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Moral Consideration on Whether The Corporate Harvested The People’s Personality

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Table of contents

  1. Utilitarianism
  2. Deontology
  3. Conclusion

This report could be a review of the case-study by identical title Raicu 2016 a political candidate in America employed the services of a personal company to assist classify registered voters higher than and on the far side the static demographics. The statics enclosed a temperament analysis of the individual to assist the candidates’ higher target called micro-target specialized advertisement to folks each online and offline totaling five thousands information points per person. The corporate intelligibly keeps the techniques and therefore the complete list of the information suppliers confidential. They distilled people and every one of their idiosyncrasies into one in every of conscientious, neurotic, and agreeable. Apparently the candidate had 3 totally different advert campaigns (architect, soldier and family man) appealing to the 3 mentioned temperament varieties complete with the matching imperceptible messages. This report focuses on the moral consideration on however the corporate harvested the people’s personality. Specifically, this research can rise if the gather methodology is moral ought to the folks taking the form are suggested expressly?, and is extrapolating the classification to people who failed to participate the survey moral. This report further explains 4 academic moral theories – Utilitarianism, Deontology, Contract, and Virtue ethics.


Utilitarianism could be a version of Consequentialism which means, this theory could be based on consequences or result for people determines right from wrong. It is the only moral framework which produces highest number of good for the highest number and used to justify war or military force. However, it is very difficult to know that outcome of any actions will be bad or good because we future cannot be predicted. Therefore, utilitarianism stands for the bigger sensible, and also the latter identifies the end-result because the sole criteria for deciding associate action. Thus, the action should be though- about with its sensible consequences, and deduct the negative impact and see what percentage entities can or have received the profit. It has its roots within the nineteenth in serving to legislators decide that laws were virtuously the simplest. In the context of school of thought, was the corporate’s methodology of gather ethical? This methodology of gather mistreatment information from unsuspecting people massively benefited the company as expected with no hurt to the enterprise. There was no hurt to individuals, however no advantage either. Thus, this methodology had huge edges except for a smaller range of people, however no hurt to others. Thus, this can be moral. Next, ought to the individuals are educated expressly concerning the company’s intent to use their responses to profile them? If the individual was educated, there square measure sensible probabilities that the responses could are totally different or they will not have obsessed the form in the least. Not informing them resulted in important gains for the corporate and marginal gains to the individual in his satisfaction of exploration of his temperament. Informing them would have crystal rectifier to likewise losses to each. Thus, this can be moral.

Finally, was the corporate moral in extrapolating the information? Not extrapolating the data would have resulted in a very loss to the enterprise by lowering the standard and amount of information. Not extrapolating would have crystal rectifier to no gains or loss to the individuals. Thus, this extrapolation is more moral.


Basically, Deontology cares with duty, which means it requires individual to follow the regulations and rules and do their moral duty. Therefore, in this theory, actions judged by the natural intuition about what is ethical and what is unethical, unlike consequentialism which focuses actions by their outcomes only. Deontology deters ambiguity and individuality because people only need to follow set of rules.

This institute of thought assigns values to activity and these values square measure be-all and end-all. The results, circumstances, internal or external pressure, motivations and alternative things do not use full. The 2 pillars of this theory square measure categorical absolute and imperative duty to perform. In the context of Deontology, was the companies’ technique of harvesting morally? In and of itself, once a user is filling the form their dealing is prescribed to honestly respondent the queries asked to the most effective of their ability and therefore the companies’ duty is to method these this response, inform the individual of his appraisal and be finished the information. However, the business went sideways from its duty. Thus, this is often ethically immoral. Next ought to the folks are wise expressly concerning the companies intent to use their response to profit them the duty of a service supplier and the user too is to inform direct of any and every one intensions of their interaction. The corporate unsuccessful in its duty by willfully, misrepresenting its intensions. Thus, this wasn’t moral.

Finally, was the corporate moral in extrapolating the information? The corporate had some data at its disposal and figure it for people that had not participated in its questionnaire. Any commercial or government organization is doing something out of bounds once it tries to profile a private while not his categorical permission and so organization done that which is often unethical.

Virtue ethics embrace how of living which ends within the right issue, at the correct time, within the correct amount, with the correct person. This right isn’t an equivalent as moderation, though moderation may be a part of it. The correct approach is very easy. As Associate in nursing illustration, it is okay sometimes to be gorge and sometimes to be fast. However, not like the opposite faculties of thought thought-about, Virtue ethics don’t systemize a collection a moral principle or contemplate the utility of Associate in nursing action as everything. Virtue ethics aim to realize a deep happiness for self and for others (eudaimonia) and leave the appliance to the people. It consists of qualities like Honesty, courage, compassion, generosity, fidelity, integrity, fairness, self-control, and prudence.

In the context of Virtue Ethics, was the company’s methodology of harvest ethical? This methodology of harvest victimization knowledge from unsuspecting people that rates low on honesty and fidelity. This method was conjointly unfair to the, who thought they were just taking part in an exceedingly fun test. Thus, this is often immoral. Next, ought to the folks are aware expressly concerning the corporate’s intent to use their responses to profile them? In spite of the results for the company, by not change the participants expressly concerning its theme to use the info (gathered on the pretext of an easy temperament test), the enterprise failing in honesty and integrity. Actions like these don’t cause welfare of all. Thus, this is often unethical. Finally, was the corporate moral in extrapolating the knowledge? The corporate used some data to estimate the tendencies of another folks, and people others weren’t created awake to this. This action is somewhere within the middle of absolute honesty and absolute dishonesty. Such extrapolation’s knowledge might have helped the corporate give higher services to the consumer, which can have assisted in raising the planet, although in an exceedingly tiny approach. Thus, this extrapolation is moral.

Unlike deontological and utilitarian theory, moral system is absent; however, Social-contract theory is individual self-interest to develop moral systems with some certain rules. The individuals (being rational) realize that there are additional gains in cooperating instead of not operating along and so morality seems. This arrangement will away with the constant threat in exchange for the endless chance. Once somebody defects and takes away quite their fair proportion, and also the morality is well-rounded to encourage the contract’s upholding by all parties involved.

In the context of Contractarianism, was the company’s technique of harvest ethical? The agreement between the user and also the web site was to produce a form for questionnaire. By underhand exploitation this data for a few different purpose, the company failed in keeping its finish of the cut price. Thus, this can be immoral. Next, ought to the individuals are educated expressly regarding the company’s intent to use their responses to profile them? The corporate provides a (vague) privacy policy that, among different things, includes this kind of use. The user, by continued to use the web site agrees to the privacy policy. So, the corporate didn’t break any contract by exploitation the info collected for political functions. Thus, this can be moral. Finally, was the corporate moral in extrapolating the knowledge? The corporate used some data to estimate the tendencies of another individual. Those people weren’t created alert to this and so didn’t create any contract i.e. this agreement with the individual who didn’t participate within the form wasn’t free (as in speech), and also the company failing thereon. Thus, this extrapolation isn’t moral.


To sum up, this report looked into 3 specific queries within the action of a non-public company grouping user temperament information beneath the color of a personality appraisal from the point of view of 4 classical ethics theories. As per scenario, the queries turns out moral or unethical, due to infrastructure of the theory colored of activity. All in all, rather intended used of information, clandestinely gathering the information seems to be more unethical. The ethics theories were divided on whether or not the extrapolation on unsuspecting registered voters was moral or not.

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