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Eula Biss' Book "Sentimental Medicine" Analysis

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Eula Biss' Book "Sentimental Medicine" Analysis essay

In the story, Sentimental Medicine, Eula Biss talks about how she is having a hard time to decide whether she should vaccinate his son or not before he was already born. She went on the internet to look for information and she gives up on the idea of doing research because there is too much information to read for her, so she decided to see a pediatrician for advice on vaccination. When she asked the question, the doctor answered her with a relished tone. Paragraph one through four talked about Biss gathering information and getting a deeper understanding of the effects of vaccines will have on human beings.

The story starts off by talking about the problem that we are concerning about the making of the vaccine. The vaccine is made from aborted fetuses that contain preservatives, adjuvants, and also left behind manufacture chemicals. Vaccination is also read as capitalist corruption, cultural decadence, and also environment pollution. Then the story talked about positive of using hep B on humans. Hep B can do a lot of things like helping babies being protected against drug addicts and prostitutes, and it is also good for your inner city. But the doctor said that vaccination is not for people like the author that is still not well educated on the vaccine and what is inner city. Giving that, there is a misunderstanding that people have about the vaccination. Some people don’t understand what it means when the euphemism ” inner city,” so Biss was one of those people that think that she should not vaccinate her son and is not necessary for her son. Paragraph five through ten talked about how vaccination is only recommended to be used on a certain race of people based on social studies, and economic studies.

First, the vaccine is not for every type of person according to the Public Health. vaccination is not for people who have less education, less healthy habits, less access to good health care, less or no time and money, and mother’s that can’t visit frequently enough to get all twenty-six shots in. Yet, the place where you live right now might be required to be vaccinated. Back then, everyone in the black section of Middlesboro, Kentucky was forced to be vaccinated at gunpoint and people that lived in England in 1853 that was in the working-class were required as well. If you did not vaccinate your infants, you will get fined for not doing it. After all, all the people in the world can spread diseases to each other, you just don’t know when it will happen. People believe that poor people are seen as the main way people can get diseases, but little kids are also capable of spreading diseases like the example Biss gave in the story, saying that an unvaccinated boy infecting two of his siblings, five schoolmates, and four children at his doctor’s waiting room. After all of that, some vaccinated people do have a very good life to live.

As stated by Biss in the story that undervaccinated children are like to be white and live with parents that have an income of $75,000 or more. White people do it to help them to be safe around black people, but some black people with young unmarried mother that live in poverty also received some of the vaccinating. Paragraph eleven through fifteen talked about the history of vaccination. At first, vaccination in some people’s eyes can be compromised to be crimes. In the story, a farmer put pus that he got from the cow in his own wife and two toddlers, the result was his wife’s arm was red, swollen, and fell ill from the pus that he put on her, and the two toddlers were being exposed to smallpox, however, they showed that they were immune. But, vaccine comes into play when people are being tested by Edward Jenner. Jenner put pus from a blister milkmaid on an eight-year-old boy and on a lot of people including his own son, and the results were people didn’t react to the pus that Jenner put on them because of the vaccine. Ultimately, you get infected on a certain level is okay, is not going to hurt or do anything to your body. To prove it, a minor strain of smallpox can help you prevent deadly strain and a guy has tried to infect himself of smallpox and the result is he lived.

Paragraph sixteen through twenty- one talked about having special blood type on your body helps you. Something special you can have in your body is blood type O negative. This type of blood can be donated or used on any other blood type, and it is known as the ” universal donor.” As a blood type O negative mother like Biss, she donated umbilical cord blood to a public bank to start a life with credit to the bank for her own son. Furthermore, if you are mass vaccinated, you are in an advantage. The advantages of mass vaccinated are that it is more effective than individual vaccination and you can’t fail to produce immunity, not like an individual vaccination. Paragraph twenty- two to twenty- six talked about the problem that vaccination will have like smallpox vaccination. Smallpox vaccination can lead to death, which it will happen to one out of a million people, and it can make you hospitalized, too, which it can happen to one out of a hundred thousand people, it can also lead to serious complication in your life, which it will happen to one person in a thousand. After those number goes out to the public, someone in the world co-invented vaccine that makes him a lot of money, and his name is Dr. Proffit.

The twenty- five years that Dr. Profitts spend to develop a new vaccine makes him millions for it. Having the best vaccine doesn’t mean that there are no limits on it. A single person can hold up to a maximum of 100,000 vaccines or 10,000 vaccines at once. If you have too much vaccine on you, the vaccine will leave the womb to go look for infections to fight in your body. Paragraph twenty- seven to thirty talked about the danger of hep B have on humans. The danger of you having hep B, especially the mothers that is about to have a baby, you need to be careful, because the mother with hep B giving birth to a baby is dangerous. If you give birth to a baby and you have hep B’s, your baby should be treated within the next twelve hours. If you don’t treat the baby, it can cause long-term problems like liver cancer. Hep B can affect up to 200,000 people per year before vaccination was introduced, this did not change until 1991. One way you can get hep B is by traveling to Asia and getting a tattoo on you.

Paragraph thirty- one to thirty- four talked about fears that people have about vaccination. The first fear people fear is the vaccination vampire. People fear that is because of universal pollution will transfer to the pure babe by the vaccinator. It is also because of sexually transfer diseases by arm- to- arm vaccination. Other fear people have is it will leave a mark on your body. After you got the vaccine, it would leave a wound and that would scar and it will be a permanent mark on you. The other fear people have are that hep B vaccine will take multiple sclerosis, diphtheria- pertussis- tetanus vaccine can cause a sudden death, formaldehyde can cause cancer, aluminum can hurt your brain, diseases like syphilis, and there is no ether or antifreeze in vaccines. Paragraph thirty- five to thirty- nine talked about people thinking about their life choices. The first choice is herd immunity, people don’t believe in it. People don’t believe it is because it is associated with the term ” herd immunity.” The other choice is more important than herd immunity is life. Your life is all dependent on your hive and you should not lynching yourself. Another life choice is baby animals getting their robbed by others and let them hungry to death.

Paragraph forty to forty- six talked about the service of the woman. Back in the old days, woman savers are not the main domain to save your life. The main domain to save your life is Medical Care. Female healers back then were threatened and during the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, they were killed for healing the sick. Sick people have to rely heavily on dangerous therapies. People said that is because they are not washing their hand between exams. Paragraph forty- seven to fifty- three talked about how much knowledge you have on certain things. For example, smallpox. Some people consider smallpox as a disease of the poor in the nineteenth century. Also, smallpox is responsible for immorality, too. At the same time, people use the toxin to make random stuff to sell to other people. For example, people use the toxin to make poison. The toxin can also damage the lungs that a whooping cough to linger for months. Similarly, it can also cause your organs to fail to function. And yet, it can produce a deadly neurotoxin. In conclusion, the whole point of Biss’s story is she is making a decision on whether she should or should not get her son vaccinated. Also, in the story, she is debating about the rightness of science. After all, the information that she got from her research and from her son’s doctor, she finally decided to vaccinate his son.

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