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Phenomenological Experiences of Students with Disabilities in School

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Physical impairment is a disability that restrain one’s person or individual to have the capacity to move, harmonize action or perform physical activities needed in a daily life. Based from the World Health Organization, association of similar difficulties are recognized from the following areas: physical and tasks; independent movement; and accomplishment of daily activities. Impairment is a wide phenomenon that reflects towards one’s physical body and features of the community in which he or she lives. This means having one or more of the following conditions that limits an individual from major life activities, including itself, open and expressive language, learning, movable, and self-direction.

Numerous classification of physical disabilities and health conditions are identified as to acquired or congenital acquired disabilities are those developed through diseases or physical injury while the child is developing normally. Otherwise, congenital conditions are physical difficulties dating from birth or might be developed after birth. According to the Ministry of Education variety of physical disability includes vision loss or blindness. These are categorized into three parts educationally blind who uses Braille and tactile tool in learning, low vision who uses glasses or larger visual aids and correctable low vision who asses corrected vision without any difficulties or additional aids. Currently most visually impaired students are served by itinerant personnel in their home schools. However, there is increasing concern that students do not receive the intensity of services needed, especially in the primary schools, to provide them with the skills (including braille, daily life, and social skills) they need to be successfully integrated into school. Since students are expected to learn the core curriculum and meet graduation requirements, it is very difficult to provide these additional specialized skills when the student is fully integrated, especially in a time when specialized support services have been reduced due of funding cuts and insufficient teachers. Furthermore, funding for the specialized books, materials and technology required by students is often not available. Students cannot be successfully included without the necessary support.

According to who assert that, student with physical disabilities acquires personal limitation with regards to school environment that affects their social, psychological, and academic performances. Some limitation can be lessening when it is associated namely with parental, communication and government support.

Despite the faces of hindrance that a student having physical impairment, it is uncertain to point out why they choose to endure and cope up to have a good quality education. Mostly in sub-Saharan African countries, having disability doubles, the chances of the student not to attend school and those who do start are at potential risk of dropping out the enrollment, survival and completion rates are very slow and have flimsy good education.

This study aims to explore the problems towards physically disabled student in learning institutions to apprehend the encountered problems in the society that may possibly incline their insight in taking or either to continue their education.

In addition, examine the problems faced by physically impaired students in learning institution and identify the way of coping up of physically impaired students in school environment.

Thus, this seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. 1. How do physically impaired students contrive in the school environment?
  2. 2. What are the problems faced by physically impaired students in school environment?
  3. 3. What are the needed assistance for emotional or physical situation faced by physically impaired student in school environment?

Findings from the study aims to pinpoint the main struggles of physically impaired students to further look for ways to provide them with higher quality and equitable education. Second, to understand their work environment in school and place plans and priorities needed in finding ways of financing and supporting them to attain an accessible friendly school setting fitted to accommodate their special needs. Lastly, to improve and ensure completion rates of this group of students specially the physically handicapped students in learning institutions.

Conception of Physical Disability

One study by Okoye asserts that a disability is a limitation that meddles to a person’s ability to see, walk, lift, hear and learn. Disability is a condition that limits an individual to perform physical activities such as walking, running, lifting, and carrying. It limits a person to move freely and properly.

Rights and prioritization of physically impaired students

Individuals with disabilities are excluded from numerous aspects among society, especially in school. Prioritization in terms of needs among person with disability is less likely to be. In addition, the focus on securing the rights of individuals with disability must be sustained to negate such negative impact.

A different publication by the same author claims that, schools acquiring special education for students with disabilities enhances their learning skills in natural settings in use of functional curriculum.

According to an OECD report “Equity and Quality in Education: Supporting disadvantage students and schools”, the highest form of education performing systems give importance in equity with quality, it indicates that these systems give good quality of education and opportunities for children who are in the point of disadvantage specifically the physically disabled person.

One study by Zimba Y. disable and non-disable people- for more immunization, cancer screening etc. are highly comparable both experiences less magi of health for the reason of poverty and social exclusion and highly vulnerable secondary condition suck as stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice. Studies suggest that people with disabilities encounter barrier in health and rehabilitation services they need in numerous settings.

In accordance to the United Nation about 650 million people in the world are physically disabled, and constantly face myriad of physical and social challenges. They are often marginalized in the society and often receive unfair opportunities than the non-disable people.

They are provided services offered for person with disability which is the services and assistance for disable of act from 1987, this is used when impaired person do not receive sufficient benefits under any acts. Its purpose is to value equality within the person with disability to enable improvement to their condition the act was reformed for disabled person to have extensive rights to trace the services that they need and a right to receive personal assistance.

Government report on disability policy grounded from the government programmer of prime minister. The finish disability is categorized to three main principles: equality, inclusion, and necessary services and supportive measures, the central focus of this is to more on human right and the benefits accessible to person with disability.

There are disability resources center but because of the stigma that students who are physically impaired experienced they intentionally avoid its usage in attempt in distancing themselves.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that children with disabilities receive physical education and, if necessary, include specially designed classes to meet the unique needs of students. Properly implemented physical education programs encourage students to be physically active during the day of school and develop basic skills necessary for an active and healthy lifestyle. These benefits are available to all students, including those with visual impairment (i.e. those with low vision and complete blindness), who are actively involved in the class. For visually impaired students, well-designed physical education programs with the support of visually impaired student teachers and orientation and mobility teachers can also provide opportunities to learn components of the extended core curriculum.

Racing awareness of student with disability within school setting

Evident barrier among student with disability is significantly increasing in the recent year. Prominent factors that indulges difficulties to SWD includes the lack of faculty knowledge, awareness about the issue these students belong to, as well as the unpleasant attitude in term of being physically impaired.

Challenges, accommodation, support among students with disability in a normal education institution

Each individual is given valued in terms of education, in addition, inclusive education illustrates children who are actively learning together to assess in what is learn and taught.

Education quality such as effectiveness, efficiency, equality, relevance and sustainability is attained with the use of inclusive education which indicates that students should have receive equal opportunities to develop and grow in cooperation with others.

Meanwhile, Tanzania recommends that help for educating children with disabilities is still being constrained by an absence of learning about disability from networks. Groups of children with inabilities get constrained help. Especially as far as mental and intellectual handicaps, community and family/home‐based care must enhance.

As of now, children with handicaps in Tanzania gets education primarily through coordination in standard classes. Nonetheless, in view of their research, Grönlund, Lim and Larsson contend that youngsters with handicaps are at present incorporated (as opposed to included) in standard training, while kids with incapacities go to conventional classes, their special needs are most certainly not continuously catered for. Comprehensive instruction is rarely shrouded in a teacher training so teachers come up short on the abilities to adapt to teaching children with inabilities.

Adjusting to a school environment presents challenges for all students; however, for students with disabilities, the responsibility is greater in terms of each of their academic course work that presents a set of challenges unique to each of these students. For example, students with disabilities must identify themselves to the university to be able to acquire accommodations and supports but for some students, for varying reasons choose not to self-disclose.

These students may be anxious for beginning a new educational setting by not having to deal with being labeled with disability while others decide to wait to self-identify until they are experiencing academic problems along the way.

Peer factors among students with disability

The difficulty of students with disabilities to socialize and fit in with peer groups are permanent. There are also factors that hinder the social relationship of impaired students with people because they are more likely to focus much additional time on some task such as personal care, homework, and navigating around campus.

Shah once explained how peoples traits create own definition or classification of disability, then later utilize t to certain people. “Person have no names and belong to no class until we put them in one,” Jane Merces stated.

Students with disabilities mirror their peers without disabilities in terms of gender, race, and more recently, age but these students with disabilities still face provocation from within, even from the post-secondary settings they join. Students with disabilities are oftentimes aware that they are unprepared for the increased difficulty of post-secondary education.

Results of discrimination among students with disability

Negative acceptance or attitude towards students with disabilities may commonly result them to feel loneliness, low peer acceptance, low socialization or being bullied that may lead to dramatic effects in their lives.         

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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