Swot Analysis of Foodpanda Brand

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Table of contents

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Strength
  3. Weaknesses
  4. Opportunities
  5. Threats
  6. Conclusion

SWOT analysis

The successful business is built on a series of decisions, so the analysis of the situation and react the way is very important (Fallon, 2018). While trying to assess the conditions of the land, there is no more useful tool than a SWOT analysis (Fallon, 2018). S stands for strength, W stands for weakness, O represents opportunity and T represents a threat (Contributor,2015). SWOT analysis is a planning process that allows your company to overcome the challenges and identify new directions (Fallon, 2018). A key to SWOT analysis is to establish a stable organization (Contributor,2015). For any enterprise, this analysis is very useful. It helps people understand their objective, goals and aspirations (Contributor,2015). The search for the food panda's SWOT analysis has been conducted for its rivals to understand how other food-delivery services are learning from their flaws, and how to improve the food production of food pandas (Rajan, 2016). SWOT analysis involves internal which is strengths and weaknesses within the company and external which is opportunities and threats within the company (Fallon, 2018).

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Foodpanda is a worldwide brand image (Faridi, 2017). The Foodpanda is a convenient online delivery service (Faridi, 2017). It is easy to browse and user-friendly because it has a wide variety of menu. It's a good global navigation bar and has an attractive flag (Faridi, 2017). Foodpanda by popular food vendor don't need to go to stores and restaurants can come into contact with the customer, so as to realize the accessibility (Faridi, 2017). They didn't order it on the phone, and they didn't want to order it on the phone or on the Internet in a simple way, but it was steadily "shaping the market", ordering food online (Rajan, 2016). They are make it easy for customers to place orders, including booking options, and pay online through 24-hour mobile applications and websites (Faridi, 2017). The customer can also easily leave or gain a comment on the local supplier (Foodpanda, n.d.). The company allows customers to select by category which is main course and dessert, and cuisine which Chinese food, western food and much more, and provide customized services through the ordering process (Foodpanda, n.d.). The company's brand name is also strong, thanks to its success in the global market (Foodpanda, n.d.).

Besides that, Foodpanda have trained people for making delivery (Rajan, 2016). Foodpanda will allow employees to be familiar with the area name for a long time, so as to avoid the food cooling and the inability to deliver food to customers on a regular basis because they are not familiar with the area (Rajan, 2016). They will Make sure people are trained to be good drivers first, then good delivery drivers (Rajan, 2016). They have grown into one of the largest reservation portal (Rajan, 2016). Delivery driver must be trained to be polite and professional in their interactions with customers and suppliers (Pang, 2017). Delivery driver have an application through which their performance is carefully measured (Pang, 2017). The more positive feedback a delivery driver received, the more orders they receive (Pang, 2017). Moreover, the accounting team of the company is a relatively new branch of the Foodpanda family, is responsible for handling of customer, often large orders about 50 to 500 people (Pang, 2017). Each customer to deal with an average of 100 order is no easy job (Pang, 2017). If customers have special requirements or require the personalized, even is the consistency of bulk orders, things will become more difficult (Pang, 2017). They can understandings the customer's needs and requirements, and coordinate all related internal team, to ensure that these requirements are met (Pang, 2017).

Foodpanda have wide coverage of restaurant. They have delivered food in 23 countries and more than 500 cities around the world (Reuters 2015). Foodpanda takes advantage of the wider variety of food options available from anywhere to a user's home and takes advantage of regular restaurants, which focus on serving food from their own restaurants (Foodpanda 2018). Foodpanda also have a Large Market Share and dominant competitiveness power.


Foodpanda’s competition with other similar applications means growth is limited (Davison, 2013). It's limited to certain parts of Malaysia (Davison, 2013). Costly delivery, slow delivery (Davison, 2013). When a people order products from the Foodpanda, “cash on delivery” was selected, because no delivery was changes, so people was necessary to give an accurate number of delivery are accurate (Davison, 2013). If people only have 20 seconds, 50 seconds or 100 seconds, it may be troublesome (Davison, 2013). In addition, Foodpanda claims that delivery is usually within 46-60 minutes (Davison, 2013). However, when people place orders on the website, they need to confirm orders with restaurants and customers (Davison, 2013). In addition, sometimes Foodpanda or restaurant needs more time, which may lead to their food arriving within 1.5 hours after ordering (Davison, 2013). The occasional food selection options for Foodpanda are not clear (Davison,2013). For example, a Thai restaurant where the customer tries to order has many choices, but there is no way to order simple white rice (Davison, 2013). When asking about the taste of food, they even need to communicate with the restaurant before they know that some food is different from the Menu (Davison, 2013).

Next weaknesses of Foodpanda is only available restaurants located in the order area have orders (Anon, 2016). Foodpanda only have delivered food in 500 cities of world (Anon, 2016). If the customer lives in area where Foodpanda doesn’t work with the restaurant, so customers may not be able to order foods (Anon, 2016). Quality required for free delivery sometimes, is a bit more for one person (Anon, 2016). Foodpanda has not yet covered all areas in a city (Anon, 2016).


They have the opportunity to further expand to more countries and cities in Malaysia, even around the world (Anon, 2016). Foodpanda's quality food delivery service can improve the delivery time (Anon, 2016). For quality of preservation of Foodpanda, a food distribution network should have adequate systems to ensure that customers get fresh and hot food (Anon, 2016). Due to logistical errors, Foodpanda company should be delivered to the right customers without too much delay (Anon, 2016). If this happens, Foodpanda should call the customer right now to inform the customer about this part (Anon, 2016). Let the customer know clearly why the food cannot delivery in the time (Anon, 2016).

New methods for speed loading and retaining user access (EQ Taxi, 2017). Because there are important factors that determine how quickly food can be delivered to customers, it is not profitable or feasible for a restaurant to provide its own hand-delivered service (EQ Taxi, 2017). Delegating this key task to the powerful foodpanda service means they can focus on improving their core business practices (EQ Taxi, 2017). This will save the owner time and money (EQ Taxi, 2017). Shorter delivery times mean significant savings as well as increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (EQ Taxi, 2017). More than 70 percent of a restaurant's business comes from repeat customers, and with an effective delivery network, customers have improved their chances of re-ordering (EQ Taxi, 2017). Another reason to choose foodpanda over simple temporary delivery is that the foodpanda app has a comprehensive capability to document all aspects of food delivery (EQ Taxi, 2017). That means restaurants will have complete control over how much they spend on food (EQ Taxi, 2017).

Next, Foodpanda want emerging markets in world. Example, Foodpanda started expanding in Russia three years ago and acquired Delivery Club in mid-2014 at an undisclosed price, the only brand Foodpanda operates in Russia (Wheeler, 2016). That said, after today, Foodpanda will give up Russia, which accounts for about 10 per cent of its global business (Wheeler, 2016). Ralf Wenzel, the founder and CEO of Foodpanda, said their investment in the Delivery Club had yielded "significant returns", with the proceeds going to the company's operations and expansion in 20 core markets in eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East while strengthening regional market positions (Wheeler, 2016). Even though Foodpanda has performed well in the competition with Delivery Hero, there are many new competitors in the market, including Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Amazon Restaurants (Wheeler, 2016). In particular, Uber's transportation business has become a congenital advantage for Uber Eats (Wheeler, 2016).

According to the International Advertising Bureau, over 69% of people use mobile apps to order food on the Internet, and pizza is at the top of the 71%, and the Chinese food is number two at 31%. Approximately 78 percent say discount will make it a pleasure for them to order. While 64% of loyalty points will encourage them more.


In recent years, Foodpanda's competition has gradually increased, gradually threatening its position. It has to rival other existing or similar rivals, like Domino's pizza, McDonald's, PizzaHut, Deliveroo, UberEats and so on. Deliveroo was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in London (Anon, 2018). Deliveroo is committed to providing high-end food delivery services, refusing to work with the low-end restaurant and promises to deliver food to the door within 32 minutes (Anon, 2018). Up to now the service covers more than 50 cities in 12 countries and more than $5000 cooperative restaurant (Anon, 2018). UberEats was launched by Uber as a pilot in 2014 and is part of a series of experimental services from Uber (Anon, 2018). Uber uses a network of millions of Uber drivers around the world (Anon, 2018). In cities where UberEats operates, Uber drivers can carry passengers and deliver food. Foodpanda (Anon, 2018). At present, foodpanda has a low customer base. Increasing obesity rates and potential competitors. Foodpanda's neglected potential competitors pose a significant threat over time.

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In conclusion, through the SWOT tool, we can see that the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Foodpanda. The key to SWOT analysis is to build a stable organization (Fallon, 2018). This analysis is useful for any business (Fallon, 2018). It helps people understand their goals, goals and aspirations (Fallon, 2018). The SWOT analysis of eating pandas was searched to help competitors understand how other food delivery services learned from their shortcomings and how to improve food production (Fallon, 2018). Through Strength of foodpanda, we know that foodpanda is an international brand and it is also a company that many people can solve their food problems when they are busy. At the same time, Foodpanda can save customers a lot of time in choosing restaurants and food. Besides, while waiting for delivery food, customers can do their own things, for example, office workers can continue to rush for work at that time. For the weaknesses, Foodpanda should continually identify the source of the problem in terms of vulnerabilities and make them its strengths through continuous improvement. For example, when time of food delivery, how can you avoid placing too many orders in rainy days. In opportunities and threats, Foodpanda needs to keep thinking of ways to keep the company following The Times and making continuous progress. Because if it stops moving forward, Foodpanda will let many new companies defeat it. You can also learn from your competitors' case or their experience.

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