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The Importance of Liposomal Melatonin for Our Health & Brains

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Liposomal Melatonin – Brain Purification

Homemade liposomal melatonin formulas have shown effectiveness and even have an appetizing taste. Several years ago, there weren’t even any liposomal melatonin products available in the market. Currently, there exist many liposomal melatonin supplements; some products are greatly effective.

Sure, it feels liberating to make a homemade health supplement; sometimes it’s better to save yourself some time, and load up on the best commercially available liposomal melatonin supplements.

Melatonin is 1 of 2 means by which the brain rejuvenates. The other means of revivification comes in the form of jaw movements throughout the course of the day via talking & chewing. Regardless of the widespread, constant exposure to countless toxic substances that our bodily purification systems have not adapted to, our cells work similarly to small animals, with the same need to absorb new nutrients & remove anything and everything that has already been processed. Picture that all of your usual waste disposal systems were unavailable.

How long do you suppose that it would take until the waste started to pile up around you, and caused major issues? That’s akin to what happens when the brain has a melatonin deficit. Metabolic surplus and poisonous matter absorbed from the environment accumulate in the brain, since removal cannot occur at the same rate as does absorption. Wherever there’s a great number of contaminants that the body can’t make much use of, then diseases of many varieties start to cultivate. In due course, brain function declines in a progressively conspicuous way with symptoms including, but not limited to, ringing in the ears, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, shoddy memory recall, depression, and seizures.

Brain function can so greatly be degraded that you may contract neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, and others. Melatonin deficiency is just one of the plethora of possible sources of these symptoms. Even when something else is at fault for the symptoms, a melatonin deficiency will aggravate them. The shortage of melatonin is universal.

The two most prevalent factors of that shortage are:

Visual Contact w/ Blue Light – can come from mobile device and computer screens, and other cool/high Kelvin degree lighting like cool white/daylight light bulbsa. Instead, make use of warm bulbs, candles made of beeswax, and come with lead-free wicks, and apps or modes that change to night-friendly settings i. The f.lux app tailors the color temperature of the display screen to the location and time of day, all for helping give the eyes much needed rest time from the constant daytime exposure to these screens.

Man-Made Electromagnetic Fields (usually shortened to just EMF) – originate from baby monitors, cordless phones, cell phones & towers, Wi-Fi, & RF transmitting utility meters, etc. It’s difficult to find a home without substantial EMF exposure. Our exposure to blue light may be more manageable in the evening. That marks the time when the body naturally expedites its production of melatonin in anticipation of sleep. However, our current habits of looking at a TV, computer, or mobile phone immediately before even just shutting our eyes, let alone trying to go to sleep, make that management a difficult challenge.

This marks a precarious slippery slope: the obstruction of the production of melatonin leads to the accumulation of toxic materials; that makes it all the more difficult to get the pineal gland the necessary materials so as to produce melatonin; even less melatonin will be produced; there will be further accumulation of toxic substances, etc. This will steadily continue up to the point at which the brain has become poisoned and unable to naturally purify without outside assistance. Subsequently, this leads to an upsurge in the second method by which the brain revivifies itself: the person initiates the grinding and mashing of the teeth during nighttime.

The body is attempting a forcible expulsion of the toxic substances from the body by working the jaw, which serves to increase the pumping force on the skull. This is lessened when melatonin production stabilizes, and the brain goes back to a state of normal receipt and disbursement of nutrients & waste.

But what makes liposomal melatonin so special? Many people have attempted taking melatonin supplements as a way to treat insomnia, & attest to the fact that it hasn’t worked. That comes about from the stomach acid often degenerating it up to the point that not much melatonin can be absorbed, so it never manages to get to the brain. An effective liposomal melatonin supplement is orally absorbed & moves into the brain, which usually has a conspicuous effect in most people within 20-30 minutes.

There are several common worries about liposomal melatonin supplements. One of those worries concerns its addictive properties. Another worry concerns the hazards it may pose to unbalancing the body via the supplementation of hormones. These are both valid concerns to have. With most other supplementations, save some exceptions, those concerns would be applicable. However, as previously described in the precarious slippery slope, it can be a trying time for someone once that person degenerates to the point of suffering from neurological symptoms, for the body to be able to make enough melatonin that there can still be homeostasis and self-regulation.

From a clinical perspective, it can be observed that after people have been taking melatonin supplements, among other appropriate, accommodating therapies (melatonin supplementation on its own is inadequate; the toxins may have left the brain, but they’re still in the bloodstream, and have accumulated en masse. Should the body’s natural purification systems not be spot on and well reinforced, it would be easy to get sick while taking melatonin), eventually, a person who no longer has any symptoms, and is able to go into a state of real, restful sleep even when not taking the melatonin supplement, will just progressively start overlooking taking it every night.

That then extends into days, then weeks and months of not taking it, since they no longer need it.It appears that, once a sufficient amount of toxicity is removed from the brain, the natural melatonin production process will normalize. So long as the person maintains a good regimen so as to keep the day-to-day contaminants smoothly disbursed from out of the body, then there no longer exists the need to supplement it.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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