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Talking About Your Life: My Move to Another Continent

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Minor changes occur every day worldwide; every second, every minute. Changes can be challenging, startling, scary isolated or excruciating. The developments were something to look forward to; it was fun to meet new people, see new places, and learn new things. My life have changed when we’ve moved to another country, even continent, so in the essay about your life I will desrcibe this experience and how it has shaped me personaly. 

The first fourteen years of my life were spent in the most beautiful and crowded place, India. I was living with my uncle and aunt. Throughout this time, I was a sociable person who constantly wanted to be around people and love to learn new things. Things started to change at the age of fourteen when my parents informed me that, “You were coming to the U.S. to live with us.” Since my parents were in the United States as well as my newborn brother so I was excited to stay with them. Little did I know this, that leaving India was going to change my life because I have to leave everything behind. Those overnight changes will remain obnoxious memories and learning experiences throughout my life.

On January 17, 2015, I was panicked, excited, stressed out, and sad because it was the day of leaving my sweet motherland, India. It was the last day with my friends and family to consume food with them and stay with them. Anyway, I left my house at 2 p.m. and arrived at the airport at 3 p.m. I had to go with my relatives, and it was so tedious to go with them. But I was eager to sit on the plane for the first time. Something new I have to experience. We sat and waited for our flight for twenty minutes.

Everything from check-in to security clearance, immigration, and boarding fascinated me. When I entered the plane, I was sitting in the last row window seat. I was just smiling at the thought of me being in the air, for at least 15 minutes into the flight. The view was fascinating, transparent gloomy skies; the pale clouds, I have never seen anything like that before. Formative Assessment was nice and smiling during the social service. The landing was equally amazing, looking at the high-rise United States building from a height. The idea of arriving in New York was tempting to such an extent that I started to feel somewhat stressed and apprehensive. It was a never-ending fifteen hours trip and consistently appeared as though hours are getting longer and longer. At last, I made to my destination, not my parent’s home but rather still. I took a look at the view outside, and there I saw a thousand buildings lining up next to one another. The city was still exceptionally busy and crowded. The lovely lights from the magnificent buildings, local stores, luxury cars, and then some, naturally made such a great scene.

The first time that I have stepped outside India was at the New York Airport and I was so eager to acknowledge that. I had boarded a plane, had traveled a great distance, and had seen a high-rise, then two, then hundreds of them! I was in New York! I could barely handle it; I was here! The sky looks so wonderful. I had never observed sunset like that in all my years, a rainbow that stunning, or a city brimming with brilliant lights and structures. However, I was more excited about going to Chicago because that’s where my parents lived, but I have to live with my relatives for two days. My jet lag was making my body exhausted from my fifteen-hour journey. I don’t have time to explore New York because of jet lag.

After two days of resting, it’s time to go to Chicago. I was finally here, and could finally see my parents in person rather than hearing their voice only through the phone. That feeling could not be communicated in words. When I saw my parents, I gave them a big hug. Especially, When I met my mom we hugged each other tight and began crying. The warmth of her hug after so long made me feel like a child again and I snuggled around her, never want to let her go. I cried with joy, and my father had a big smile on his face. Like most fathers, he didn’t express his emotions much. The journey with my parents was so delightful. The inclination you get when you see your parents after so long is simply astonishing. My mother had arranged my favorite food. My mother’s food after so long is the best thing ever. I was so overwhelmed.

When I landed in Chicago, I didn’t like the weather since it was so cold, and I was not used to that sort of climate. I also felt disappointed, because, from the date I arrived in the U.S., my family does not have much time to eat dinner together because my parents went to work until night. In any case, the absolute first issue I had when I arrived in the U.S. was communication. Back in India, schools were not required to teach English, which left me almost no information about the language. However, all I knew was how to write English accurately and some talking. I spoke Gujarati and knew some Indian regional language, however, I didn’t even have an idea of how to communicate in English properly. Following two weeks, I began to think about my life in India, the people I had left and the enormous majority of all, my childhood best friends who consistently had been an incredible backbone. Rather than discussing my considerations and terrible dreams with my friends. I had to overcome “Culture Shock” own my own. The first step was to face high school.

Thus, two weeks after I settled in, I began going to high school. On the first day of school, my anxiety, xenophobia began, however, I defeated it by the day’s end. I didn’t know where my class located in the school. It was a big school and back in India we just had one school for the 1st grade until the 12th grade. I kept my schedule paper in hand and didn’t want to show to the people in the hallway because I didn’t know how to ask for help and I was shy. After everyone came to their class, I was still in the hallway to look for my class. The security guard saw me and took me to the office because he thought I was skipping class, but he saw the schedule on my hand and understood what had happened to me. He looked at my schedule and took me to the class. In fact, I have to change room each class period, but I didn’t expect that. I asked one girl about my next class, but I didn’t understand her, I just shake my head as I understood her. But the individuals I met in the class were shockingly pleasant to me. I enrolled in an ESL class as I started going to school and it helped me a lot. It took me three months to hold a typical conversation with anybody, may it be students or teachers. I was frightened on the first day, but I enjoyed it and wasn’t apprehensive any longer. At last, I sustained the school that I was visiting, and the teachers were so decent. I earned good grades, never failed any class, and I was stunned because I didn’t realize I would defeat my biggest feelings of nervousness.

Learning English has opened up several doors for me. When I graduated from Warren Township High School, I started my first job as an accountant in the Subway. Since my mom held the same place so I was able to work over there. My gut was all tied up in tangles as I nervously approached the Subway, hoping to make a good first impression. The Subway was bright, and the ceiling was covered in halogen lights that lit up the display. My owner was a cheerful, middle-aged man named Vicky, who joyfully introduced himself to me and got to training right away. I was given some tips on dealing with customers; nothing I didn’t already know: smile and politely greet anyone who walks in the Subway. First and foremost, it was exceptionally disappointing for me and for the customers too, since I couldn’t communicate with them and needed to continue requesting they repeat themselves. My palms were sweaty, and this voice kept yelling at me in my head, “Hey, I know it’s your first day, but you better do the best you can otherwise you’re gonna lose this job, girl!” I heard a lady called at the register, as I turned around to greet her, she started yelling at me. She was complaining about how terrible the service was and demanding a refund. All the while I stood there terrified, with no idea what to do and no one to ask, because Vicky and my mom were in the back. Before she was even done, thankfully Vicky came out, apologies for the inconvenience, and gave her a full refund. After she left, Vicky and my mom called me aside and gave some good advice. By the end of the day, I survived and learned something that helped me on the next day. After a few months and a lot of practice, I started feeling more comfortable with myself. The owner saw potential and improvement in me, so he decided to give me more obligations and confided in me with dealing with the fundamental merchants. All of the progress and painstaking work was satisfying.

In conclusion, I did not move to the U.S. looking for a good life, however for superior education. Taking everything in life, changes happen in everybody’s lives and those progressions can be wonderful or dreadful to certain individuals. For me, coming to America and abandoning everything, learning another language and gaining job experience where the variable that figured out who I am today. Every one of those educational encounters helped me have an unmistakable thought of the fact that it is extremely hard to begin another life in a new country. In any case, I turned out to be stronger to hardship. I couldn’t have imagined a surpass living and better education anywhere else in the world than the United States and I strongly believe that dreams do come true in this country.    

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