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Technology and Its Negative Effect on People

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If the world revolves around technology now in a couple of years every aspect of life will be controlled with the help of technology. With the use of technology comes the responsibility of knowing how to use technology appropriately. Technology is used to help complete tasks like marking on calendar meetings, reminders on taking medicine, or simply putting in a contact but now people rely on it for every little thing. Instead of technology making people progress it acts as a distraction and it is keeping people from expanding their mindset. Technology takes away people’s way of acting independent and their critical thinking. Why should people think by themselves? If now they can have someone else to think for them. Technologies are making people stupid when instead of doing a task by themselves they depend on it to do it for them. So the topic of this essay is about technologies and their impact on people.

Technology is implemented in schools on a daily basis there is an elective where students go to a computer lab and spend a certain amount of time in front of the screen. The difference is that at school students are supervised on what they are viewing and some websites are even blocked but at home sometimes they are not being supervised on what they are doing online. During school hours children spend most of their time writing, reading books, playing outside or in an elective like P.E., dance or music but once the students gets home their world revolves around technology. Technology acts as a distraction for them and they forget about their responsibilities. Instead of doing homework, chores or studying they spent their time from the moment they get home to the moment they go to sleep in front of technology. Some children even missed meals because they are so focused on the technology they are using or while eating children are using their phones while eating. The fact that people are not able to put down their phone down just to eat is disgraceful. Instead of doing something productive with their time children waste time scrolling through social media, watching pointless videos and engaging in video games. Technology is grasping every aspect of their lives and their not doing anything but letting it take most of their time. Technology has had a huge impact on society because there have been so many things that have developed and improved with it. As things are improving on one side on the other side people are letting technology do everything for them. Instead of children using technology throughout the day there are hobbies they can do like reading books, painting, running, playing a sport, or cooking. Majority of the time children spend most of their time in front of a screen like a cellphone, computer, video games, and television. When students get home they start using technology and forget about things like their homework, reading a book or going outside to play. Spending time outdoors is beneficial to their health and now that students are in summer most of their time will be spent in front of a screen for hours and hours. Schools try to push students to keep learning throughout the summer and their way of motivating them is by giving points and prices depending on how much each student reads.

Children are depending on their cell phones more than ever. If they have to look up a date in the calendar or they want to know about a certain holiday they just go on their internet search and look these things up. If they have a math problem instead of solving it by themselves they rely on the calculator in their phones to solve it for them. Older people didn’t grow up with the technology we now have. When asking them questions they can recall the answers from the many books they read growing up. They also did things differently like memorizing the capitals of foreign countries. People used to also memorize phone numbers now they just store them in their mobile device. Looking for answers and solving an issue with the help of the internet might make you feel smart but when someone asks for help and you don’t have that technology at the reach of your hands you will feel dumb. We shouldn’t rely on it in every aspect of our lives sometimes things may not go the way we want them. For example, when going on a trip instead of using the GPS at all times we should try to see where the location is at and know the surroundings beforehand. If we use the GPS the whole route we might end up at a route where there is low signal and we will be lost. Putting things in the hands of technology because things are easier and faster will have an effect in the way someone lives. It will be harder to solve everyday issues and people will lose the ability to think for themselves. When we use technology we are teaching our brains to keep a pattern of laziness and rely on technology every time we need help. We need to expand and help our brain gain as much knowledge as possible so that it progress and help solve issues on it own.

There are ways that technology can help people by making them smarter. Knowledge is found everywhere in articles, text, movies, and videos but is how people use the internet that is important. Many children don’t use it to learn new things but to entertain themselves. When I ask people what are they doing when they are not working most of them say they are watching Netflix. Children are being facilitated the use of technology most children have a tablet by the ages of 3 and children start receiving phones for their birthdays by the age of 8. Parents use technology as a distraction for when the children are acting up in public places. Technology acts as a distraction for everyone especially during driving. Some people are really attached to their technology that they can’t even turn off or not use their cellphones while driving. Not only do the driver and the passenger be put into account but the rest of the drivers on the road will be greatly affected by distracted drivers. Since technology stores almost every bit of information there is no need to memorize. Many people go by this mentality instead of trying to store things in their brains. They don’t see a point in this because they can easily just search it up and get an immediate answer. Back when writing in paper and pen was a thing if a person didn’t know how to write a word they would search it up in a direction now we don’t bother with a dictionary because when we type things out and the word is written wrong the computer gives us options to fix it. Technology did in fact bring change and helped things to run faster and smother. Sending a letter used to take days now all people do is email each other for instant communication.

People are not using paper and pencil to write things down they are using computers and printers. If they want to talk to someone all they have to do is send a text or give them a call but even then during face to face conversations most of the time people are using their technology not really paying attention to what someone is saying.

It’s important to teach children at a young age to read and help them want to expand their knowledge through books or anything that will benefit their minds. The best feeling a child will get is when they finally are able to solve a math problem by themselves or learn how to do something new. Technology can’t just go away with the snap of a finger. Technology is here to stay and it is found everywhere a person goes. It can’t just go away because many people are benefiting from the income technology brings them. If technology goes away so will the progress and the opportunities they are with it will go away. This technology has shown that technologies are making us stupid and at the rate things are going in the future people will need assisting from technology to do almost everything. A solution might be to learn how to use technology for beneficial purposes instead of the misuse technology is given every day by its consumers. If a parent incorporates technology in a children’s schedule they should supervise how much time they spend on it. They should also be mindful of what children are using it for and restrict children of viewing websites who show violence or simply are not educating them. If it’s not helping them expand their mindset then they shouldn’t be using it.

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