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The Great Five Poets in Ancient Rome

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Table of contents

  1. Propertius
  2. Catullus
  3. Tibullus
  4. Ovid
  5. Sulpicia

The five famous poets in ancient Rome were known for their magnificent works and poems that helped more people to understand the classical literature, and those five poets helped the Romanian culture to survive because of those subscriptions that they had left in the old literature. Also, those poets were known for their poems about love and sexuality, and they wanted to describe their conditions that they had gone through because they lived under pressure for being far or away from their lovers. Actually, not all poets felt loneliness for losing a person, and they also felt sad for being away from their cities or places because they might do things that were prohibited during old ages. Moreover, these poems tried a lot to show their skills in writing and descriptions because they could easily define things that they wanted or loved, and they used literature as a way to show their expressions. Also, their works are still popular between people, and many people want to read their works because their works are written in the simple way that everyone can easily understand. However, it is very sad that we do not have much works left from those great poets because most of their works are lost, and we do not much sources to know more about them.

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The great five poets in ancient Rome:


He was one of the old and great elegiac poets in the ancient empire of Rome. He was born around 55 to 44 BCE in Umbria, Italy and died around 16 BCE in Rome. Propertius was one of the canonical ancient Roman writers of the genre that we call love allergy. It is really him and his contemporary to dull and then later on of it, and love elegy is a rather sort of strangely fossilized kind of love poetry might think of love poetry. Today, we might think of love poetry as a sort of careful or passionate poetic outpouring of how you feel about somebody you might imagine that it starts from the feeling. With Propertius, it is a bit difficult to tell whether it starts from the feeling, or whether it starts from poetic ambition. It is a series of a poem of something about his experiences with his lover Cynthia, and he does put her sort of front and center of the very first poets he writes. He begins by saying Cynthia was the first to ensure me, but it is often not so much about how he feels about her. It is very difficult when thinking about Cynthia to get a handle on whether she is real or whether she is a literary construct she certainly seems to have a great impact on Propertius and that might suggest that she’s real and she seems to affect what he does whether whereas if she was a literary constant you might imagine that he could control her and lots of poems are about how he cannot control her she’s always sort of threatening to go off with a rival, or he is worried about that she is thinking things like that. She is very much sort of asserting her own identity and her violent anger with him. I think it is very difficult for us to both appreciate the rhetorical structure of a poem, and say yes this is making a case it is slightly of case and appreciate that might also be sincerity involved. Moreover, you never know exactly what we find that offensive feeling of love and appreciation within a relationship, but you can still make an argument out of it. I think it is possible to coexist, and we might think that is because of rhetoric and training in rhetoric and making it argument with such an important part of Roman education and Roman culture but also because poets alternative need to prove to their audiences that the kind of poetry. They were writing things that are worthwhile, and we can coexist sort of with the feeling we say yes. We really feel this is very important to us in an argument that will understand.

It is coming up both in his poetry and the work of others elegist just so that we can talk about what makes this a very typical genre with its own so typical motifs. Also its elegy and it’s alright and then a particular Latin verse form. The elegy couplet and the poems sort of longish may be between about 12 and about 50 lines. There are some of formal constraints on what it is like as well. Moreover, his work survived because of their backgrounds which were used by lovers at that time, and many lovers used his poems and works during expressing their love for their lovers, and his works was also written as fragment and as manuscript traditions which helped scholars to study them and try to find the main themes of them in order to find the purpose of writing them. In fact, Propertius’ works are still popular between people and his lovers because Propertius poems are written for all generations through history.

Propertius talked about women in his works, and tried to describe his lover by mentioning her in more than one place. However, this did not mean that he had good relation with her since she was not a good woman, so we could see easily crying and tears in his poems. We did not know if his lover was real or not, and it was obvious in all his poems that he was suffering because of his love for Cynthia. In fact, Cynthia threatened him to go and never come back, and this made Propertius to feel sad and cry for his lover who did not have the same feeling as him.


Some of his he will have to pounds so we will have the whole lot how much has work survives complicated question you might think if you look at the poems of numbers from 1 to 116 but in fact they are not 116 and the Never number about the poems which the manuscript give as one poem where was godless think in fact we got more than one together, but it is somewhere around 116 would be that we have lines across it by the resources which did not come anyway general. I am a little bit like here in the manuscript, and we have no real way of knowing whether we know more or less the complete body of what he wrote, and this is what is more so what do we know about the character example because this is very little that we know for sure, and we do know that he came from the town of Verona. He was born in 87 BCE, but important sources are contradictory on there probably around 84 BCE in very late Republican Rome. However, we do know actually how he end up coming to Rome from Verona. We know very little about his life what sources do you use to approach to find out about his life. There is a bit evidence that was a very brief mention in Suetonius biography of Julius Caesar when he decides to mention in passing that Catullus’s father was on good terms of Julius Caesar and that would suggest that although he was a provincial and he came from the pretty aristocratic background.

His poetries were best and he was best known for their simplification when you read his poems that they are brilliant poems, and lots of them were very short and written in Latins that were very easy and accessible. This helped his works to survive, and many people were liked to read his poems since they knew how it was easy to understand. Moreover, in most of his poems, he talked about a character who was called Lesbia and she was a fascinating figure. Also, she was only mentioned by the name, but Catullus frequently referred to a woman like my girl by my woman without naming her, and I think it is natural to assume that those references are two lesbians particularly.

Also, he tends to echo phrases little ways that he describes from one poem to another because Lesbia is very characteristic at Catullus’s collection that we get sort of interconnection between poems, so she appeared to be an aristocratic lady. Also, we know that she’s married as he mentioned in part of his poems, and she is not his wife that he has to steal his nights with her from her husband describe something suspicious that he is not the only her lover. Moreover, he describes what appears to be the final break up between them. Sometimes, his poems will tell you that she was a woman whose real name was Claudia. The different about his poets what is different about him was writing these long epic like all poets before him had Homer were famous. Also, he wrote very little short sort of you know 5 to 10 line poems. He used the classic dactylic hexameter which was used in old Greek poetry as the wide range for all his poems.

Catullus as other love poets during his time, they only tried to show their emotions and feelings about their lovers, and he tried to show her as a goddess from his prospective, and he mixed laughs with tears because their relationships went through lots of complicated of hard moments, which had effects on both of them. Actually, it was not easy for him to love a woman who was married. You can imagine how he suffered from this love and do not have ability to change things as you like or love because you know that you will live in illusion not real life.


He is likely to have been born in 47 BCE and died in 19 BCE, and he is born in Gabi. It is evident to us from his poetry that he was from an aristocratic family whose property had been severed by Augustus. Augustus had confiscated large parts of the rich Roman lands to reward his commanders, advisers and even those close to him, and Tibullus family was one of those rich families that their lands were taken. At an early age and before the age of 20, Tibullus is experiencing love, where he falls in love with Delia, his favorite poet, and Delia herself, as a figure of great research from ancient and contemporary scholars. Also, his elegiac couplets were the main themes for his works to survive because after his death also people still felt in love and criticized his works because they knew how his works were valuable. We know that his lover’s name was “Delia”, and she was only a pseudonym, For example, Kantia, the mistress of Propertius and Cynthia, the mistress of Ovid, are all pseudonyms used for the realist realms. Thus, Delia is the name of the beloved Tibullus After she got married. Moreover, this is the name was mentioned by Tibullus in the third book after being treacherous. In any case, we must accept the name Delia because it is the name that he addresses in all his poems and revolve around it. Delia was not of the Roman class, meaning that she was not one of his high-ranking families or was not a born Roman but could have descended from the offspring of a family of devout slaves.

However, it is unlikely that she was seen as a slave to her because of course she did not have this the attention of Tibullus as he always describes it as affordable, and she has a servant to keep up with her needs and she also lives with her grandmother as confirms Tibullus in one of his poems but also was not Delia high class because it was certainly all women who are the subject of spinning and love in this stage of Roman History.

As other love poet in ancient Rome, he also had a lover, and he tied to describe her from his prospective as woman who was created for him because he tried a lot to reach his love, but there were lots of troubles that faced them during their relationships. However, they did not stop from their love, and he wanted to mention that they were from different classes which was prohibited at that time to love someone who was not class was lower. Also, he mentioned that it was affordable to win her heart since she was seen as a slave, but the love changed everything because he tried to think as a human not like a man from the high class.


Ovid was a poet who was born in forty three before Christ, and he lived in the Roman Empire, he wrote poetry about love and temptation. His works were all about love that he wrote to mysterious person that most people do not know who is she or he. However, his works in past were very famous and pretty sticky things. He came from a rich clan, and as a rich man, he went to Rome for his studying. Rome was the capital city of culture in Europe that time, and many young men moved to Rome to finish their studying and have quality time. Although, he became an author and a poet who wrote about love, and he had his first work or poem after he found out that he have talent to write poems. However, he was exiled from Rome, and Julius Caesar Octavianus, personally exiled him to an area known as Tomis, that is in an Romania in modern day that was very far from Rome, and not many people lived there since it was unsettled place. Moreover, nobody visited Tomis, and it was very far from the empire. Moreover, his books were prohibited not allowed. Actually, we do not know what is happened, and the main proof we have is what he shares with people that there have been two reasons that there was a Carman and a slip up. A Carmen may be a song and a literary work, then there is a slip-up or error, which it is a mistake. The Carmen, it was the soul of his works, and it was like a song and oriented Romanian people toward adultery. He tried to have his first poem before he was exiled. The error is that we tend to do not understand, and he will not tell us. However, he claimed that he had seen one thing he did not have to see. He might see someone from the royal family during a shameful moment, which had bad effects on both royal families and Ovid’s life. Also, it was known between people at that time that Ovid might see Julius Ceaser having sex with another guy. Also, he could not go back to Rome. In fact, he spent of his life hoping to go back to Rome, but he died after 8 year in Tomis. Because of his problem with the royal family his name

All his works and poems were about love and sexual activities that were common in ancient Rome, and he wanted to talk about his hard life that he had during living in exile which had bad effects on him because he tried a lot to tell people what Julies Caesar had done, and he wanted to describe his problems by writing his poems in tragic way that shows the size of his suffering. People loved his works, and they wanted to know about Carmen and error which he had written about them. These works still famous for things that contain which help works to survive, and many people still love to read those works.


She was one of greatest poets in ancient Rome, and she was the only female whose works were survived, and many people were concerned about her six poem elegist. According to some sources she was born in 40 BCE, and she came from a rich family that had connections and relations with the royal family at that time. She was an educated young woman who was like a master in Latin elegiac because she wanted to show her identity in all her 6 elegies, and she talked about women’s life in old or ancient Rome. Moreover, she described woman’s love life, and how they could show their feeling to their lovers. Although, she talked about female bodies give brief description to readers to have ideas about femininity. Her works survived because of manuscript that she wrote, and this helped her work to survive, and her works also talked about the sexuality life which was much known in Ancient Romanian Empire especially in a city that was called bombbio. In fact, this metaphor helped her to show her works different from other love poets. She wanted to be free and write about things that show women as the active part society in ancient Rome, and how women could live in a society which was dominated by males. However, she only wanted to show her feelings about love, and how love could change lifestyle of woman and how woman could satisfy her interests. As other poets in ancient Rome, she tried to talk about her lover who was known Calenus, and he and she were married for years before they decided to reach the final break and separation. This left a bad effect on her in her works, so she decided to mention them in her works. Also, she changed her desire from love to her failed marriage, which showed her weaknesses in front-of her lover. During her life, she tried to write erotic poems that showed her sexuality feelings, and how she was depressed about her sexuality life.

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In conclusion, it was not easy to find sources about these great poets because these poets worked hard to show their greatness based on events that were happened to them, and they could show their expressions, and they wanted to go out from reality life and live in illusion which helped them to have more spaces to express about their feelings to their societies. They were very well in describing their lovers, and they had capabilities connect their relationships with other events in their lives because they old literature based on things that were not real. They felt free to write anything about humanity and things that were prohibited in society at that time in order to help people to feel free to do all things that they want to do during their life time including love, sex, and sometime religion. Based on what I have red so far, these poets wrote magnificent poems that helped me more to understand the classical literature, and they were written in complex language which make them very complicated to understand.

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