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Positive Effects of The Industrial Revolution: Transport&communication

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The importance of the Industrial Revolution was very significant and played such an important part in history and development. During that time the world changed and in many ways, opening and changing people’s minds, even starting extreme crucial debates, and with that, the debates soon turned into important laws being passed. It was an extremely controversial event in history and it’s still talked about until this very day, since it strongly influenced and changed both the world’s economic and social conditions. The positive effects of the Industrial Revolution spread extremely fast and the impacts of industrialism can still be seen today, as many lives and even regulations were changed during that time. Industrialism was good for America, rather than being a negative impact on America, as some would argue the change. The Industrial Revolution was just what the people needed to grow, to have a functioning and successful society. The world very much needed the Industrial Revolution to expand.

Industrialism helped mass goods production, and that was an incredible achievement that changed the world forever. Before the Industrial Revolution, goods were packaged by hand and usually produced in a home known as a cottage industry and took many hours, even days to months produce. Then goods started to be produced in extreme high mass quantities by machines in big factories, and that changed America forever. People before were producing in their homes and this production was extremely slow and inefficient. People struggled to keep pace and worked hours on end, struggling to make ends meet. With factories in place, society was able to become more efficient in keeping pace with the demand for goods. No longer were people needing to put in so much labor for producing goods, such as cloth. Cloth became easier to make in a matter of days, to just seconds. The whole factory system made the labor system faster and more convenient. Lives today are changed because society is now able to order and have access to all different types of mass-produced goods, from all over the world.

Since factories were opening up, the rise of capitalism was of course skyrocketing and it was indeed a positive factor. With the rise of capitalism, the capitalists were able to not only build more factories but also use the profits earned to be reinvested and as a result, generate more profits. The population during the industrial revolution was growing, and with increasing profits and more factories being built, came more opportunities. Capitalism allowed the new generation of people to not only gain money, but it also had people more involved and interested in the idea of investment.

Also, with industrialism came railroads and that helped move people across the country and in result we still have goods being transported to the homes of consumers. The railroad system made and still makes life a lot easier today and with traveling, railroads also have a positive impact on farming. Perishable goods, for example, such as dairy products are able to be moved long distances, before the food became inedible. It also helped to create import and export markets around the world. People were and still, can travel long distances and that has changed people’s lives for the better. In regards to transportation, steamboats were also built and goods were able to be shipped across the Atlantic ocean. In a result of advanced transportation, that changed society’s social lives and that has been a positive impact because society is still able to explore other unfamiliar places, deliver goods, and explore more job opportunities. Also, with that comes opening up the minds of society to different cultures and connecting people and businesses from all over the world.

Communication was also improved with the help of industrialism and people are now able to talk long-distance with others from all around the nation. With the help of telephone lines and the telephone, society was able to communicate efficiently and quicker than by sending letters. Many businesses would offer more forms of communication, which would help get in touch with their consumers. Businessmen as a result began to spread news quickly to when it came to market information and pricing. Communication has always been key to our survival and helped the nation grow, and helps people open their minds and create and think of many different other ways of communicating faster. The Industrial Revolution changed communication for the better and since then it has become so advanced, with new ways of communicating coming out all the time. Furthermore, communication advances also brought out other inventions than ever before. For example, during the industrial revolution came the cotton gin, batteries, and the spinning mule. Ideas for new inventions began flowing since then, and inventors have been constantly thinking of new ideas every new generation. Industrialism made way for inventors to discover more and more.

Society was changed from rural communities that were based just on agriculture to industrialized urban communities, that were simply based upon factory systems. With factories opening up all over during the Industrial Revolution, the demand for labor was rising. Society starts earning a balanced income than it was before, which enables them to better provide for their families and obtain employment quicker and for longer periods of time, since businesses were booming. There are now different job options because of industrialism and no longer do people have to just rely on farming. Businesses also played a lot more than farming and helped the workers get ahead in life and this guided society to wealth. This leads us to economic growth which created a high demand for jobs, since additional managers and workers were needed to operate them. Industrialism also brought up many important issues and arguments such as child labor laws, so that children no longer have to work until they are of legal age. Over time, with the help of the industrial revolution, it paved the way and set and improved labor standards and public health laws for future generations. Workers to this day are still protected health-wise and no longer have to work in such horrible conditions. The changes with the laws has also helped businesses to achieve success, because not only are the workers are happier, but also the managers and owners as well.

The Industrial Revolution also led the world to an evolution in our advancements in medicine. With all the new machinery that was invented, it became possible to make many different instruments needed for surgeons and medical such as scalpels, test tubes, and lab equipment. Also, it was being made at a lower cost, so then more people could enter the field. This all leads the way for doctors to become more effective at what they could do. Human welfare and health continued to be improved as a result of industrialism.

Industrialism leads the way to live today and opened a new world for all of America. The world needed these advances or else society would still be making goods in their homes and not able to separate work from home life. Furthermore, the employment rate would be low if the Industrial Revolution never happened, and being able to travel or even communicate long distances would not be an option if it wasn’t for those advances. The nation simply needs industrialism so that society was able to and still is able to live an improving everyday quality of life to keep us in the modern era. Life today without industrialism would simply lack technology and transportation and we would still be stuck in old ways of creating goods and services for our economy.  

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