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The Bermuda Triangle and The Secrets It Hides

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Did anyone ever tell you about the Bermuda Triangle where everyone goes missing and nothing ever comes back? Maybe you never could understand why, and wondered how a whole boat or plane full of people could go missing never to return. Flight 19 had Navy Flight Bombers aboard on a training mission it’s among one of the most famous disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda News said the flight leader was heard saying, “We are entering white water, nothing seems right. I don’t know where we are.” What other secrets is the Bermuda Triangle hiding?

The Bermuda Triangle connects with Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda over a 500,000 square mile of ocean. History channel writers say a sliver in the Bermuda is one of the only places on the Earth that true North and magnetic North line up, causing the first person to ever sail solo, Joshua Slocum, to disappear from Martha’s Vineyard in 1909 because of his feeling lost and not exactly knowing where he was.

Many believe that, when people can’t decipher where they are. It is because of the “fire crystals” from Atlantis. Atlantis fell underwater in early BC and is said to hold a special technology from the gods called fire crystals or as their Greek term, from Crystalinks, Atlantean Crystals. These crystals used energy from the sun and Earth to power the island of Atlantis these are the same crystals that are said to power the Egyptian Pyramids as well. When Atlantis sank, clearly everything within it would go underwater as well, so if the crystals are used for what the historians said, then they could still be taking energy and messing with the water in the Bermuda Triangle. If the crystals are still creating energy, it could be making erosions in the water acting like a funnel and could be sinking ships. But how does that explain the airplanes? It doesn’t, and that’s why this theory is false. There are several theories about the Bermuda Triangle, and so many of them are outrageous, considering there aren’t hard facts to back them up. Just theories.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most theorized topics because it’s hard to explain exactly what happens when a ship or plane disappears because the only people who knew what happened disappeared, too. Some of these disappearances are, in 1945, five American Torpedo Bombers were flying over the Bermuda and vanished once dispatch realized they couldn’t get into contact, they sent out a rescue plane soon after, that plane went missing, too. One of the most recent disappearances was the El Faro it was a vessel traveling through the triangle to Puerto Rico. At the beginning of October in 2015, it went off the radar, and at the end of October, it was found at the bottom of the ocean, wrecked. A Piper-PA airplane went missing in 2005 with three people on board, and in 2007, a similar incident happened with another Piper-PA airplane but with only one person on board. Neither of them has been found. Something that is kind of different is a father and son, owners of a hotel on the coast of Miami, took their Cabin Cruiser out on the water the son called the shore guards and said they needed a tow. After 20 minutes, the guard boat reached the location but didn’t see their boat that was in 1967 they, along with their boat, haven’t been found. Some stories say there are monsters below the sea that come up and capture boats as they pass by and that’s why the wreckage can’t be found. Although we have only explored five percent of the ocean, the likelihood of there being a monster that stays in the same place and guards one part of the ocean just to eat boats, does that make sense? It doesn’t.

Personally, none of these seem relevant, nor do they seem to be logical in any sense. So what is really happening in the Bermuda Triangle? According to the Bright Side, Scientists from the University of Colorado have come up with, what they think is, the answer to the Bermuda Triangle. They looked at satellite images of clouds above the Bermuda. What they found was that the clouds form hexagonal shapes right where most ships and planes have supposably gone missing. Meteorologists, from the University as well, have theorized that these clouds can form “air bombs”, or microbursts. It can blast wind going up to 170 miles per hour, these winds have the same force as hurricanes. Once the air hits the water at that speed it makes waves up to 45 feet. A ship of any size or a plane would be able to survive that type of wind or water power making it easy to sink. A lot of sources like Fact Check have come out saying that this is impossible for clouds to form angles, they form randomly. But if they form randomly how could they not form shapes and angles that cause gusts of air to shoot down. Everyone is quick to shoot down theories when scientists are the ones with the idea. But wouldn’t it make sense if the scientists were able to come up with logical theories like this because they have the equipment to make these predictions.

The Bermuda Triangle is a hard one when trying to find out what is actually going on, since the scientists from the Colorado have made this theory many scientists and meteorologists from other institutions have been looking into the Triangle. They are all trying to find more answers for why ships and planes have gone under the water and why so many people have been lost at sea never to return.

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