The Existence of God and Its Importance

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  1. Three Reasons of God's Existence
  2. Personal Final Thoughts
  3. Works Cited

Does God really exist? This is a very interesting question worth thinking about. This word or a name is very easy to appear in our lives. Maybe this word will appear in any casual communication, but does God really exist? Some people will say that God is not something that people might be interested in, so two hypotheses have emerged. The first hypothesis is that God always exists, and the second hypothesis is that God does not exist, I believe that some people will support the first hypothesis because they may have always believed in God from birth or family reasons, but some people will support the second hypothesis because they will not believe in God or maybe not when God is true. If God does exist, then this is the supreme interest, and our ultimate concern should be how to properly relate to the existence of the momentary dependence on which we depend. But someone shrugged and said, ‘Does God exist? What’s the difference?’ It just shows that they haven’t thought deeply about the issue, but if they have thought about it seriously, they also acknowledge that, the existence of God has a huge impact on humans. Let me mention just three reasons why the existence of God has a major impact on us.

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Three Reasons of God's Existence

The first reason is that if God exists, we can feel his love. Perhaps the best we can know is that from our own life, God has given us life so that we can learn and grow from today’s society, so that we learn from it The sinister and happy nature of human nature, there will always be many accidents in life, which may be good or bad. Although we have to face it, it is God ‘s test. If God does not exist, then we must ultimately live without hope. Without God, in the end, there is no hope for our limited shortcomings. The horrors of the two world wars of the last century effectively destroyed the naive optimism of human progress in the 19th century. When we face aging, disease, and death, the word hope always appears in our mouths. If God does not exist, there is no word of hope. Who do we hope for? Sooner or later we’ll be old men or women, fighting aging, fighting inevitable struggles, disease or aging, but we hope to avoid these painful factors as much as possible. Silently pray to God, so the existence of God is equivalent to our hope.

The second reason is that without God, life will be meaningless in the end. No matter what we do in life, we do it for one purpose. Now we are doing everything for our own future. And hard work or want to make yourself more comfortable in old age, in short, people’s life is very short, we all want to make our lives richer, without regret, if God does not exist, life It will eventually be meaningless. If our lives are destined to end in death, it doesn’t matter how we live in the end. In the end, there is no final difference whether we exist or not. Of course, each of our lives has a different meaning. Maybe our meaning also affects others and history. We are sacrificed to improve the overall interests of mankind. The race of good people everywhere, we change the world in different identities to make it better. If God does not exist, all our efforts will fail, and life will eventually be meaningless.

The third reason is the origin of the universe. Regarding the existence of God, many people don’t know what the universe is. Some people say that the universe is eternal, nothing special, but as an ordinary person, such as me, I never really think about it. After going through what the universe is, I went to check the information on the Internet, and then I realized that the universe is infinite. Everything is infinite, but another problem arises. Any infinite thing will contradict itself , which makes people feel very Confused, David Hilbert’s greatest mathematician of the 20th century, he pointed out that there is no infinite place to find in reality. It neither exists nor provides a legitimate basis for rational thinking. The limitless role is just an idea. Because it can be known that the number of past events must be limited and a series of past events cannot be traced back forever. It must be that the universe already exists. 13 billion years ago, there was a shocking big explosion in the universe. The reason why it was shocking was that it represented the origin of the universe from nothing. In the Big Bang, all matter and energy, even physical space and time, came into being. So what exactly created the universe? Where did it come from? There must be some reason for the birth of the universe. So I came to the conclusion that there is a causeless, immutable, eternal and immaterial existence for creating the universe. It must have no cause, as we have seen that it is impossible to attribute infinitely. It must be eternal, so at least in the absence of the universe, because it creates time. Because it also created space, it must also transcend space, so it is immaterial, not physical. It must be personal. How can time effects like the universe be caused by eternal reasons? If the cause is a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for mechanical operation, the cause can never exist without effect.

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Personal Final Thoughts

I actually know that before we know God exists because he constantly initiates and seeks us to come to him. When I face this problem, I don’t believe in the existence of God. Like many people, I don’t care about this problem at all, because I don’t think there is any evidence to prove his existence, but when I touch the philosophy class, Only then did I have the opportunity to learn about the existence of God. I looked through the blockbuster articles and arguments, only to find that he originally created us because we would know him. He surrounded us with his own evidence, and he put the question of survival before us. I never realized that God ‘s topic was so important to me because God was pressing it. I remember Sir Lewis saying: ‘… night after night, I feel that even as long as my mind is taken out of work for a second, I will have a firm, unyielding attitude, and I really hope not to Meet him. ‘I succumbed and acknowledged that God is God, kneeling down and praying: Maybe that night, the deadliest and most reluctant returnee in England as a whole. ‘After knowing God, he wrote another book called ‘Joy Amazing’, through this book, I believe more in the existence of God. 

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