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Technology Makes Us Lonely and Isolated

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Have you ever felt alone, sad, depressed, or in a sense, like you’re not wanted? Now ask yourself, how long have you been spending on your phone, computer or just social media alone? In our generation we have access to the internet in our pockets. We can literally pull out our phones and ask it anything we want. That is the problem. People these days have anxiety with talking in front of people or even to a person face to face. It is hard for people to have an actual conversation with a person, unless it is over text. We all need to work on not being on our phones, computers, etc. for communication purposes.

Technology makes us feel more alone. First of all, people have problems with talking to others face to face, in an actual conversation. It is so hard for some people to say simple phrases, such as, “hi” or “how are you?” There are some people who have anxiety when they say those simple phrases to other people. Second, people care more about their phone than their friends and family. Teens spend more time in their rooms on their phones, rather than with their family. Lastly, social media makes us feel like we have to be better looking, or in a sense, just like the girl/guy on the television show or on social media. More people these days are comparing themselves to other people. They look on instagram, facebook, etc.. and see a girl/guy that is way better looking than them. They try everything that they can to look better, feel better, just be more like that person. All in all it is just putting them down, making them feel depressed or anxious.

First, people have problems with talking to others face to face. “For a growing number of people, the ring of a cell phone isn’t a welcome sign that someone is thinking about them. Instead, it’s a moment of dread that signals the beginning of an uncomfortable, and potentially anxiety-ridden exchange. Where once many of us only despised voicemails, now the entire process of putting a device up to our ear and speaking with someone in real-time has gotten a bad rap. There’s even a Wikipedia page specifically dedicated to telephone phobia.”

(Boyd,2018). People have a problem with talking to people through the phone and also face to face. People are so used to texting others that, when the moment comes, they get scared to talk to people face to face. When you talk to people face to face, you can see their emotions right then and there. It is harder for people to see their emotions in person. Through text, you don’t have to see all the emotion so, in a sense, it is easier. People have become so used to the fact that you actually do not have to talk to people, you can just type out a phrase and nothing is wrong.

Second, people care more about their phones than their family and friends. When walking down the school hallway, I see groups of students on either side in small circles with their cliques. You would expect close friends to be conversing and talking to each other since they got out of bed early that morning to talk before classes start. To my surprise, no one is talking. They are not even staring at each other. Instead, each and everyone of them is staring down at their little rectangular device in their hand that seems to give them much more satisfaction than talking to their friends.” Today’s society people only care about what is happening on their phones. It is sad when you are at a family outing, you are supposed to be having fun, enjoying life with your family, but when you look around everyone is looking at a screen. You feel like no one is paying attention to what you are saying at all, you just notice all the things around you. You feel alone, because your family is not paying attention to family, they are paying attention to their phones.

Lastly, social media makes us feel like we have to be better looking. It causes a lot of self-esteem issues for a lot of different people. “A desire to compare themselves with peers forms what she describes as a “perfect storm of self-doubt.” She’s so thin. Her grades are perfect. What a happy couple. I’ll never be that cool, that skinny, that lucky, that successful.” (Jacobson, 2019). There are a lot of people out in the world that compare themselves to other people. Looking at someone that is, “better looking,” or “has everything they could possibly want,” doesn’t really help the people with depression or anxiety, or even people without anything. It makes them feel left out, or that their life is not good enough. Technology is a main reason people have depression and anxiety. When you get on social media, you only see good. For instance, you don’t usually see something where someone failed a test, or had a bad hair day. You only see the good/ fun that people are having… like going on a vacation, having fun at a party, etc… There isn’t really anything wrong happening, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can make people feel left out. It can also make people feel like they have no life, or purpose in life.

To conclude, technology makes us feel more lonely. It ruins our ability as a human to talk to a person face to face, to the point it causes anxiety. People care more about their phones than their friends and families. You can not have a normal conversation with a friend anymore without someone pulling out their phone. Also, Social media makes us feel like we have to be a better looking person. It brings people down and doesn’t allow people to love themselves for who they are. Although, people may say that technology helps with schooling, communication, etc… There are people out in the world that feel so alone. They feel like they have no friends and that they have to be a better person. Now technology may not play a part in it all, but it does play a big part in feeling alone. It helps us feel like we aren’t good enough. It shows us the world, but not necessarily in a good way. Technology has ruined our lives as a whole. Yes, it does help with communicating long distance, but what about when you are right next to a friend or family member? When was the last time someone talked to you face to face, without pulling out their phone, tablet, or electronic device? Those questions were probably answered with a, “I don’t remember.” Technology has made not all, but some of us as a whole feel lonely. So, next time you hang out with friends, try to keep your phones put away.     

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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