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Role of Media in Tribal Communication: Banjara Tribe of Telangana

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Table of contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Origin of “Banjara” (Lambadi)
    Lifestyle of the Banjara Tribes
    Communication of Banjara Tribes
  4. Role of Media on Culture and Tradition
  5. Dance and Music of the Banjara
  6. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Social Media on Tribal
  7. Advantages:
  8. Case Study Observations
  9. Case Study of Singer Bikshu Naik
    Case Study of Anchor and Singer Mangle Bai
    Life Journey
  10. Conclusion
  11. References


Media communication always plays a crucial role in the transition of human development. Similarly, it also plays a key role in change of many lives and provides a great scope for the development and advancement. Banjara tribe is south Indian tribes known for advancement in many aspects. Having rich culture, heritage of folk songs and tales, the paper aims at to examine how the Banjara tribes are influenced by the media importantly the electronic and the social media. Media helps, in intimating to each other many informative incidents, in entertaining and making mankind aware of the contemporary phenomenon. This paper also explains how the Banjara tribes succeed; renovate their custom, and their life styles with the help of multimedia. The impact of media on Banjara tribes can be described in relation to advantages and disadvantages. Some case studies have been observed to see the progress of the Banjara tribes.

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The word of the “tribe” is come from the Latin English word “TRIBUS” The Tribal people where settled in India with a significant culture and unique Tradition, which shows a contemporary various common and political organization. This is alive in all these societies. The name “tribe” is refers to a category of people and depute a step of development in human society. India a nation having different social communities and communication languages and each community continues culturally homogeneous and distinct social characteristics. Apart from all the different social communities, Tribal community in Telangana region particularly Lambada (Banjara) commonly signifies common dialect, distinct ethic and culture observing dressing style and their living together and for collective identity. Hither communities relatively hold uniform, culture and way of life tradition with common descent. Media plays a key role on the tribal culture, tradition and living style etc. And it is randomly impacting on the tribal people and as a point of advancement it cannot a definite form of social organization. The tribal in the Telangana region (Lambada tribes) Population as per 2011 census accounted for 64% of Telangana’s 3.2 million scheduled tribes population, The state has 33 communities listed as scheduled tribes and highest population is Lambada tribe, who also called as banjara, sugali, and gormati are a community usually described as nomadic people with origin in Malwar region in Rajasthan and spread over the India. They live at the edge such as a hilly areas, this research is an attempt to analyse the impact of media on the religious customs and traditions of the Lambada living in Telangana, we can see with some of the case studies, who have settled in different firm and how media has brought major changes in some part of people.

This paper would be highlighting the media impacts on the tribal community in the Telangana region linked to their cultural and traditional life, which tribal influenced and following social media and other media.

Origin of “Banjara” (Lambadi)

The banjara people have believed to have originated from the Malwar region of the Rajasthan state India.

The word Banjara is said to be derived from the “Sankrit” word vana charas (wanderers of jungle) and the word Lambadi or sugali is derived from the Sankrit word lavana (salt), which was the principle product they transported across the country. They also believe that in British periob the people were called as “Lal mati” in the period of British they are very tallest and they weared red fabric (pangdi) on head, still its continuing. The Lambadi people are called Bnjara, gormati, sugali, and Lambadi’s. are a community usually related as nomadic people with origin in Rajasthan they spread over into the Telangana, in around 230 CE from Satavahana dynasty, now found in some part of the states which are occupied in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarath, Rajasthan.

Since the period of Prithviraj chauhan, Lambadi tribes practice which is still vogue in many districts during the region of his period they live scattered over the state and they distinguish tradition noticed by their dress identifying them as a Lambadi tribes. They were enlisted as well developed commendable at some part and some part of the areas they are impecunious people.

Lifestyle of the Banjara Tribes

Unlike most hill_people, shifting cultivation as widely practiced. Although agriculture produce their rice, Javari, barley and by the using lands and pump est water and river water, the banjara tribes were the first tribes to produce the agriculture items cultivation in India. They thought the process to the Indian and British, who then grew the Indian food items trade exponentially without giving the banjara community their due credit. This has left a resentment amongst the community, which until sustains itself on agriculture farming and somewhere trading (each household within the community maintains a plot of the lads for this). Today the Banjara community in telangana is on verge of extinction, and they are not the hunters themselves cultivating agricultural foods and trading goods in some part.

Communication of Banjara Tribes

Communication became a part of the life of a mankind and a day passes without it through communication people can establish social relationships get knowledge and improve their living conditions and grow in career path. It is one the means for development and coinage, the nature of communication between tribal (Banjara ) and a common man, the Lambadi people are developing in 21st century they would put a good interest to learn new culture and languages.

They were started their occupied communication language and they have steadily changed the habitats to learn new language from the villages people by communicating or influence of radio and as well as print media and by watching social media TV channels. A people can be communicate in tribal common language which is un scheduled and in earlier days they are promoting their children to learn new languages to communicate with others, The people mostly well connected with the villages and small towns so they are motivating their children to educate themselves they doesn’t have a scripting languages but they are preferring them to study the present trends in the society like in Telugu, Hindi, English, in a particular region And their language which is “Gorboli” is little connected to Hindi. The media were influenced in the area of Hyderabad district, Rangareddy, and Warangal urban, and Nizamabad, area the peop0le will speak in in different languages because it may be the media influenced on their language culture and traditions by any type of media like print media, newspaper, radio, TV channels, and social media. The tribal were speak Gorboli mostly in the rural area like Warangal, Mahabubabad, new formed district and Mulugu tribal area in Mahabubnagar we will fund more populations of Lambadies in Achaampet, nagarkarnool, vanaparthy, some part of the vikarabad, thandoor region, Adilabad, Nalgonda, kammam, we can fund more people in kothagudem, some part of the badrachallem, munuguru mandal, some part of the Medak districts. This are Major population of Lmbadies were speak in their own languages. They are little far from the cities and they settled in the border of forest area which is un reserved under the govt. and they are not the hunters themselves cultivating agricultural foods and trading goods in some part.

Role of Media on Culture and Tradition

Media means plural of medium and medium means communication and it means mode of expression.

Media communication always plays a crucial role in the transition of human development. Imilarly, it also plays a key role in change of many lives and provides a great scope for the development and advancement. A modern definition of culture is given by anthropologist William A. Havilland in cultural anthropology as follows “culture is a set of rules or standards that when acted upon by the members of a society, produce behavior that falls within a range of variance the members consider proper and acceptable “in other word, culture does not refers to the behavior. Some modern definitions of culture tend to be inclusive of the emerging culture “of society. For instance, in culture and modernity, Roop rekha verma, defines culture as “a system of the pattern and the modes of expectation, expression, value, institutionalization and enjoyment habits of people in general.” Note the inclusion of the term “enjoyment habits.” Although traditions are often presumed to be ancient, unalterable, and deeply important, they are often much less “natural” than is often presumed. Many traditions have been deliberately invested for one reason or another, often to highlight or enhance the importance of a certain institution. Traditions are also frequently changed to suit the needs of the day, and the changes quickly become accepted as a part of the ancient tradition. The media has focused on the culture and tradition to promote their traditional language and distinguish culture style dresses ( The dresses which comprises with beads, small glasses and silver coins in different styles it gives a scenic beauty to their traditions) in the modern era the banjara people were influenced by the different media and they popularly growing in media industries like many of the Lambadi people are working in film industries, electronic media and print media and also working as a journalists in Telangana, with help of the media advertisements there dresses are using in many film industries like costume’s in song and playing decorations in movies and drama somewhere in the dance festivals, fair, Exhibition’s etc.

Lambadi tribe cultural experience are affected and also developed by the development of systems of mass media communication. They all are inhabit particular situations and things like their surroundings, family, work, school, friends, neighborhood and so on sap their individual identities, In media-speak they Prefer to this aspect of to their cultural identity as their situated culture. In other words, the small scale communication and interactions they have on day-by-day basis with the place they live in and the people around them. This kind of culture is primarily an oral one-it is passed on and formed largely by intimate word-of mouth communication. Since 19th century they have become to live not only in a situated culture, but in culture of mediation. The press film and cinema, television and radio and more recently, the internet, have developed to supply larger scale means of public communication. So now they situated culture exists within a much wider mediated world. In the 1960 illustrate how much world has changed and the change is due almost entirely to the development of the mass media communications. Culture can be defined as a brief, values, or other framework of reference by which we make sense of their experience. It is also concern how they communicate their values and ideas. The mass media centrally involved in production of their modern culture. Media production, media texts, media in singing, media in acting, media receptions are like a series of interlinked circuits. What is produced influenced by cultural values; how the text formed and represented is influenced in the same way.

Dance and Music of the Banjara

Banjara Lambadi dance festival and Teej festivals and Sevalal Jayanthi is the biggest cultural festival of the ethic people. They celebrate it every year in the month of October Teej festival and Sevalal Jayanthi is on February 14th , they also celebrate world tribal day in every year banjara tribes in India belonging to the same ethic community. They began celebrating the biggest cultural festival since 1980 in India. Banjara tribe dances are the most important culture heritage for holding on to the beauty and value of the tradition of Banjara. It includes a lot of our culture symbol for them. About the situation of the Lambadi tribes in India, they can express their identity by celebrating their festivals without any disturbance and restrictions from the authorities. Lambadi people where are under the control of the military and police force regime where they lack of cultural, religious political and economical freedom. There is a vast different features comparing to other tribes cultural behavior in India and as well as in Telangana.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Social Media on Tribal


The social media has growing very fast in this last few years. The growth rate of social media is unexpectedly very high. Specially Facebook, twitter, what’s app, and have been grown much faster and captured millions of people in a just few years. The way technology is growing, it is obvious that more and more people are going to grasp its benefits. It has brings a lots of advantages to the society as well as in the tribal villages.

  1. Awareness of society;
  2. Information updates;
  3. Help Govt. and agencies fight crimes;
  4. Promoting their culture and customs;
  5. Connectivity with others;
  6. Awareness of living style;
  7. Cultivations of food practice;
  8. Its help to improve their communication.


However, on the other side it has also effected in negative way on the society and the tribal customs and culture. Any way which can be used for both good and bad, social media also provides the positive and negative war for the people and as well as on the tribal people. It is all about the usage and getting things done positively by using the power of social media and electronic media. It is in the hand of the users to use its advantages.

  1. One of the negative effects of social media is that it makes people addicted. People spend lots of time in social networking sites which can divert the concentration and focus from the particular task.
  2. Social media can easily effects the kids; the reason is sometimes people shares photos, videos on media that contain violence and negative things which can affect the behavior of kids or teenagers.
  3. It also abuses the society by invading on people’s privacy.
  4. Social lies like family ones also weaken as people spend more time connecting to new people.
  5. Some people use their images or videos in social sites that can encourage others to use it false fully.

Case Study Observations

The people who have developed their lifestyle with help of media

Case Study of Singer Bikshu Naik

The media how motivated to the village child boy from a poor family, even he doesn’t got food at that time but now he is serving food to many poor orphan children.

Bikshu naik is born in the Buvanagiri district a resident of Panya naik Thandah, father Panya naik, mother Santha bai born in a family of survivors, 8 sisters and 3 brothers, he is a bigger in three brothers was able to get family responsibilities. He started he studies in village from 1st grad to 3rd grad and 4th to 7th in Bollepalle mandal then 10th is APR School was completed in Medak district, (Dhaulthabab) polytechnic was copleted in Hyderabad masab tank polytechnic collage, when is was studying in the 5th standard he left from schooling and his father was send him to work in agriculture farming, because the family is in under below poverty but he is interested to study while working in farming agriculture his big sister send him school and they were started the working, she was very good in singing while her childhood days she was sings many tribal songs in marriages and dramas and other events in their village , then he was motivated by his sister and he also learned many songs from his sister. At the time there was radio are invented so he listen many news and song advertisements in daily time and decided to be a singer and I want to be sing my son in this radio. After completion of his 10th he have got the chance to participate and sing a songs in rally Lalithkala vignana yathra and Bhusamula vignana yathra from Kashmir to Kunyakumari The media influence on his childhood life is given him a big opportunity to prove his talent, Sri. Srinivasa charyulu garu who have given an opportunity to sing in akshakala yathra, who have given inspiration and motivated his singing.

Later he joined polytechnic he started writing songs while in free time and searched the studios and asked in many studios but no one have given a chance prove himself, one day in his collage event he sing a semi classical song many of the lecturers exited of his songs, his lecturer kethavath Somlal naik was asked him to sing in studio, Bikshu naik said ok sir. I will sing, my goal is singer so please give me an opportunity prove, But somehow he got other personal problems he haven’t sings more songs. And haven’t got fame in the society.

One day he dreamed that he should be a best singer India, however due to the arrivals of Hyderabad he moved to be a driver on the 12th after the Hyderabad. Masab tank polytechnic collage passed out and his mother father forced him to marry and get married to the wedding after the wedding the difficulties have been doubled. He stopped the study and started working on the one hand, caring on a day-by-day car drive by the auto on the other hand at least he doesn’t know to his wife. About his auto driving he managed secretly, for inadequate earning, house rent and fees for children can afford, but it seems that the embarrassment of getting the meaning of it means getting back to its to his desire, and now Bikshu naik become a best singer in India Telugu folklore as well as in some of 47 countries abroad unions.

He is registered 50 unions and 40 unions serving out of 50 unions he have serving many unions in India as well as in abroad like Indian folk singer unions and Telugu folk singer association, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and folk song unions like Telugu Singer Association (TSA), Telugu Folk Singer Association (TFSA), Banjara Singer Association (BSA), Gore banjara kala brundham (GBKB), and some the abroad unions are mentioned here Washington telugu association, (WAT), London telugu people association, and many more ATA, NATA, TATA, THANA, MATA, VATA.


He is have sings many folklore songs, melodeon songs, he would also sings classical and semi classical songs, in different state organized events and ministry of tribal organized programs in India, he have also sings a songs in many countries like New jercy in USA, London UK, UAE Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Little India Singapore, Australia, Austria Europe, Switzerland, Atlantic Canada.

He would have got many awards from different unions and the state organized programs in Telangan and Andhra Pradesh, as well as from Indian folklore organizations, Janapada Ratna have given by the Telangana state, Mahatma Gandhi excellency national award, Kala Ratna, Kala Sri, Bala mallaya smaraka award, given by Andhra Pradesh, Banjara best folk singer, he would also got a folk fighter award, and some other little little awards he have got from the programs.


Bikshu Naik was committed to serve the nations; this is not a simple answer. Social work is anything that you do to help your community and anyone, your social environment, your society. Or even the man next door. That being said, there are many arenas of social work open in the society, for example; old age homes, orphanages, clinical counseling or physiotherapy. And many more there are so many things that social workers can do it almost defies the imaginations. Who needed the service in different ways; he started serving to the old age homes in Uppal Hyderabad, and providing the food service some times in the Orphanage’s to children cloths on some occasions, career counseling to 10th and 12th standard students, he also registered and serving his community by global banjara community team with help of some of the banjara people NGO organization in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well as in India.


Bikshu Naik was born in a big family father Panya naik and mother Santha bai three brothers and 8 sisters, he is 3rd one among 11, he married to Sabhitha bai in 1987, two children Sai Charan and Sindhu Sree, son studying B.Tech in Lovely Professional university Punjab and daughter doing her Under graduation in Narayana IAS Academy Hyderabad.

Case Study of Anchor and Singer Mangle Bai

Mangle bai popularly known by her TV screen and her real name is Sathyavathi modavath, un married, she was born on (17 august 1989) in Basinepally thandah, Gutti mandal Ananthapur district, Andhra Pradesh, is an Indian Telugu singer and anchor and also actress, she is popular for her traditional Lambadi customs attire. She is popular known on you tube for her Telugu folklore songs and performs at festivals in many events which are Government of Telanagana organized in telangana and as well as in Andhra Pradesh and also in abroad. She has worked in different TV channels in Telugu like V6 Bathukamma, MIC TV, and HM TV.

She is presently working with a Telugu language web channel, mice TV featuring, and she is given few songs to the telugu films, in hurdy popular videos songs on special occasions like Bonalu, in telangan Bathukamma, in Telangan and Andhra Pradesh Sammakka sarakka fair one of the biggest tribal festival India in Warangal district telanagana Pongal in both the state Andhra and telangana (Makar sankranthi) etc. she is temporarily working in ETV Telugu programs.

Life Journey

she was completed her 1st class to 5th class in village primary school when her father singing the songs in her childhood days she motivated by her father and decided to become a singer, after completion of the 5th class to 10th father was joined her in the Guru Kula school in Ananthapur district, done her intermediate Kasthuribha Gandhi collage for women, after completion she is good interested in music so she have got admission Diploma in music in SV University in Thirupathi (AP), during her schooling she was highly struggled by the family supports because her family was very poor and she is the bigger in the home, two brothers and two sisters, mother was not healthy so she got the responsibility, of home, after completion of her diploma in music teacher, she has moved to Hyderabad to get the opportunity as music teacher or singer. But in her past days she has got many rejections from TV channels and as a teacher in institutions and she struggled lots and remembered I must be a get good singer and she was not stopped her trying in many field in music, started working part time job along with neighbors in Hyderabad.

One day she have got invitation from the V6 News channel as a guest of artist for Dasara festival special event “Dhoom dham” for the telugu news channel in the year of 2011. This event has got big success. After this show, she as selected as news reporter and anchor with her Lambadi customs in the Teen mar news with this show she has got fame in Telugu states by the motivation of Teen Mar news and got named “Mangle.” Actually her goal is to become a singer. But because of her talent she got opportunity as anchor.

After by encouragement of MIC TV you tube channel she has proved her talent as a singer for Telugu songs for many festivals like Bathukamma songs, Bonalu songs and Banjara Teej festival songs etc. all of her songs got millions of views, she is a first girl in banjara community who have come out from the family and started working in the industry and given a good inspiration to new generation banjara people, working with her good knowledge and communication skills and wearing dressing style of banjara she got many offers from other news channels and TV programs, she got an invitation from foreign Telugu associations to present her cultural and folklore music in abroad. She was done two events in USA one is in New jercy (Diwali festival) and second one is in Washington, D.C. and one event in UK London (Banjara cultural festival) the opportunity have given by the Telugu and Banjara unions ATA, TATA, NATA,WATA, now she is good Anchor and singer in Telugu channels. Her experiences have given her to expand her life style in modern era of media communication.


Best folk singer award from Govt. of Telangana, best anchor from V6 TV channels Banjara queen given by the Banjara unions (TGSS).

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The communication plays the crucial role in socio-political and economic development of the country as well as plays a role in the society to communicate the people and develop their culture and traditions and make career way. There is no doubt media communication has plays a crucial role to changing the lives of banjara tribes. It is include where the banjara tribes originated and their culture and tradition and their lifestyle, either modern development of community since it helps to find alternative ways of living with dignity. A communication is not only developing in the family it’s also make changes in the society. How media influenced on the banjara tribe culture and custom and changed life style, these have given many opportunities to farmer’s coinage them in living style and work profession, there are two success stories given by personal approaches’, and field of health care as well. Rural politics is the area where social media network’s hasn’t reached to the required potential. But there still remains a lot of places for improvement for media communication services as with better technology, the connectivity of these places improve and provide the economic opportunity to take benefits from the media technology and communication skills. Media can help and provide that media which cares for a well-integrated society and truest in having social responsibilities. Media services like radio, TV channels, drama theaters, nowadays there are many of the social media services have been invented in the globalization. Like Facebook, what Sapp, twitter, way to sms, provide a mass reach, but of a large population which can afford to have the required technology to get the services although it can be help connecting the large population. The requirements of the necessary technology from which these platforms can be obtain. It is important that social media play the crucial role to influence the people in a way that alienates them from the real potential of these stages. The impact can be seen through many examples and these examples are of not just social media like face book but with use of internet NGO’s and local development authorities like gramvaani have flourished, defining social media in a new perspective which is of development and of a social responsibility.


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