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The Creation of Our Memories

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This paper is about memory. It focuses of the information as to why we have memory. What memory does, how it works and is created. What are the affects a memory can have on someone and how it can help one’s cause. You will read the reasons why one has a memory, what creates a memory. What are the main reasons why one has a memory. How we remember, why we forget memories. You will read how scientist figured out how a memory is kept. What are the long-term effects a memory can cause? Does everybody have a memory? Is a memory good or bad? Does it an affect tragic actions or events?

There is so much you will learn when reading the paper of why a memory is called memory. Take a moment and close your eyes. Now tell me, what do you see? Children singing and laughing in the background as you can feel that you’re now a child too; singing and laughing as you swing freely on the swing set at a playground. A bright smile is on your face as you inhale deeply smelling the spring air before a swift of wind blows through your hair – Suddenly, you awake. A frown across your face as you realize it was all a memory. A song once said; “I wish we could go back to the good old days. ” Why? Because he remembers the calm memories he had as a child. Even if they’re just blurry now days he knows deep in his mind that they were there. Memories can be an astonishing part of humankind, but it can also be a disaster too. A memory is the process of one’s event or recalling information. It forms by a specific reaction of neurons that carry chemicals from cell to another.

All humans have two types of memory: Short-term memory and long-term memory. Short term memory is the information of what one is currently thinking, which last twenty to thirty seconds. Some usually can hold out the information they think in short-term leads us to us to the next stage, which is long-term memory. Long term memory is the memories that comprehend a lot of information at once which is stored in the brain which lets us know about nature, history, and identity. We all are guilty about comprehending information for a short period of time which is what one’s call memorizing than forgetting it a month or two later. Sleep is way to help one keep a memory. During are period of sleep the hippocampus comprehends the information one’s learned in that moment and replay’s the event. Scientists have used many mechanics to learn the reasons where memories are made. They have come up with two structures of memory which are called implicit and explicit memory. Implicit memory is the unconscious retention in memory, as evidence by the effect of a previous experience or encounter on current thoughts or actions.

Explicit memory is he conscious, intention recollection of an event or item of information. Also, in the, “Invitation to Psychology”, it reads that recognition plays a big part in the measuring of memory. It is the idea of being able to retrieve information from earlier encounters. An example, essays or exams and test. It’s the ability to process what you’ve seen, heard, or read; old or new. It can be sometimes difficult, when you have comprehended the wrong information or facts previously recontouring too. There is also a three-box models that go with memory. The sensory register, working memory and long-term memory, which was previously stated before. The sensory is the number of different memories as in, imagery which stay in the mind for a half of second. It says in the book of Invitation to Phycology; Working Memory retains information only temporally. Which would be 30 seconds per se. . Also, in working memory, what you have learned is no longer an exact memory, but more like a thought or phrase. Finally, would be long-term memory which is the memory that contains information that get’s organized and becomes manageable. Memory works with other parts of your body too; which includes hormones and emotions from unrelative topics. Different parts of the brain hold different aspects of memories we have processed. It says in the book, “Invitation to Psychology” on page 211 that, adrenal hormones enhance information to the brain. It increases the nerve cells which increase the signals in the brain while processing information which includes holding a more stainable memory to look at. How do we remember all those memories are brain process? It takes practice. It’s kind of how one has an instant reflex. You know what to think or do or know without even realizing it. An example, looking at the sky and see bright lights. You don’t even have to think of the name of what they’re called because having a memory, you already know that that you see is stars. Researchers examined the brain seeing that memories replicate experience but having our sensory information we already know. To having it known well we encode it. We think about it without effort, which I stated previously.

In “Invitation to Psychology” it stats that many kinds of information require effortful excoding. Another way is rehearsal. An example would be in school with multiplication tables. We see it every day, there was riddles, rhymes and tricks to learning and memorizing a way to remember the multiplication it just sticks to you. It my opinion it’s not that hard, even though sometimes it an be overwhelming it works. Lastly, I’m going talk about why we forget memories. Usually we just tend to forget what we learned with is normal but other times it is not. A mam named Herman Ebbinghaus who lived from 885 to 1913 make unique study to learn about the loss of memory. He found that we tend to keep memories we rely, or care about thee most and later another researcher found that there were four reasons why we forget. Decay, replacement, interference and cue-dependent forgetting. Decay is where one tries to hold onto a memory but is simply forgotten but could come back and be remembered again. Example, if you swam when young but stopped when older but if was pushed into a lake you’d know how to get out or stay atop of water. Another is replacement, which is where memory holds new information and old is simply wiped sway, interference, is where memories are forgotten because similar information gets processed and the old gets replaced or merged together. Cue-dependent forgetting is where is the inability to process information because of insufficient information. Example, seeing actors you saw in an movie you forgot the name of or a simple case of déjà vu.

I could go on and on about what all the memory can do, but I simply pointed out the main reasons in the creation of memory. Memory is beautiful and even though the memories could be embarrassing it’s something each one of us has our own that we can look back to and can fown but hopefully smile back on.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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