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Right View-Look at the World in a Positive and Loving Way

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Right view-look at the world in a positive and loving way

Right intentions- do things for others, for the right reasons, and always think before you act, am I doing this for a good reason Right speech- don’t speak ill of other people, praise those who deserve it, and speak positively about what’s going on around youRight actions- do your actions effect others negatively? Are your actions for good?

Always be the best person you can be.Right livelihood Right effort- work or play, always put in honest effort, taking an easy way out or shortcut usually puts more work or stress on someone else later on, always work hard and give it your all Right concentration- listen to people around you, concentrate on tasks, sleep well and be awake throughout your dayRight mindfulness- understand your thoughts and feelings, why you feel the ways you do, dissect during meditation and throw away negative thoughts and feelings. Always be self aware and mindful of the world around you.We all suffer, we all feel pain and sadness, depression, anxiety, embarrassment, insecurity, hopelessness, fear.

Sometimes we feel we aren’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough.We feel this way because of the things we have learned to expect, and what we THINK people expect of us. How to look, be, what others do or will do, what we SHOULD do or SHOULDN’T do. None of this matters, and once we are comfortable with this idea, once being us and loving ourselves and the good people around us becomes our main focus, you can truly be happy and fulfilled.If we focus on our real wants and needs, the things that make us happy and nothing extra, if we break the idea that there’s always something better, if we stop dwelling on the past and imagined future, we can reach happiness.

Focus on goals that are achievable. Goals that we want for us not what we think will look good for others. Live in the minute, hour, day, nothing more. If we follow the 4 precepts and the 8-fold path we can achieve mindfulness and be fulfilled and happy.Make sure that every day is about YOU, getting stronger physically and mentally, maintaining good health, meditating, relaxing and keeping calm, breath, look at the small things, there’s love everywhere. Anything that happened in the past good or bad doesn’t matter now. Forgive people for bad things, and recognize people for good.

Imagine you are at a campfire, night-time sounds and cool breeze blowing behind you. You’re alone and nothing matters, people don’t matter, expectations don’t matter, ideas about what is and isn’t going to happen don’t matter. What matters is that you aren’t stressed, anxious, unhappy, or nervous. You are enjoying the moment. You are calm and happy. To think about anything negative is to ruin the moment. Life can be full of moments, a beautiful tree, someone smiling, helping someone. If your mind is constantly dwelling on “what if “and “what will happen”, “what you don’t have” you will miss all the beautiful moments you can find in a day.

What we have is so much more important than what we don’t have.The things that have been bothering you are all past and future. Neither of these you can control, so stressing over it and feeling scared and upset are unhealthy. Those are not good feelings. It’s ok to miss Lindsay, but when it becomes something that blocks your ability to enjoy your day here and now, it is unhealthy. Think of the last time you were in a moment and something really troubled you? It’s hard to think of, because most of what you worry about is imagined. You always fear a new journey until you actually start and realize all the worry was for nothing. I will not KillI will not LieI will not StealI will not indulgeI will not Lose Mindfulness

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