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Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: How This Destroys South Africa

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The Russians and Ukrainian conflict is all over the News, this has stolen the attention of every South Africa. Thus I have done a research about the effects of how Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine affect Africa and South African country and it’s society as a whole. I used sources to help me deep more information, also done interviews about the effect on individuals.

Following the Ukrainian revolution of dignity in 2004, Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula was occupied by unmarked Russian forces, later being annexed by Russian, While pro-Russian separatists simultaneously engaged in Ukrainian military in an armed conflict for control over eastern Ukraine, these events marked the beginning of the war between the two countries. On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a comprehensive invasion of Ukraine, marking a major escalation of the on going Russo-Ukraine war. The campaign has been processed by a prolonged Russian military build up since early 2021, as well as numerous Russian demands for security measures and legal prohibitions against Ukraine joining NATO. The Ukrainian Border force reported attacks on sites in Luhansk Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast and Zhytomyr Oblast, as well as from Crimea. The Ukrainian ministry reported that Russia forces captured the villages of Horodyche Post in January 2022, Zelnskyy warned that Russian forces could invade and take control of religions in the eastern Ukraine. He also argued that an invasion would lead to a large scale war between Ukraine and Russia. The crisis is related to the ongoing war in Donbass, which is in turn part of the Russo- Ukrainian war, happening since 2014, in December 20221. Russia advanced two draft treaties that constrained requests for what is referred to as securing quarantines, including a legally binding promise that Ukraine would not join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as reduction in Eastern Europe, and threatened unspecified military response if those demands we’re not met in full. Germany must do more, says historians, Karl Schlogel is also convinced that more needs to be done his books and essays such “Decision in Kyiv”: Ukrainian lessons, interweave personal accounts to explain the situation in cities from Lviv to Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Donetsk. Schlogel also called how people in Germany had long fallen for Pittin’s propaganda and did everything they could to avoid demonizing him. He said it was important to move beyond talk show circus in Germany and to actually do something to stop the war between Ukraine and Russia. Euphemism can be made dangerous, Hapereya realized a Balarusian author, translator and linguist. If everyone does something, it will be good. Russia is a country where power has been seized by a corrupt, criminal regime, where the state is pyramid of thieves, where elections have became force, where courts serve the authorities, not the law. Literature can bridge the abyss. Shishkin did not shy away from his own complicity, “I am a Russia”. It is in the name of my people that these crimes are being committed,’ he said. The author recalled that the German people only managed to escape the vicious circle of dictatorship after world war II after a crushing defeat. Literature always fail when a war starts, but when the war is over, only culture can overcome the hatred and pain. Then literature will get us to the point, then we will need it to overcome the abyss between us.

The Russian conflict will undoubtedly have a significant impact in South African Society. First and foremost, we must recognize that Russia is one of the world leading oil and natural gas suppliers. As a result, when it is subjected to sanctions and import and export restrictions from and to other countries, commodities prices will climb dramatically. Secondly, I also read that the war may affect the South African automobile market. As modern automobiles have kilometers or wiring harness that holds and guides the wires to their prosper locations. The problem with the wiring harness is that it is custom designed for each car model. It needs twist and turns around each perspective cars tightly packed components, sometimes with the finest of clearance. The harness for a Tiguan Volkswagen cannot be simple used on a Touareg . Because Ukraine manufactures a substantial amount of Europe’s wiring harness, such as components are either not produced or cannot be exported as a result of the situation. Which will effect our own automobile industry. In as much as energy prices would jump up, international energy prices would follow. In a worst case scenario, South Africa could expect liquid fuel prices to increase about R40vper litre. As Eskom energy production depends much on imported diesel, electricity prices could increase by up to 40%. This could have a devastating effect on all parameters of a current budget and sink South Africa’s hopes for a post covid economic recovery. South African Banks will have no choice but to comply, or else they themselves could be tarred from many international transactions. There will be basically be no more legal money transfers between South Africa and Russia. South Africa would need to improve self-sufficiency and improve national skill level and reduce import dependencies. And prepare for a massive flux of refugees form Europe and America. Russia invasion of Ukraine will effect African economy in three channels, supply and demand as well as trade and financial links. This could increase hunger and food security for some people in South Africa. Most African countries import wheat and vegetable oil from Ukraine and Russia, religion now engulfed in conflict since Russia attacked its neighbor.

We are four weeks into Russia-Ukraine conflict and already its impact is being felt in South Africa. In the past weeks, SA county has experienced the first major load shedding for 2022, with Eskom stating its emergency diesel supply, needed to keep turbines running, will soon be unaffordable. Petrol prices rising significantly. It have risen to R21,60 a litre and could ride further by more than R2 in the following months. This is a threat to food prices and cost of living. H, the main Russian investors in South Africa with many thousands of jobs that that provide that they provide, are technically not Russian investors, as their business in South Africa is conducted from other European domiciles such as Switzerland. But the risk of the conflict escalating to a nuclear level exist, as it is in the nature of conflict for the losing party to throw. Its last and biggest rock before conceding defeat. In that case South Africa will be a safe place for removed from any nuclear fallout. Even a substantial rise in ocean levels will not affect most of the country. But the world as we know it would cease to exist.

The Ukraine-Russia war has raised concerns about potential escalating global food insecurity as these countries are the suppliers. South Africa relatively weak agricultural import ties with both Russia and Ukraine. The major products both countries export to SA are wheat and sunflower oil over since the past years. South Africa imported a larger average of tonnes of wheat per calendar year roughly annual wheat consumption needs. The Ukraine-Russia conflict has a potential to disrupt SA’s wheat and sunflower oil import to near terms. Although SA has relatively weak agricultural import ties with both Russia and Ukraine that does not minimize the importance of these countries for South Africa s food basket. Ukraine and Russia may not be major suppliers of agricultural products to SA, but they have the strongest ties with the global market given their large export share contribution and this has an important bearing and commodity prices. The economic were just opening, after covid, large fiscal stimulation and accommodating low interest rates. Now with the war, much of this is exacerbated first through the price effect and gradually also through the real economic effect where actual economic activities are affected. The impact of the Russian Ukraine conflict is already felt worldwide. Inflation was rising anyway before war although recently it came down a bit mostly because of technical factors. South African bank was going to raise rates anyway and now be forced to do a bit more. South African society will be in deep trouble with bank rates and other financial demands, this makes the society to change and all sorts of social ties to take place. People will detach from each other, some coping as an individuals while others are attached to a group, reason to get kind of support. Other individuals will feel permanently blocked to a group.

Sociological imagination is the quality of mind. Sociological imagination is a term used in the field of sociology to describe a framework for understanding social reality that places personal experiences within a broader social and historical context. Sociological imagination is an outlook on life that involves an individual developing a deep understanding of how their biography is a result of historical process and occurs within a larger social context. The Russian-Ukraine conflict has confounded political analysts and sparked furious global debate. In an environment where theories abound, the difficult truth is that no simplistic conclusions can be drawn from what is a very complex issue.

For South Africa, much rests on the decision of China’s President Xi Jinping, which will undoubtedly be a watershed for the conflict and global economy, as developing nations come under increasing pressure from rising commodity prices and supply shortages. South Africa risks being rocked by strong economic headwinds in the coming months as the ‘conflict between Russia and Ukraine’ impacts the global economy. Just as we have not been spared the economic impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, so too will South Africa be affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

We are already seeing the impact of the conflict on global commodity prices and, should the conflict continue, we will see its effects on many parts of our economy and in the daily lives of our people. It is therefore vital that the international community work with the governments of Russia and Ukraine to end hostilities now and achieve a meaningful and lasting peace. South Africa’s real GDP grew by 1.2% in the fourth quarter of 2021, taking the annual growth rate for 2021 to 4.9%. This shows that the economy is recovering, with a further 2.1% increase in GDP expected this year. However, this growth rate is not enough to stem the country’s record-high unemployment rate. It is not enough to turn the tide on unemployment and to lift millions of South Africans out of poverty. Small businesses employ the highest proportion of South Africans and load shedding takes an enormous toll. The SA Reserve Bank has indicated that it will increase interest rates to offset inflationary pressures, but this could push many households to the brink. Impacts will flow through three main channels. One, higher prices for commodities like food and energy will push up inflation further, in turn eroding the value of incomes and weighing on demand. Two, neighboring economies in particular will grapple with disrupted trade, supply chains, and remittances as well as an historic surge in refugee flows. And three, reduced business confidence and higher investor uncertainty will weigh on asset prices, tightening financial conditions and potentially spurring capital outflows from emerging markets. Lastly ideas, feelings and way of behaving, norms and values will be different depending on an individual. There will be social forces; things that will force people to behave or interact in a certain way, society changes.

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