Overview of The Benefits of Having Pets

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About this sample


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Published: Oct 2, 2020

Words: 1413|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Oct 2, 2020

Table of contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Discussion
  4. Improving Health
    Making New Friend
    Being More Responsibility
    Having Security
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works Cited


Day by day the quality of life of human beings boosted, which lead to the need. People preparing for self the things is necessary, enhancing mental and physical health and they begin to care for not only themselves but also the animals that are pet. Currently, Pets become more and more popular, there are many people keeping pets. This paper, based on secondary research, discusses the advantages of raising pets: Enhancing health, Widening relationship, Being more responsibility, Having security. The findings of the research indicate that having or raising pets offers more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore people should have one for themselves.

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Pet, any animal kept by human beings as a source of companionship and pleasure. While a pet is generally kept for the pleasure that it can give to its owner, often, especially with horses, dogs, and cats, as well as with some other animals, this pleasure appears to be mutual. Thus, pet keeping can be described as a symbiotic relationship, one that benefits both animals and human beings. As the keeping of pets has been practiced from prehistoric times to the present and as pets are found in nearly every culture and society, pet keeping apparently satisfies a deep, universal human need.

Nowadays, Pets get more and more popularly, According to APPA 2015-2016 the number of family own pets in The United States is approximately 80 million and what is the reason why many people in United States rearing pet. Each pet has the different traits and personality. Keeping pet requires many things. Specifically, the personality of own pet, habitat, care for. According to Anna raising a cat which is curious, smart, cuddly, affectionate. This will be appropriate for the person who is creative, adventurous or rearing dog is the best choice for the extrovert person since the dog is very conscientious and fund.

Habitant, plays a crucial life of the pet, where they can live, sleep, defecate so on. This is not difficult to choose house such as a dog, cat. However, as for some special animal create the habitat having any trouble with reptile animals. In addition raising the pet, expecting to care for the pet a lot such as preparing relevant food to feed, cleaning home, bathing, playing, for pet. Undeniably keeping pet has overwhelming benefits alongside drawback. In article’ seven brilliant benefits of owning a dog’ Aileen Scoular states that pet is really good for children when a child care for pet this makes child more empathic moreover keeping a pet also reduces the risks of blood pressure with the same perspective Alexandra Gekas said that keeping pet help decreasing stress and improving mood. The aim of this research is to inform the positive influences of raising pets including progress health, widen relationship, raise responsibility, ensure security.


Improving Health

Basically, keeping pets carry positive things in terms of health. According to American Pets Products Association Dog is one of the most popular pets in the US with 78 million dogs apart from cats. Karen B.London sates that Dogs tend to go out so as to walk and keeping pets will get you more exercise. According to Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that seven in every 10 adult dog owners achieved 150 minutes of physical exercise per week, compared with only four in every 10 non-owners and in research of Dr. Joanna Kruk doing more exercise help reduce the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer.

Raising pets assists people not only do more exercise but also reduce stress and anxiety. According to the national institute mental health estimated that approximately 18 percent of all adults have some form of mental illness. They also states that actually most people have stress driving from their own lives. In order to decline stress and anxiety, there are many methods like controlling diet, listening music and keeping pets is one of the effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

In the article science says your pet is good for mental health written by Mandy Oaklander she confirms that many types of pet assist calm stress, fear, anxiety is not only young children, the elderly, but also every in between. People feel happier and safer when having pets to pamper and be pampered by. Marta Vieira states that Pets can help people with moderate to mild depression feeling better along with medication and other treatments. Having a pet is not only a way to combat the isolation that fuels depression but also provides unconditional love that improves self-esteem. Petting an animal releases serotonin and dopamine in the brain, two feel-good hormones, that typically are too low in people with depression.

According to the national stroke association, roughly 800.000 people got stroke per year. Stroke is a brain attack, it can occur in everyone at any time. Stroke, happening when the supply of blood to the brain was interrupted or reduced this makes brain not receive enough oxygen and nutrients, brain cells begin to die. Teresa Dumain suggested that people should maintain good habits likes do exercise, be happier, have balanced diet, getting rid of the bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol to avoid stroke. If felling difficult to accomplish it, you can rely on your pet. In the article 10 benefits of having a pet at home, written by Arun Thakur He wrote that playing with pet help not only more exercising but also decrease depression for instances looking after a cat can drop 30 percent the risk of stroke because Pets keep you in a routine and playing with them or having them in the vicinity can help stimulate your mind, which makes you less prone to depressions and thoughts of pain associated with chronic disease.

Making New Friend

Rearing a pet carry the chances to meet someone new because pet is usually curious, going every they can ,and pet will be helped by new person and you have opportunity to acquaintance with this person as a research in 2015 at the University of Western Australia reported that nearly 42 percent pet owners had received some types of social support from someone they met via their pet or There are lots of shared activities for pet owners, ranging from communal walks to charitable events and other organizations that cater to animals and protecting the environment. It can be hard to meet new people, but pets are great icebreakers.

Being More Responsibility

Having a pet at home can cause some trouble and inconveniences for many people like spending much time for caring pet, nevertheless, this can make people more responsibility. Especially with children, In a survey of the American Pet Product Association’s 2011-2012 National pet owners reported that 58 percent of pet owners said their child more responsibility owing to pet. Caring for the pet, a child will learn not only how to educate it but also love another creature is much more than playing with it. When pet feel hurry, a child will digest this moreover pet need personal care like bath child we reinforce their skill in caring pet or when pet was hurt, child will have more caution when observing pet with the same pointed of view Lisa Cowan also states that by feeding, exercising, caring for pet child can know more about disease and loss which equip for child coping with issues when they grow that make child more responsibility.

Having Security

Keeping pet apparently you can get a lot of benefits, you can protect them from the stake, Nevertheless, your pet sometimes guards you and your possessions or your relatives. Austin Forma was saved by his dog from cougar attack and in 2005, Zoey which is called Chihuahua saving a child 1 year from sneak.

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Keeping pets definitely brings about many benefits so each person perhaps should raise a pet, apart from the drawback of keeping pet. Pets are one of the magnificent creatures, assisting human to improve both mental health and physical health. It helps human do more exercise, eliminate depress out life, fight diseases. In addition, a pet which is a friend, carry many new friends, as the result, the relationship between people and people is widened. Keeping pets also a way to raise awareness making man has responsibility. Nevertheless, when keeping pets people should concentrate on something that pet need usually to be vaccinated to avoid disease likely infect, observe cautiously to prevent pet from negative impact other people including proper waste disposal, noise control.

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