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Peculiarities Of The Army Job

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For every type of job, employers strive to provide job designs that would optimize the productivity levels without the staff being overworked. Job design entails the organization of all the functions and responsibilities of an employee into a working unit that is productive and comprehensive. The job of the air force military, like any other type of job, can be analyzed based on task performance criteria (CAR), which are useful in analyzing the efficacy of the specific job. The CAR criteria stand for the three primary categories of tasks that are performed: creative, adaptive, and routine.

In the army, creative task performance is represented by an opportunity to develop new ideas and strategies and implement them. For instance, some armed forces staff is given a chance by the Department of Defense to apply their creativity during the training sessions and in the field (Silber & Foshay, 2009). Staff and trainees who are knowledgeable in certain areas like engineering are allowed to design new military choppers, weaponry and security systems, and then simulate the models for selection or even development (Silber & Foshay, 2009). In addition, recruits who demonstrate excellent talent in related educational fields like shooting, artwork, and sports are given a chance to enroll in their respective departments to improve their creativity capabilities (Capella University. School of Business, 2008). Thus, the enhancement of creative task performance will enable the air force to merge with fast trending security threats.

In adaptive task performance, an employee overcomes unusual situations and conditions that emerge in the working process. In this respect, in the air force, a large number of officers are expected to adapt to the climatic changes while in the training school. A useful illustration of this in the air force is during rescue operations, where pilots may be obliged to fly the rescue plane in regions covered by fog or mist, navigate over the land on forested terrains, land on any ground, and take off from any point. These particular tasks require adaptation to unusual and extraordinary events depending on their occurrence and the priority level set. Apart from obtaining the air space knowledge, the recruits must also adapt to performing land and sea operations in situations where airspace operational mode is least preferred. For instance, operating from an island needs both naval, land and air adaptive knowledge. Therefore, adaptive task performance is an element that is required in every field of operation in the air force (Mueller-Hanson et al., 2009).

Employees are also required responsible for the duties performed on a daily basis with have minimal changes, which are referred to as the routine tasks. In the air force, for instance, daily parades and other light chores are usually conducted under minimal supervision (Capella University. School of Business, 2008). Since these events are held on a regular basis, officers are expected to make no mistakes at all during their proceedings, with only small errors being allowed. Another example is how the air forces operate their workstations. Air force officers are categorized into distinct groups who are assigned specific duties such as doing patrols and protecting fellow colleagues, securing the weapon storerooms, performing office duties and class work. Additionally, others are deployed to perform security operations, participate in state ceremonials etc. These groups are ranked according to the task assigned, and then group leaders are appointed to lead these groups either separately or collectively.

Inferring from the CAR analysis, in air force military job, creative tasks take 25 percent of the job, adaptive and routine tasks – 30 and 45 percent respectively. Such a division has been a traditional set up in the army. Historically, the soldiers were expected to be obedient to all orders coming from the officers of higher ranks. Today, nothing has changed, as the army in training itself is routine oriented, and soldiers are perceived competent if they undertake all the prescribed routines.

As revealed by the CAR analysis, the army job has not evolved because it still prioritizes routine over creativity. Considering the dynamics experienced in the word in terms of security threat, the army has to follow suit and embrace creativity, because the enemy is one step ahead in terms of creativity. The US Army can boost creativity by incorporating more class work in the army. Soldiers should attend scientific and research classes to boost their innovation ability in the military perspective. Additionally, the job can be made more meaningful if the selection and recruiting is altered to employ graduates based on the order merits. On the other hand, the US Army can tap the best out of routine performance by introducing valuable routines such as attending research centers and analyzing the state of the nation in terms of security. Lastly, the adaptive aspect can be boosted by granting senior soldiers a chance to streamline the junior officers so that they can have an opportunity of utilizing their creativity to the optimum while in service.

Job Description

Position: Deputy Chief Inspector of the Air Force

Responsibilities: The candidate will have a duty to monitor the progress and safety of junior officers. Coordinating, commanding, and training of officers. Reporting to the chief inspector and acting in the capacity of chief inspector in absentia. The candidate will also be responsible for planning and assigning duties to officers and enable effective communication among the staff members. The employee has to be flexible to perform additional tasks.

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