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Psychological Investigation of Charles Manson

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The mind of a serial killer has never been formally diagnosed serial killers have shown that they are definitely obsessed with specific individuals, with specific characteristics that meet their “standards”. Studies show that, while doing their killings, they truly have no consciousness, or no lack of remorse. A question people always seem to ask would be, how does someone become a serial killer? Most serial killers fantasize about killing others, and some of them have specific motives behind their actual killings. Should serial killers truly be held accountable for their actions in their personal lives or their killings? 

Researchers believe that the cause of their state of mind to take part in their killings would be their parents and/or their childhood, or a mental illness that they may have. People use their genetics as a defense for the serial killers actions and killings. They believe that they are a “product” of their environment’s upbringing, delusions and even possible chemical imbalances in their brains. 

Charles Miles Maddox, also known as, Charles Manson was born on November 12th, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio, who eventually died a week after his 83rd birthday in 2017, in Bakersfield, California. Manson was known for being a cult leader for the cult that he had created called the Manson Family, which was formed in the mid 1967s. Manson, along with his cult members and followers committed nine different murders in July and August in the year 1969. The Manson Family cult members included: Susan Atkins, Tex Watson and Mary Brunner.

Along with being a known cult leader, he was also known to be planning a race war which the Los Angeles County district attorney office found out while researching his case. Knowing this research, a fellow attorney at the office that was investigating his case had approached Manson and he denied this to ever have been a thought in his head. When Manson finally went to court for his heinous crimes, the prosecutors had believed that Manson and his cult members and followers believed in the fact that the murders they were participating in will help begin a race war that they had been planning on starting. After finally going through all of the trials for his crimes, he originally got sentenced the death penalty, which he later appealed, and recieved a life sentence, that he did serve at the California State Prison, and later died at the age of 83. 

Charles Manson, who was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio was five feet and two inches. Manson was the son of Colonel W. H. Scott his father and his mother Kathleen Maddox, which she ended up remarrying, to a man named William Manson, who became his step father. Before Manson committed any murders, he was a singer, and songwriter. He was also part of the Los Angeles music industry. Manson was known to be very obsessed with the Beatles like many people were at this time. His favorite album was known to be the white album. 

Manson switched his religion and began following scientology in 1961. It turns out, Manson actually studied the religion when he was first in jail. Once he was released for the first time, he had completed about 150 hours of auditing sessions, but he never officially signed over into scientology. After Manson completed the many hours of scientology auditing sessions, he believed that it was “too crazy”. 

Matthew Roberts had brought up the fact that Manson could be his biological father. Robert’s mother had been raped continuously by Manson for around two years. She had been a member of the Manson Family cult and ended up leaving, and she moved back home with her parents in order to give birth and raise a healthy baby, two years before the cult committed the murders. Roberts’ mother had put him up for adoption in 1968, and Manson had later concluded that he may in fact be his biological father. Later, after the first couple of murders, there had DNA testing between Manson’s possible son; Matthew Robertss, and Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman. After the DNA testing that was conducted by CNN in 2012, it had resulted in the fact that Charles Manson was not his biological father. Infact, the two were not related in anyway. 

At the end of 2014, Charles Manson actually got engaged to a woman named, Afton Elain Burton who was actually 26 years old, whos nickname was Star given to her from Manson. Throughout his first imprisonment, Star had visited him for nine years, as well as, ran a few websites to prove that he was innocent to continue their relationship outside of prison and together. Manson ended up not getting out of prison by the time that the marriage license expiring, but he did end up canceling the marriage because research shows that she wanted to use his dead body for a tourist attraction. 

Manson went to a children serves program in Terre Haute, Indiana for a short period of time, and ended up escaping and running away to Indianapolis. He decided that he did not go home to his mother, instead he actually rented a room and was able to support himself by robbing stores late at night. He did eventually get caught, and got sent to a juvenile detention center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Manson ended up only being there for four days and escaped with a stolen car. Manson and a fellow detention center friend managed to get a gun, and continued robbing numerous stores. Once Manson got caught for the previous crime, he got sent to another detention center for boys with bad behavior. While attending that detention center, he had said that he was raped by other boys in the center.

Manson requested a 12th parole hearing hearing which was denied. Since he didn’t attend his last hearing, he came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t be attending anymore after that. Manson had mental health issues such as; schizophrenia and paranoid delusional disorder. Investigators suggested that Manson was too much of a danger to society, which he was denied release. After committing all the crimes that he had done, he showed no remorse, as well as, understanding what he had actually done. After all of this information was taken to court, he was allowed parole when he was 92 years old in 2027. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, Manson stood out tremendously with his fascination and his ability to allegedly be able to mentally hold others, as well as, pressuring people to perform heinous doings, under his influence of course. The power that he had over people majorly lasted his lasted his whole life. Charles Manson, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoid delusion, while in prison. With having been diagnosed with these mental illnesses, he had a very violent personality and murderous tendencies. Manson was a very “un-social” personality.

Charles Manson stood out tremendously from a typical member of society member. Manson had a very strategic way of how he wanted things to go. He had very violent fantasies, but he never actually killed people, he just ordered people around to do the dirty work for him. People often wonder if the reason he didn’t actually do the killings because he would feel bad that he did, or maybe even the fact that he has some possible struggles mentally.

In 1951, Charles Manson attended a minimum security prison, his aunt was the reason that he was supposed to be released because he was going to live at her house, and work for her. Right before he was going to be released he was raping a guy at gun point. After being transferred to another facility located in Petersburg, Virginia he continued to commit numerous crimes. He was transferred once again to a maximum security facility finally, which is located in Chillicothe, Ohio. And once again, not surprisingly caught another federal charge once again.

He was caught stealing a car and driving it through many different states before finally getting caught. Manson was later sentenced five years of parole in 1958. Just a couple of months into his sentencing he received money and support from a 16 year old’s family in which he was actually pimping her for quite awhile. Once he was serving his time of parole for about a year he ended up cashing a fraudulent check, went to court and was found guilty. Before serving the time he was actually able to get all of the charges dropped.

Charles Manson was a man who had been very hard to understand. Although he had served time in prison many times before the crimes of the cult took place, he could never understand the fact that if you do the crime, you do the time. People often wonder if Charles Manson stored information on typical scenarios the way that we are supposed to, or maybe even common sense, considering the fact that even though he served time in jail many times, he still could not get it through his head that he should not be continuing to do these heinous crimes because it’s not normal and respected in the society.

Although Charles Manson had many very negative characteristics of his personality, the one positive personality characteristics that he had was a very convincing man. In reality, he was surprisingly able to manipulate and convince almost anyone. Manson was able to get together a bunch of teenagers and ended up manipulating them all into committing many murders. He did have an amazing gift of persuasion, although he used his gift negatively, rather than positively. Instead of using his gift negatively by convincing people to commit crimes, he could have used his gift positively and possibly could have gotten into business and marketing and convince customers into making various purchases.

Analyzing Manson in a biological point of view, you can clearly tell just by using common sense, it is clear that his thought process was not normal, and perhaps it was not wired correctly. Researchers mention that he was made with “bad genes” from his biological mother and father. Manson had a psychological disorder that is caused by both parents having a recessive gene, in which Manson’s parents did both have. As well as, Manson had a chemical imbalance in his brain that stops him from thinking about something before actually doing it.

Charles Manson was a very odd citizen of society, considering him having anti sociable personality and schizophrenia. Manson had a chemical imbalance in his brain that caused him to not know the difference from right or wrong. Manson had a special gift in his personality in which I believe he should have changed his thought process and way of life. Instead of spending most of his life in prison. If he would have changed his life style, he would have been a positive member of society, rather than a negative member.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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