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Positive Side Of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling occurs when one parent or another stays at home to teach their children the way in which they want them to be raised, according to their preferences, moral reasons, or religious requirements. Homeschooling is becoming more and more widely accepted, and while some school districts are still much opposed to homeschooling, most are relatively indifferent, or even readily accept it. Then again, there are some who do not accept homeschooling at all, and try to stop it from occurring; Those people would have a much better chance if they would try to find out why people homeschooled their children and then tried to correct any flaws that they might find, and while not completely eliminating homeschooling, would at least make public schools more appealing, and better for regular public school attendees.

It used to be that only the very rich could afford to go to school, if it was an option for a family to send a child to school, it was an undisputed certainty that they would send their child off to get the best education available. As schooling became more and more widespread, some families wanted their children to stay at home so that they could work. However, the subject of schooling became more and more complicated, some people thought that by sending their child to school they would be exposed to bad influences, receive an inferior education, or that their children would not be suited to a school environment. In any case, some rich families preferred to have their children tutored, or to be taught by a private teacher. But this wasn’t an option for most families, tutors were expensive, and the majority of the population didn’t have enough money to pay one. There was no other option for poorer families to educate their child other than to send their child to school, unless one of the parents had a former education, and then the option of homeschooling became viable.

There can be many causes for parents wanting to home school their children to decide the way they do, but one particular reason may be that there are many influential forces in a public school environment, some of which parents may not want their children to be exposed to. The phenomenon of influence is an interesting subject on its own; the reasoning of the child depending on the child’s age varies greatly. An older child is not as easily influenced as a younger child; very young children are easily influenced and teenagers are not as readily influenced. The age at which children are usually sent to school is a problem for parents as well; at that young age, the child cannot readily tell the difference between what correct behavior is and what is not. That problem alone can be the deciding reason for the parents who are concerned for their young child who may not even be mentally ready for public school.

As the child grows older; usually around eleven or twelve, moral values usually become firmly established. Parents may feel less anxious about sending their child to school, and may even ask their child if they want to go to public school. Some children may wish to go at that age, but usually they do not.

At the teen age, it can get harder for a parent to keep up with the child’s high level schooling, and may send their child to certain classes in which their children need work or in which they are highly advanced. At this age, it is also very difficult for a child to be influenced, rather they have to be persuaded, or convinced, to do something. And even then, if the child has been brought up in a strong home school environment, no amount of persuasion will convince the child to abandon any moral value.

The effects of Public school can be erroneous, and some parents do not want their child to be exposed to those effects, but there is another side to the subject; the public school supporters will defend their case with many strong arguments. Whether or not their arguments will stand their ground is another matter entirely, and will not be discussed on this particular piece of paper. There are many more reasons for a parent to decide to home school their child, and in many ways they outweigh the arguments for public school support. Yet, public schools are much more prominent than homeschooling, and while it may come to be otherwise, public schools will likely remain the primary source of education.

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