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Positives and Negative Sides of Gun Control

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 Gun control has been a discussion that is highly politicized and is frequently debated about. From rhetoric, statistics, opinions, and values, gun control proves to be a much discussed and volatile topic. This discussion on gun control has been a major part of the news, especially with frequent reports of guns being used in malicious actions. Arguments for gun control have many Pros and Cons, and has been heavily debated. However, there is one thing that should be agreed upon, and that is the statistics and the effects of gun violence in our society. This topic requires stating facts on many different factors and should be handled with due consideration, respect, concern, appreciation, and understanding the diverse groups engaged in this discussion. Guns and their regulations are a hot topic and those with means endeavor to keep this discussion on the front burner.

One pivotal point in the arguments debating gun control is the ease of access to guns. This problem was traced to the malicious usage of guns to inflict harm upon others for ire intent. These incidents and misuse of guns are the main concerns that are being discussed and are used to push forward the democratic enforcement for gun control laws that are trying to be passed. ( 2019) With reported mass shootings of 283, the democrats are pushing many bills for gun control and restrictions on guns in congress; however, these measures are being slowly processed.

There are many different opinions and parties of people fighting and talking over this topic, this is due to the connection the topic has to the constitution and its amendments. While this topic may seem an easy thing to change within states, it is not at all a push over topic. Gun control would be going against and harming the 2nd Amendment and the power it gives to a civilian. With that, the topic thickens even more, and it continues to thicken as its connections grow larger.

Gun control as a topic is more significant than it seems, especially due to political parties like the democrats, whom are trying to restrict, regulate and in some ways violate our 2nd amendment of the constitution. The line “shall not be infringed upon” is used often by those in opposition of further gun regulation, and is often deemed rhetoric but when examined through constitutional law, the 2nd Ammendment of the United States Constitution is very clear. The argument is not whether the government has a right to regulate is is now a discussion of should the government should have the right to regulate. Lawyers on all sides have heavily debated arguments both supporting and opposing further gun regulations, their legality, and the socitial, moral and ethical views that are used as judgments and debate. Due to the vast influence other issues have on guns and gun violence, the water’s are often muddied and simple questions and answers become complicated. Multifaceted and complicated topics and issues such as race, culture, ethics, economics, and education hold vast influence on gun usage and because of this, it is often difficult to target one key response that would solve such complicated issues. This is why the movement for gun control is slow, the topic is contradicting and violating our rights that our forefathers have given us. Gun control affects the entire country as well as the military and law enforcement. Its concept contradicts multiple societal needs and basic necessities needed to protect and provide for its citizens. Guns are not just a right, but in some cultures and lifestyles they are a way of life.

There have been thousands of incidents of misuse of guns that have brought forth the very topic of gun control. These incidents of misuse fuel those who experienced horrible violence due to the misuse of guns to demand a revision of the 2nd Amendment and to add in more restrictions on guns to decrease the ever so increasing misuse. The pursuit to add more restrictions is a good decision to go after, however those who are in pursuit of putting restrictions mean to over do the restrictions and make obtaining means of self-defense nearly impossible and have been seen to speak of extending it to even confiscating arms already owned. To some this is viewed as theft, to others it is viewed as justice and safety. With such varying opposing points of view it is no wonder legislation is so slow to progress on the topic.

The argument to restrict guns, and their usage is and can be viewed as harmful as it violates the 2nd Amendment. The two distinct topics and suggestions to confiscate already owned property and the discussions of ease of purchase and obtainment of a firearm should not be synonymous. There are multiple laws governing the legality of both local and federal governments abilities to ciesze property. Just as there are multiple laws regulating and restricting gun purchases and usage. Arguments for gun control are often argued at both the state and federal courts, and sometimes these arguments can be conflicting. Thus further preventing proper legislation of guns and gun usage. Both state and federal government has made multiple rulings on seizure of private property as well as lawful punishment, fines, fess, and compensatory judgements.

The majority of Americans are in favor a further background checks, but the legality, use and misuse of gained information is a major stumbling block in seeking legislation. It has become nearly impossible for all sides to come together and agree upon terms. It is a good idea to have further background check but, this would also be a violation of not only the 2nd Constitutional Amendment, but also a violation of privacy and property. If however, there was agreement on the assurance for the protection of privacy then I believe legislation would actually push forward a proper gun control policy. Thus benefiting Americans and their safety and their rights. Hopefully such measure if and when implemented would benefit everyone and decrease further crimes that are committed with guns.

The Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm that is unconnected with service in a militia and provides the right to use it for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. The 2nd Amendment, which gives the right to own and bear arms, is fundamental and essential to maintaining the liberty of the rights for free speech, a free press, freedom of religion and the many exclusive protections specifically granted to the people and to protect against government encroachments on liberty.

Continuing on the pros and cons, high-capacity magazines should be banned because the amount of rounds contributes towards the mass murders that are occurring. “These types of magazines have been used at least 50 to 60% of the 62 mass shootings between 1982 and 2012”. However, this would promote stricter gun control and would infringe upon Americans’ rights and the 2nd Amendment. This would create even more problems as the widespread range of variety of weapons would then be needed to be brought back or the magazines would need to be brought back for re-customization to the new laws imititation.

The influence of the movement and aggressiveness for gun control has spread across the country with the name of the movement being heard by many. Politicians and leaders are pushing this matter forward in hopes of gaining more supporters. Politicians use those who expericined events of malicious use of guns to fuel the push for the change of the 2nd Amendment, which grabs even more attention from the press. The frequent malicious usages both aids and hinders awareness of gun statistics and publishing for action has made gun control further more important, as well as caused issue with news programming and commentary news programs.

All of this importance for this topic is both good and bad, but how people project their current wants for gun control is equally dangerous and harmfull. Any further legislation on the 2nd Ammemndment will only open the door for further restrictions and legislation on other amendments. Those who practice, study and understand constitutinal law are vastly aware of these dangers, and their warnings should be heard. This very hot topic is extremely important and is more influential than anyone understands, and needs to be discussed diligently. This is largly due to the fact that not only would such laws change the rights to legislate our Constitutional rights, but they would also go a long way towards trying to address other issues that compund and lead to gun violence. For me, I think if we addressed isue that cause violence such as education, economy, and culture we would make a larger dent in gun violence than any further regulation on firearms could provide.

The process is incredibly long as well, but with all the protests and cries for a change, the discussion about gun control has reached lawmakers and many politicians, who are taking advantage of this to promote themselves. There are signals that there is a likeliness of a changeover in a state elections and their of tug of war due to just how significant and complex the entire topic of gun control is as of right now. This is a good thing as citizens will become more active in using their right to vote. However, this change will likely further adds to the amount of time needed to properly address and handle gun regulations and all the issues and topics that help contribute to gun violence and gun crimes.

The amount of time provided for discussing such regulations is increasingly a painful issue for the American public. Citizens now feel burdened by the lack of ability for proper legislation to get done. Thus further harming the public’s faith and belief in our government and its laws, which stresses and adds to tensions and propels more dissatisfaction and violence.

All together, this topic is like a coin with two sides that have their positives and negatives. It also appears as though the two sides will never meet and come to terms. Gun control interferes with the 2nd Amendment and does prove to have many problems if not properly formulated and enforced. While gun control is important, the real issues are not being properly addressed as people who actually want to employ gun control are going too far on gun restriction and not far enough on the issues that contribute to gun violence and gun crimes. Such as economic status, educational levels, dissatisfaction, mental and physical health, culture and the ever decreasing lack of empathy.

Gun control has way too many pros and cons which most are not even addressed when attempts for regulation have been made. Politicians also are abusing the movements for gun control and using it to push forward their own motives to get themselves elected; this is proving to be a problem because what they have in mind would destroy the Second Amendment altogether, which would remove our capability to protect our rights from the government. However, there are politicians with the right idea of how to enact gun control which would benefit the United States as a whole. As well as other influential groups out there attempting to address the key factors leading to gun crimes. In conclusion, the entire topic of gun control is vastly multifaceted and involves deep thoughts, beliefs, and it is due immense consideration and deliberation and needs deeper thought on both sides before a clear picture of what should be implemented into law. 

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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