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Technological Advancements In Medical, Educational & Other Fields

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Technology has changed the world as we know it. Over the years, scientists and engineers have introduced numerous ground-breaking innovations and techniques to make every single task easier, faster, and more practical. But, technology hasn’t always been at its best like it is today. It has developed throughout the years ever since the ancient era then through to the middle era to the renaissance era, and finally to the modern era; with different and new inventions throughout all eras, like the paper in the ancient era, gunpowder and eyeglasses in the middle era, thermo scope and violin in the renaissance era, leading to the new and latest computers, laptops, and vehicles in the modern era. (Wikipedia) So, it is safe to say that technology has and will continue to impact society and all those who live in it. In fact, technology has shown multiple impacts in various fields such as transportation, food and nutrition, shelter, power, education and medicine.

To start with, technology has changed the way people move around. In the old days, people would rely on animals, like horses and donkeys, to travel long distances, or just simply walk on their legs most of the time. However, with inventions like carriages and bicycles leading to cars, scientists and engineers from all over were looking at a brighter future for transportation. Furthermore, engineers came up with roads and highways that are specifically designed for vehicles like cars and busses to travel along, which made it significantly more efficient for these vehicles to move on, eventually leading up to making distances seem shorter with decreased travel time. The same thing applies to trains. Engineers came up with the idea of rails that are the passage ways for trains, which perform similar tasks to cars and busses. Moreover, the hardest trips used to be the ones that cross country borders, however, ever since the invention of the first airplane by the Wright brothers, experts have worked on making air travel convenient and practical, and here we are today, crossing thousands of miles in just a few hours instead of having to waste countless days on trips.

Today, everybody uses cars or busses to move around; this shows that technology has really shifted the means of transportation.Technology has also played a huge role in food and nutrition, from the inventions of tools such as the knife to slaughter animals, to the processing of food using high-end machines. For instance, bottled water has been through several procedures to make it enriched with minerals and calcium; these procedures all fall into the engineering domain entitled: “Nutrition Engineering”. Not only that, but technology also plays a huge role when it comes to packaging, measuring, storing, and catering these food products, since there are specifically designed pieces of technology that are built to serve these small detailed purposes. In addition, the process of growing plants also relies on technology. All these chemical substances used in the process of growing food have all been chemically engineered and put together by professionally trained individuals to ensure faster and larger growing crops. This directly affects shoppers that go to grocery stores to get what they need. Aside from transportation and nutrition, technology has been putting roofs over people’s heads for centuries. Hence, society should really be thankful to what technology can do regarding their housing and safe settlement.

The designing procedure behind building houses and buildings is mainly done by architects, but these modern day constructions would not turn out the way they are if it weren’t for technological inventions that are involved in this manner such as the bull-dozer, cranes, and even predictive analytics programs on computers that give an image of how the final product would turn out to be. In fact, people are capable of creating unique structures that become landmarks in an environment and help identify and shape a collective image a society has of itself using modern day technology.

Moreover, technology has provided people with comfortable housing that are fit for their needs. It has set the tone for a new generation of buildings, and successfully reshape a society’s image of itself. For instance, cities like Paris and Rome, weren’t as beautiful as they are today. Some constructions are a site to look at and are a necessary stop for tourists from all around the world, like the Eiffel tower in France, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Statue of Liberty in the United States, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and several other constructions that are just breath taking. All that is due to the advancement of technology throughout the years.Everyone relies on power. In the modern day world, technology is the cornerstone and driver of innovation of the devices we utilize daily to improve our quality of life.

The telegraph’s invention in the 1830′s marked the first time that electric currents were used to transmit messages. (NJIT) Since then, scientists and engineers have come up with innovation after innovation. Today, technology made it so that everyone can use electricity. For example, power sockets in rooms are used by people to charge phones, laptops, or any sort of item that requires power. On a larger scale, huge pieces of technology within nuclear engineering are involved in power generation; these are called power plants. Nuclear power plants generate enormous amounts of electricity. Not only that, they are very efficient and are a reliable source of energy. Nuclear plants are the lowest-cost provider of large-scale electricity. Some states generate more than half of their electricity from nuclear power. In fact, about twenty percent of America’s electricity comes from nuclear energy.

There is no doubt that learning institutions like schools and universities play a huge role in building a brighter tomorrow. These institutions are the training ground for future generations that will one day become parts of the society. Hence, it is important for schools to be well equipped and prepared to teach the future generation. It’s really difficult to imagine the world without technology, especially since it has become a huge part of our everyday lives. Most schools and universities have also implemented technology in their teaching systems. Students are now able to watch educational movies, work on laptops and computers for research projects, and even use programs to help them further understand topics like 3D and perspectives. Moreover, students are now easily able to store their documents electronically in their phones, laptops, or tablets, which makes it a lot more tidy and easy for storage instead of having hundreds of paper sheets scattered around.

Also, students in this day of age are able to seek what they are asking for from the comfort of their homes. For instance, if a student had some sort of misconception regarding a certain lesson in school, he/she can easily go online to search for answers without having any troubles. Therefore, technology has struck the field of education and has made it so that students would get through their studies having a way better idea about what they are learning than students in the past used to. This also leads to a smarter and more sophisticated future members of the society. The idea of reduced risk to human life seems fascinating.

Due to technological advancements in the medical field, people’s health issues are no longer at risk, most kind of disease or sickness now has a cure, whether its vaccines, pills, or serums, the medical field underwent a lot of changes. In the old days people would get so sick and die without anyone knowing their cause of death. However, in this day of age, there numerous machines and gadgets that can examine the cause of illness. For example, x-ray machines perform a fantastic job at locating broken bones and limbs, and by that they help provide necessary information for doctors so that they can take action to treat what needs to be treated.

In addition, technology has reached a point in medicine where it can be life-saving. The defibrillator is a machine that treats serious life-threatening cardiac problems. (NHLBI) It is usually used as a last resort for patients whose hearts stop working, this machine is capable of getting the heart, which is the most vital organ, to start working again, and in most cases this has shown success.In conclusion, technology arguably plays the biggest role in modern day society. It can easily be referred to as the powerhouse of the society; not just because it helps with power generation, but also for the countless other benefits it has brought upon society. It has captured the world by storm with all the new modifications that it had on almost all fields, especially in transportation, nutrition, shelter, power, education, and medicine. It has changed every individual’s lifestyle and made it much more time-efficient. Whether it’s the game console for kids, or the personal vehicles for adults, technology made it so much easier for people to go about their everyday tasks.

The technological growth taking place in the world today is going insanely fast and there are new advancements being made with each passing day, and this is possible due to the large number of dedicated scientists and researchers that are coming up with new and innovative technology to further enhance the precision and practicality of certain tasks. It wouldn’t be surprising if the idea of flying cars or robotic assistants is introduced to society within a few years from now. It is really fascinating how fast the world is going. Just over the past 20 years, Bluetooth, artificial hearts, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and 4G internet were all invented, and we use them so heavily in our everyday lives. (The Telegraph) These are just a few examples of many that have been invented to this day. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll wake up to find pocket-sized vehicles in stores.

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