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Detailed Analysis Regarding Globalization's Benefits to The People Across The World

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Globalization refers to people’s integration and interaction across the world. Notably it was almost impossible for people from different parts for the world to interact in the past, but this has changed since the emergence and growth of globalization. Therefore, the paper will provide a detailed analysis regarding globalization’s benefits to the people across the world. First, globalization is important in the world since it has boosted the world’s economy. Arguably, most developing countries now have the opportunity to interact and perform better in business with advanced economies. Second, cultural intelligence is yet another viewpoint regarding globalization’s benefits, as people have a chance to meet and learn different cultures from across the world. Additionally, the paper also has the argument section that indicates that globalization has resulted in better education system for the people. Political stability also falls under the arguments section, and that is because countries have an opportunity to seek foreign help and advice when facing political instability. Introduction Globalization refers to interaction and integration between people, companies, and governments from different parts of the world. Whereas the globalization idea seemed complicated during its early days, it has emerged victorious after the expansion of road networks and technology, thus ensuring that it is possible for people to interact and exchange ideas even when they are in different parts of the world. Nonetheless, there is still debate on whether globalization is vital to the world, hence the reason why it is essential to analyze globalization advantages. For example, one of the main benefits of globalization is that it has improved the global economy, and that is because even third world countries now have the opportunity to interact and trade with advanced economies. Moreover, it is also realistic to state that globalization is of great benefit to the world since it has enhanced cultural intelligence which is essential in a workplace. Additionally, students from developing countries also have the opportunity to access quality education since they can move freely across the borders because of globalization. Notably, the best example is the increased number of foreign learners in the United States universities. The fact that people are now able to interact and exchange ideas are evidence that globalization remains essential, hence the reason why governments should ensure that they take charge and enhance integration and interaction between countries. Background/History The history of globalization dates back to the nineteenth century when global powers showed interest in expanding their borders.

Notably, European countries that posed as colonizers were the main contributors to the early stages of globalization, and that is because they developed their territories to African and Asian countries, hence introducing the globalized ideas. Nonetheless, the aftermath of World War I contributed to globalization’s downfall, and that is because most states decided to close their borders to limit the number of foreigners crossing into their nation. However, the globalization idea regained popularity after the end of the World War II as more countries developed the interest of unifying and solving their differences. Subsequently, globalization has continued to expand in the recent past as more companies, people, and governments participate in its development. Additionally, the emergence and development of technology have also contributed to globalization recently, thus proving that the world will continue to integrate into one vast market. Globalization has been an ongoing debate on whether its originated long time ago or it originated in modern era. Globalization has three phases:

Archaic Globalization,

Proto-Globalization, and,

Modern Globalization. Archaic Globalization: Archaic Globalization is the first phase in the history of globalization, referring the events and developments from earliest civilization till 1600s (Wikipedia. 2018). Archaic Globalization describes relationships and process on how states started working on trading goods among each other. Not only the trades benefit the states but the trade led to spreading different ideas, culture which eventually benefited everyone. The economic exchange back than was different than modern Globalization because early economic development was occurred in outside market where merchants came to sell their products or buy new product using the barter method. Proto-Globalization: Proto-Globalization is the period after the Archaic Globalization occurred from the 17th to 19th century (Wikipedia. 2018). Globalization got more complex and expanded in the Proto-Globalization period because trading was now made among companies like East India Company making larger exchanges. Modern Globalization: Modern Globalization took from in the 19th right after the Proto-Globalization period century (Wikipedia. 2018). Modern Globalization includes larger expansions, more exchanges backed up by the nation. Viewpoint I. Enhanced the Global Economy First, globalization is of great benefit to the world since it has enhanced the global economy. It is essential to state that different countries around the globe have different economic potential, as some are advanced while others remain third world countries. Arguably, it is almost impossible to achieve progress as a world when other nations remain stagnated as third world nations, hence the reason for globalization introduction. For instance, there are some developing countries which had minerals and other raw materials before the spread of globalization, but they could not advance their economies since they did not have industries to manufacture these raw materials (Alcántara-Pilar & Miguel, 2015).

However, the emergence and advancement of globalization have improved the situation since now there are many third world countries which are in a better position since they can export their raw materials to developed nations for processing, hence enhancing the world’s economy. Additionally, free trade introduction is yet another reason why developing countries now realize economic growth because of globalization (Bigsten, 2013). It was difficult for foreign traders to visit other countries for trading purposes before the introduction of globalization, and that is because most nations had border restrictions for traders. However, it is because of globalization that many countries have now introduced free trade areas, thus implying that foreign business persons are allowed to cross the border without paying tariffs. The fact that traders from various parts of the world are allowed to interact freely ensures that they develop great ideas which propel the world’s economy to greater heights. ii. Increased Cultural Intelligence Secondly, the growth of cultural intelligence among persons from different parts of the world is yet another reason why it is right to state that globalization is advantageous. First, it is essential to note that cultural intelligence refers to a person’s ability to interact and work with people from other cultures. While it is hard in most cases for persons to work effectively with those who are from different communities, the truth is that globalization has enhanced this by ensuring that people have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Arguably most people lacked cultural intelligence before the spread of globalization since they did not have the chance to interact with people from other communities (BusinessNews Publishing, 2013). However, it is now possible for a Chinese to travel to the United States and interact with Americans, or they can still learn about the American culture through the internet. Subsequently, an American and a Chinese will have an equal chance to learn about the others cultural practice, hence the advancement of cultural intelligence (Collins, 2015). Importantly, an increase in cultural knowledge which is facilitated by globalization improvises business operations and work across the world, thus ensuring that people achieve sustainable growth.

Apart from traveling and interacting with people from other cultures, it is because of globalization that many countries across the world have introduced international studies with equipping the people with knowledge regarding international practices (Nesheiwat, 2014). One of the best examples is a situation where you will find students from England learning how to speak French, thus proving that globalization is essential. Arguments, Evidence and Techniques I. Improved Technology and Infrastructure Third, the world is currently enjoying technology and infrastructure development because of globalization. Although it is technology which led to the advancement of globalization, it is realistic to state that globalization is the one which propels technology today. Notably, globalization development is the one who drives technology since people are interested in finding better means of interacting with others (Dincer & Hacioglu, 2013). For instance, it was typical for internet users to only engage in messaging during the early phases of social media, but this has changed in the recent past since people can participate in video chats and conference. Therefore, it is realistic to claim that it is technology which has enhanced technology (Hart-Landsberg, NYU Press, 2016). Arguably, there are chances that the people will realize better technological advancement as the people are interested in finding the right means to enhance globalization. Additionally, the recent development in infrastructure across the world also proves that globalization is beneficial to the people (Mohammidi, 2013). The fact that the introduction of globalization led to increased access to other nations is the reason why there are better road networks in most parts of the countries, as the governments are interested in ensuring that foreigners have an easy time traveling whenever they visit their nations (Gordon & Meunier-Aitsahalia, 2014). Whereas each country has professional engineers who can develop great infrastructures, the truth is that some states have better engineers, and it is because of globalization that now there are better infrastructures across the world unlike in the past. The best example is a situation where most states hire engineers from China since they are known to create better foundations compared to other persons.

Therefore, it is crucial that people continue supporting the globalization idea for better technology and infrastructure. ii. Quality Education The current education system is better compared to that which students experienced before globalization, and that is because students have the opportunity to learn more. It is essential to state that education is similar to the economy, hence implying that only advanced countries have better education system (Ken, 2018). It is crucial to say that learners from developing countries did not have the opportunity to access quality education since they did not have enough resources. However, it is because of globalization that people now have the chance to move to developed nations or those that have a better education system, thus ensuring that everybody in the world has an opportunity to access quality education. For instance, the United States is one of the countries which has the best universities, hence the reason why there is an increased population of international students who are interested in the better education system (Metz, 2013). Arguably, it was impossible for persons to travel to foreign countries for education purposes before globalization since there were limited traveling opportunities. Moreover, it is because of globalization that tutors from advanced nations can visit developing nations and provide improvised education. iii. Political Stability Although many countries experienced political instability in the previous times, the truth is that political stability is now evident in most nations because of globalization. The globalization idea focuses on not only matters regarding technology and economy, but also politics since leaders can meet, interact, and learn about the right leadership skills (Tausch & Heshmati, 2013).

For instance, it is because of globalization that most countries are at peace today, as they intend to engage foreign mediators to find solutions whenever they have challenges. For instance, there are chances that Japan will seek help from the American leadership in case they are facing political difficulties (Keskitalo, 2012). Moreover, globalization is an important aspect since it has promoted world peace. The fact that countries are now allowing foreigners to cross their borders for business purposes proves that they are in a good relationship, hence limiting the chances of the world experiencing war like in the past (Telò, 2013). Therefore, it is crucial that leaders should continue promoting the globalization idea so that there is peace across the world. It is much easier for countries to solve their differences when they frequently interact, unlike when they have limited access to each other. Conclusion In brief, globalization refers to a situation where people, companies, and the government have the opportunity to interact and integrate across the world. Therefore, it was essential to cover some of the main advantages aligned with globalization. First, it is evident that globalization is crucial since it has developed a global economy. Arguably, it was impossible for developing countries to achieve sustainable growth in the past since they did not have the opportunity to interact with advanced economies. However, it is because of globalization that traders from developing countries can learn skills which will ensure that they earn better to advance the economy. Second, the analysis also indicates that advance in education is the reason why globalization is beneficial. Notably, it is because of globalization that international students have the opportunity to cross borders in search of quality education, and the best example is the increased number of international students in the United States universities. Moreover, it was common to experience political instability amongst countries and even within these nations, but globalization has changed that through interactions. It is much easier for the country to solve its issues if they engage foreign mediators. Furthermore, the paper indicates that cultural intelligence is an important aspect which has developed after the emergence of globalization.

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