Songs that Describe Your Life: My 'Vienna'

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Published: Aug 4, 2023

Words: 1868|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: Aug 4, 2023

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Songs of My Life: The Concept of Moving Forward
  3. The Idea of Future Life in Vienna
  4. Conclusion
  5. Works Cited


Growing up is something everyone must face at a certain point in their lives. Some may grow up quicker than others due to their environment. When this occurs, we forget that we’re still allowed to have fun and enjoy our lives even though we may now have certain responsibilities to take care of. Billy Joel, creator of “Vienna” captors the understanding and effects ‘growing up’ can have, and the process in which it may take. As maturity begins to set in, we begin to hear a lot of questions/concerns on the future, becoming an adult, have responsibilities, and so on. While all this is happening, we forget that we are still able to be young and a little carefree. I, myself is constantly worrying about what I’ve got to do next, and the responsibilities around me that need to be taken care of, I forget that I’m still able to be a child.  I forget that I'm still able to be a child and find solace in songs that describe my life. One particular part of the song that describes this, is as followed, “Slow down, you’re doing fine. You can’t be everything you want to be before your time”, captures the rush that growing up can have. Upon hearing this song, its taught me 3 important things. Firstly, enjoy what is going on around me and don’t get too caught up in growing up too quickly. Also, don’t get too caught up if something doesn’t go your way and don’t try changing or stressing over it. We don’t know that the future holds so there shouldn’t be a need to be worrying about what might be, live in the present. Lastly, it motivates me to remember that all I must do is take a step back, breathe, and try not to worry. Sometimes what seems like the end of the world right now becomes very minimal going forward. Going forward I know that I have certain ideas and plans from what I’m hoping my future is going to look like, but I’m unable to predict the future, all I must remember is to have a clear mind and be open to opportunities and experiences. 

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As mentioned before sometimes people have to grow up sooner than others due to the environment that surrounds them. I, my myself personally had to mature rather quickly than I would’ve liked. I don’t regret or resent the fact that I had to mature quickly because it has shaped me into the person I’m becoming and motivates me to become a better person, although sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not grow up so quickly. When I heard the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel I quickly came to understand how much it related to me and the things that I was experiencing was going through. For instance, my parents were experiencing a rough patch in their marriage and I took it upon myself to be the person that was going to solve it, rather than pressure them into finding someone who is certified in that profession. Quickly exposed to a lot of negative things and past conflicts and had been unsolved. I felt like I was the adult, while those around me were the children. After hearing this song, I remember I had to take a step back from everything and allow those who were the adults to work it out. Also, I’m know for taking a lot on and not being able to say ‘no’, I constantly make myself stressed and find myself running around trying to for fill my duties and responsibilities to each commitment I’ve made. For example, when being part of so many extracurricular activities often times events or meetings will follow on the same day, this means I am trying to spend even amounts of time working and collaborating with each group. While also trying to maintain a social life and activities outside of school such as having a job. To conclude, things are always happening around us and we’re constantly trying to keep up with them and the next thing following, but if we don’t stop occasionally, to enjoy what is going on we lose out on wonderful things and may even start to resent the things around us. As Billy Joel states, “you can’t be everything you want to be before your time” there are certain times in life where we are required to take on responsibilities and settle down, but it does not mean we should start before we even know what that future may hold for us. 

Songs of My Life: The Concept of Moving Forward

Sometimes things don’t always go as expected or planned and it is hard for us to accept the fact that we often have no control over these things. The song Vienna to me personally has a deeper meaning then it leads on, for me personally this song to me is about people constantly on the rush with their go to go lives they forget about the little things that make up life. People often spend much of their time investing a lot whether it be into work or projects, sometimes these plans don’t always work out the way we intended it to, and we get upset in the heat of the moment and want to lash out and react negatively towards the causes. For instance, another line in the song “Vienna” is as followed, “Slow down, you crazy child. And take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile, It’s all right, you can afford to lose a day or two”, sometimes when everything gets hectic we need to take some leisure time to clear our heads and figure out a better situation, if we act while still upset or frustrated the results may only add on it the negativity and worsen the situation. I myself personally have come to terms and understanding that we can’t change what is, or what happened. If we reminisce we never move forward. So, the faster one comes to terms with this concept the faster one can move forward, bettering themselves. Furthermore, people often want control over things that they know they can’t control over because it gives them a sense of power and feeling of belonging. When in reality we shouldn’t be worrying over what we can’t control, we should be going about life and enjoying the things that make us happy. I’ve begin to appreciate the small little things that may not mean a lot, but do you have a big impact on me. You become entirely more grateful for the world and the people you have in it. 

The Idea of Future Life in Vienna

For many teenagers the idea of the word ‘future’ is very scary, almost like a bad word but is exciting at the same time, it is the start of our own lives and being able to make our own choices. For many it’s the sense of giving up your childhood and now becoming an active member in society, but we also see it as a world full of adventure and can’t wait to get a taste of it. But this also comes along with a disadvantage, we aren’t taking time to enjoy life to its fullest, we need to take one step at a time, that way we don’t rush and miss out something. Often, we want so much, that we are rushing and trying to change everything to get everything we want. Personally, I feel “Vienna” is trying to tell the listener we have all our own different “Vienna’s”, we have big dreams and plans for our future but sometimes they are unrealistic to reach, our “Vienna” will level us out and give us a real a reality check when life races ahead of us and we are not sure where to look/go next. When we take time to analyze the song and its greater meaning behind it, we begin to realize a lot about life. For instance, we should turn off our phones, and any other distractions that keep us from being able take a breath rather than forcing ourselves on the stressful, painful, and hectic lives that we lead. Life is worth living, despite all the craziness that comes along with it. When I feel like the world is against me, my “Vienna” reminds me to not overreact or become upset at world because something did not work out as hoped, I also will remember things do happen for reason and whether we know why yet, its done to better ourselves and come out stronger than before.

I myself set certain goals for myself and am determined to reach them, without anything there to stop me although I’m sure it will not be easy, and I may have to have alter them to get them accomplished. The future is unpredictable and comes with many challenges some bigger than others, but all hold meaning toward our lives. Billy Joel song “Vienna” holds very important meaning to many and is a great song for young adults and teenagers merging into adulthood. Billy Joel appeared on a Howard Stern and explained his meaning behind “Vienna” and what those who listen to it, should get out of it, he states, 'It was an observation that you have your whole life to live. I lot of people in their 20s think they have to get it all together by their 30s and they kill themselves trying to get the golden ring. You have an entire life to live. The lyrics, 'slow down you crazy child' - in other words, you have a whole life. We tend to put older people away, and it's all about young people. Well, wait a minute, why do I have this whole lifespan? What's the point of it? Some people will get there sooner, and some people will get there later. Slow down, you're going to be fine. No matter what you do, be good at it, and whenever you get there, you get there.' Upon hearing his song 3 of the most important things I’ve learned is that it is okay to shut down every once and while, to get away from everything we think is important. The rest of our lives are out there, and it isn’t going anywhere, so we shouldn’t be so quick to grow up. Secondly, everything in life is a gamble and it can be 50/50, good or bad, if we spend all our time worrying about what went wrong or what can we’ll never move forward and become better. Things will go bad and things will get good, we need to turn a cheek sometimes in order get on with life.

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Finally, if we spend our time worrying about growing up we forget to appreciate our time of being young and being able to have carefree fun. We shouldn’t try rush that time rather enjoy it and experience life as it comes. To conclude, our entire lives are out there and waiting for us, if we spend all our time worrying and trying to solve all of life’s biggest questions we lose out on many other opportunities and experiences.

Works Cited

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