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Privacy and Cyber Harassment

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In this era we tend to revolve around technology. Computers and other technologies have made their way into our lives. When it comes to utilizing them, we need must use our ethics of ICT in order to prevent any ethical related issues in the world of technology and communicating. From there, we as a global citizen may came up with numerous questions regarding the ethical and legal uses of Information and Communication Technology. Ethics defines what is good for an individual as well as for the society and establishes the nature of duties that people owe themselves and one another. The knowledge of technology and information spreads very fast. This is proven by the increasing number of users and internet users. Undeniably, even five year old children already know what mobile phones, personal computers, and tablets are. Now let’s talk more about the ethics in ICT.

Ethics is needed to avoid technical abuse that can harm people or even a group of people. Ethics originates from the users of the technology itself. Technology users should be wise and wise people only. Ethics itself means a set of principles or values ​​relating to morals, procedures (customs, politeness) values ​​about what’s right and wrong about the rights and obligations adopted by groups or society. While ICT in a broader context, encompasses all aspects related to the machine (computer telecommunications) and the techniques used and displays the form of information. Thus, the ethics of the use of information technology and communication are moral principles in the world of technology. It can also be defined as a set of principles or values ​​relating to morals, procedures (customs, manners) values ​​about right and wrong about rights and obligations regarding ICTs adopted by groups or communities.

When you’re utilizing the usage of ICT, it obviously will have an impact for you a user. Although the usage of ICT tend to relate with conflicts like cyber harassment, cyberbullying and other forms of not using your ethics while being on the internet, ICT can also bring a positive influence. Being a student, technologies are considered a way to teach ourselves in an effective way. Digital tools are effective in engaging and challenge us students. The use of technologies in classrooms can be extremely beneficial. Technology is also very important for people who lives in this era to help us communicate with each others. Technology can also widen our knowledge about something and make us a more creative and expert thinking individuals. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect us in a negative way. It is important that students are taught how to build their online profile safely and responsibly. As for the teachers they should model as well for students with the tools to ensure legal, safe and ethical behaviour when using ICT, at school, home and within the community. The safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT is an important part of teachers’ work and students’ learning. The general purpose of ICT of to familiarise students and also teachers with the use of how computes and ethical issues relate with each other. It is also believed that ICT is the source of empowerment for both teachers and student because it is a form an upgraded way for education and any learning processes.

In this essay i will mainly talk about how exposing your private information can lead to cyber harassment. This is always a problem for anyone that uses ICT. Data must be kept secure, Internet connections must be protected from attack, new viruses and other forms of malware are released nearly every day or even when you got “attacked” by other users because they might use your personal information or posts into something that may emotionally harm you. I will talk about how important it is to be aware of keeping your privacy and how to prevent them from getting leaked. One of them is obviously to have the right ethics when utilizing ICT.

Cybercrime is not a crime that is carried out using computer technology as a major crime tool. Cybercrime is a crime that utilizes the development of computer technology, especially the internet. Cybercrime is defined as an unlawful act that utilizes computer technology based on the sophistication of the development of internet technology. Privacy means providing confidentiality to our personal data. Privacy is keeping any information relating to an individual who can be identified or an identified person, including information such as name, phone number, address, e-mail, car license number, physical characteristics (facial dimensions, fingerprints, handwriting, etc), credit card numbers, and family relationships to themselves. Privacy is the individual’s right to retain personal information from access by people not authorized to do so.

Personal information must be protected from accesses with no permission and storing it somewhere else without you knowing. There are several types of privacy rights: The right to be free from unwanted access, physical access, access via SMS. The right not to allow public information in an undesirable way, such as sales information and information leakage. The right not to allow personal information by other parties without one’s knowledge or permission, for example the use of CCTV. The right to have accurate and correct personal information. The right to get reward for the value of the information itself.

“Information technology” refers to automated systems for storing, processing, and distributing information. Typically, this involves the use of computers and communication networks. The amount of information that can be stored or processed in an information system depends on the technology used. Human beings value their privacy and the protection of their personal sphere of life. They value some control over who knows what about them. They certainly do not want their personal information to be accessible to just anyone at any time. But recent advances in information technology threaten privacy and have reduced the amount of control over personal data and open up the possibility of a range of negative consequences as a result of access to personal data.

The development of information technology is developing very quickly, this allows both technically and economically, to collect, store and provide data and information easily. However, with the rapid development of information technology can have an adverse or negative influence on the privacy of each individual. Various issues are being debated in the business and government world. There are several examples including; Use customers information to market additional business services from various sources. Collecting telephone numbers, credit card numbers and others to create a customer profile. Assess someone’s personal conversations and various information about individual benefits gained from their visits to various internet websites. “They” would end up posting mean and negative comments towards the information they get from invading someone’s privacy online. Which leads us to cyberharassment

Cyberharassment and privacy are closely related in practice and theory. It entails the harassment of a person equivalent to traditional school bullying. Online privacy is about the protection of confidential data and profile in the digital platforms. Cyber harassment can include trolling and image tarnishing using a user’s uploaded photos and content. Such material is private and confidential unless authorized for public use is given. The bullying activities undermine private space of a person. Cyberbullying adversely affects the psychological and social lives of victims. Similarly, infringement of user privacy either by bullying or theft of private data creates stress and mental health challenges. Bullied school children miss classes and perform poorly in exams.

Now let’s get on with the case of leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Based on, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence had been “leaked” online. The truth is they were stolen. They were hacked from her personal technology. They were posted online without her consent. This is a crime. And possibly worst of all, this is something women are supposed to expect. Lawrence’s representative gave a statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

We live in a society where women’s bodies are a commodity to be sold, whether they agree to it or not. And some of the same people who complain about the NSA (National Security Agency) or Facebook invading their personal privacy will be the same people searching and spreading around these photos. The person or the people who stole these photos and posted them online knew exactly what they were doing and why, but society as a whole doesn’t necessarily understand why it is not OK for them to have done it. We’ve all been brainwashed in one way or another to believe women who look or act a certain way can be treated a certain way with no consequences.

In many cases, trolling occurs when people voice their opinion against anything on social media, but there can always be situations where you are trolled for no rhyme or reason. If any person takes your photograph, makes your videos, records and publishes your private pictures or sends them electronically to anyone without your consent, then you can take legal action against them. In this case when you know you post something risky and personal online, you need to reconsider the side effects. Based on the case we’ve talked earlier, you can learn that you must be aware of other people on the internet too. Getting your personal information or pictures leaked is one big deal because once it is out there, you can’t really take it down. People on the internet can also react in different ways. Some may think that you’re just seeking for the attention when in real life you didn’t even know how a person can gain your personal information. So whether the responses you get is good or bad, theres nothing good in leaking someone elses personal information.

To prevent people from leaking our photos, text messages, or any other private matter is to never do them in the first place. Well in this case it is slightly different because Jennifer is considered a big hollywood star and most people know her, which makes it easier for them to target this celebrity (to leak their private photos). No one is safe, but when you are the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, chances are that your image libraries and personal data are under attack a lot more than other, less famous people. But still, even your private pictures could get leaked too. To make sure that your private informations dont get leaked It might seem obvious, but making sure any device you have is password protected is a big deal. Sensitive information can be accessed in a number of ways, but the easiest by far has to be without any protection at all. One of the simplest methods of stopping others gaining access to your images is to ensure there is no way that they can come in contact with the internet. Or you can just store those files in a seperate device to the level where it is difficult for hackers to get into.

In Indonesia, health record data have been used to discriminate against individuals who have HIV. Some Indonesian companies choose not to employ people with these health conditions. This happens, though, people with HIV can live and work for a “normal” life span. Another example of privacy violations can be seen in cellphone user inboxes in Indonesia. In Indonesia, companies can easily send SMS advertisements to millions of mobile phone users based on their location.

There are around 371.4 million registered telephone users in Indonesia, exceeding the total population of Indonesia. Advertising through this cellular telephone can violate the privacy of citizens because telecommunication service providers never ask permission from customers for their willingness to provide their data to third parties. This law must protect citizens from the possibility of their data being used without permission or to discriminate against them. Personal data protection laws also have continued potential for the country’s economy by creating safer business ecosystems. So that this condition will create business opportunities and also encourage more investment for companies in Indonesia. At the same time, citizens also need to be educated about digital privacy in order to understand the potential risks that exist and their rights to protect privacy and personal data.

As an individual, you can participate to prevent cyber harassment by being a part of digital citizens. Based on, a digital citizen is “So digital citizenship is nearly the same thing–the quality of a response to membership in a digital community”. We must encourage positive behaviour when using the technology. Sometimes it is difficult to ctub negativity especially with social networks. That’s why it is important to realize that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This could prevent cyber harassing or any kinds of conflict to occur in the world of communication. Most importantly, we need to realize how important our privacy is. Me myself, i still encountered many people harassing others when it comes to social networks. Luckily, i have the knowledge of how important keeping your private informations to yourself which prevents me from getting harassed online. Becoming a good digital citizen will be vital for today’s students as they become increasingly adept at using the internet for communication and to expand their world. Teaching them these best practices at an early age makes them a habit, setting students up for future success.

In conclusion, the ethics of using technology to communicate should be utilized so that you don’t get any of your private information out there by some unethical user. Keeping your private information to yourself is one of the major key to not getting them all over the internet. This can be considered as cyber harassment when it became the material of cyberbullying. This can lead to someone getting emotionally hurt and if it gets too bad they will eventually physically harm themselves. Instead, make you can make something out of it. As i have mentioned before, ICT have made a huge role in the world of education. It is a modern way of teaching. As a student I need to understand that ICT brings so much benefit to myself and i need to utilize it as beneficial as possible without causing any harm to other users or even start a conflict which is anyway near ICT ethics. In this case, we have learn about keeping our privacy online to prevent cyber harassing from happening. There are any reasons why someone must maintain their identity on the internet. For any reason and purpose, gathering information about you naturally reduces your freedom and independence as individuals on the internet. Just remember that the more advanced Communication and Information Technology is, the more crime can potentially occur. For that, ethics in the use of ICT is needed so that ICTs can be used in accordance to your own needs.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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