencing is favorable to jailing because the convict has a chance to still provide for his family. Also, the convict remains ready to pay the restitution money that he owes to the victim and therefore the defendant is in a position to retain his job.

The second type is restitution and fines, they both differ from one another. Restitution is that the repayment of damages in monetary form to the sufferer that the convict had wronged. While in fines the convict pays the monetary damages to the govt rather than paying it to the victim. The damage must not be financial the court can assess the damage and convert it to monetary form. If the convict isn’t ready to pay the convict’s property are often sold to repay the damages. 

The third sort of alternative sentencing is jail diversion and rehabilitation programs. It involves various programs like drug and alcohol treatment, counseling, or doing an academic program. it’s for those convicts who use drugs and people with mental illnesses, the convicts undergo psychological treatments. For drivers who cause accidents or violate traffic rules avoid prosecution by finishing a driver’s program. The programs are beneficial to the society and therefore the convicts because they’re educated and helped call at their addictions. rather than getting to jail where they meet other dangerous drug addicts who influence them negatively to become a danger to the society.

The fourth alternative of sentencing is confinement which is suitable to young adults and juveniles. The convicts are tracked electronically by placing a device round the convicts ankle and shows their location whenever. The convicts are restricted to being at their house or a responsible family member’s home with certain exceptions like getting to school, work, church or counseling. This method reduces overcrowding in prisons and is cost-effective to the govt because the offender pays for the device. Also, food or house expenses are catered by the convict, the defendant gets to reflect on his bad decisions and alter his life. it’s utilized in cases where the offenders aren’t yet found guilty and rather than staying in jail with dangerous convicts who might influence them they occupy the home. it’s also used when an offender is unable to pay full bail because it’s expensive, the bail is reduced and therefore the convict stays under confinement.

The fifth alternative is community service, where the offender does unpaid work for the society or community work. it’s suitable for those convicts with minor offenses, also to celebrities who have offenses so as to encourage the society in community work. samples of community service that a convict can do is collecting recyclable materials like plastic bottles, and collecting litter. Also painting the general public buildings or streets that are illegally spray-painted, collecting litter within the neighborhood, coaching a sports team within the neighborhood. Community service is useful because it enable a convict reunite with the society, it makes the convict remember of the environment and educate him. it’s cheaper than getting to prison since community service isn’t paid while in prison there are expenses involved.

The sixth alternative is probation, it occurs when an offender has been imprisoned for a particular amount but doesn’t finish the entire term. Under certain conditions given by the court, the convict finishes the remaining term reception or at a loved one under strict supervision by a politician of the court. The offender is meant to take care of honest behavior, and pay a fine if the convict may be a junkie when meeting with the officeholder the convict is tested for drugs. The offender is allowed to travel work either full time or part-time, also undergo rehabilitation where the offender learns new skills to affect life. Probation enables a convict reunite with the society and is cheaper to the courts because the convict doesn’t stay in prison but the reception and therefore the offender pays for the supervision costs. If the offender doesn’t follow the set conditions the offender is jailed.

In addition, suspended sentencing is additionally a way of alternate sentencing. It occurs when the courts suspend or delay a sentence. it’s going to be conditional or unconditional, conditional where the courts provides a jail sentence but the sentence isn’t imposed as long because the convict doesn’t break the given conditions. The conditions include: enrolling during a rehabilitation center, or not committing the other crime, if the convict follows all the conditions the judge removes the sentence permanently. Unconditional suspended sentence is where the convict isn’t given any conditions to follow the case ends but the records remain. it’s common to those offenders who do minor crimes, first-time offenders, and fewer serious offenses. There are other sorts of alternative sentencing like rather than getting to public jail the offender pays for a personal jail, getting to alcoholics meetings, and joining behavioral management classes like anger management classes.

In conclusion, there are various ways of sentencing aside from imprisonment like paying fines or damages to the court or to the victims. Also release of convicts during their time period or weekdays, jail diversion or joining rehabilitation programs. Doing confinement as a part of their sentence or fully as their sentence, for minor offenses the defendants do community services or suspended sentencing. They also do probation under supervision or with no supervision, rather than getting to public jail the offender pays for a personal jail, getting to alcoholics meetings, and joining behavioral management classes like anger management classes. Other sorts of sentencing are suitable because they’re cheaper than imprisonment the govt doesn’t provide clothing, shelter or food. It reduces overcrowding in prisons and influence from the damaging criminals to avoid the convicts from associating with them.

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