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The Indonesian Language is Replaced with Slang Among Teenagers

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Supporting Theories
  3. Body Analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. References


The number of teenagers who talk with slang and make others follow until carried away by the current development of slang. What interest me more is whether slang can be used in the essay? Due to the fact that there is a high concern about Indonesian language extinction due to hight level of slang use among teenagers I think we can, but only in the context of the topic. 

The more it is recognized that man is a social being, the more he emphasizes how different man is from other creatures. Although there are also other forms of communication, it cannot be denied that language is the most effective, important and simple method of communication. Language is a container for communication, humans with language is a unity that cannot be separated because every human interacts using language. As a means of communication, language has a very important place in human life. Without the use of language, the world may not be able to continue to function as it does today because humans cannot perform basic tasks without the use of language. In everyday life, the use of language is essential to organize daily activities for the general public. The use of language is used in relaxed situations and sometimes changes from the standard Indonesian language. Sometimes, teenagers feel more confident in slang language than in Indonesian. Teenagers have a labile attitude and are easily influenced by their surroundings, not infrequently their behaviour follows their environment and leaves their original attitude. Often teenagers feel inferior if they lag behind the trend with others. Teenagers will be difficult to filter a new thing because it puts forward the ego that feels that he should not be left behind with the Times.

The Indonesian language serves as a communication tool that allows people to interact with each other so that ideas that we did not expect can be realized. Communication is the result of self-expression. If a person’s expression is not recognized or understood by others, communication will be ineffective. An individual can convey to others everything that they think, feel and understand through communication. As a means of communication, a language is a tool that allows humans to communicate with each other and carry out tasks together. Language engages in various community activities, performs plans, and recognizes the end of the day. As a citizen of Indonesia, the need to maintain and preserve the Indonesian language. One of them is by using Indonesian as a daily language instead of leaving Indonesian because it follows the slang trend. Indonesian is very important to be maintained so that its existence is not displaced by slang. Because Indonesian is also a legacy for generations to come. If its existence is displaced by slang, the next generation of Indonesians will feel ashamed if they do not speak good and correct Indonesian. Indonesian has a negative impact if replaced by other languages, especially slang, namely the fading of Indonesian. If the Indonesian language fades, the position of the Indonesian people will decline and have no language identity.

Supporting Theories

Frasasti Wahyu Nuraeni and John Pahamzah argued Language is the people’s device to interact to other people. People use language to express their feeling, ideas, and Opinion. Indonesian is used by the people of Indonesia and has become the official national language used throughout Indonesia. Yet there is slang that is usually used among students as the times go by. Laurence Steinberg and Amanda Sheffield Morris claimed that “adolescence has long been characterized as a time when individuals begin to explore and examine psychological characteristics of the self in order to discover who they really are, and how they fit in the social world in which they live”. Mugni Assapari revealed that “Indonesian is the national language which is our native language as Indonesian citizens, and it has become our responsibility as good Indonesian citizens to preserve it“. Tri Indah Rezeki claimed that ‘Slang is language (words, phrases, and usages) of an informal register that members of special groups like teenagers, musicians, or criminals favour in order to establish group identity.’ 

Body Analysis

One thing to know about language is that language needs to pay attention to good and correct rules. Not to prohibit the use of new languages or to follow trends. But Indonesian as an official language that has become an Indonesian identity must be maintained and needs to be instilled in oneself as an Indonesian citizen. The importance of understanding the Indonesian language is good and true, not forgetting the Indonesian language because it follows the people who speak slang. Speaking slang is not prohibited, but do not forget about the Indonesian language. Preservation of the Indonesian language needs to be done to maintain the existence of the language so as not to be displaced by other languages. Indonesian is the national or unifying language of the Indonesian nation that must be treated and still used. The number of views that slang is cooler than Indonesian can make its existence displaced and replaced. Thus, the identity of the language will be faded. In this era of globalization, many millennials ignore the unity of the language, Indonesian. The Indonesian language that we have to save and learn is underestimated by millennials. Even today, Indonesian is influenced by foreign languages or Western languages. In addition, the current use of Indonesian is not by grammar, thereby reducing the sense of nationalism of the millennial generation which is expected to make Indonesia proud in particular. In the past, Indonesian was used well and correctly according to the right one. But now, along with the development and influence of outside culture. The use of Indonesian by teenagers today is not following the rules of good and correct language. Teenagers mix Indonesian with regional and foreign languages then referred to as slang. As in the surrounding environment, we often encounter the use of non-standard language. Ironically, it is taken for granted. One of the causes of reduced use of standard Indonesian is the impact of foreign languages or modernization. This led to the emergence of slang among adolescents. The emergence of slang was responsible for the change in standard Indonesian. Tri Indah Rezeki concluded that ‘today, millennial generation especially teenagers prefer to use slang language than formal language’. Furthermore, teenagers who are used to using slang forget to speak Indonesian properly, even in formal conversations. Therefore, this requires special attention and concrete action from all parties to address the use of good and correct Indonesian. One of the efforts that we can do is to make the Indonesian people, especially the next generation, aware of the need to prioritize the use of Indonesian as the national language. The rapid development of technology can result in the Indonesian language shifting its existence. Teenagers now prefer and are more confident in using language that is trending in their time or slang. Especially with the existence of a thought that says that the most important part of communicating is that the interlocutor can understand what is being discussed is not how important it is true or not the language is spoken.

In addition, in this millennial era, many teenagers think that Indonesian is only used for formal events, not for everyday life. Teenagers will feel cool if talking in a foreign language or slang, it makes the use of the Indonesian language shifted even fade among teenagers. Teenagers will assume normal or even feel inferior if using standard Indonesian. Slang can annoy anyone who reads or listens to words contained in slang. Not everyone understands the meaning of such slang words. In addition, it is very confusing in writing and requires more time to understand. Slang can make it difficult for users to communicate with others at formal events. The use of slang is increasingly prevalent among the people of Indonesia, both children, adolescents and adults become a very serious threat to the Indonesian language and shows that the younger generation today has poor language skills. The use of slang such as using abbreviations when speaking ‘banget’ to ‘bgt’, using endings such as ‘Nih, loh, deh’, then speaking by saying a word but reversed such as ‘Yuk-Kuy, bisa-sabi, bebas – sabeb, and many words are spoken upside down’. Therefore, it cannot be denied that the replacement of slang can result in the loss of Indonesian in the future.

Finally, the existence of Indonesian is threatened by the existence of slang. Language is closely related to hereditary culture. Perhaps as the nation sinks deeper into the decline of the Indonesian language, the burden of the Indonesian language will increase as a national language and national identity. In these circumstances, early development and fertilization is necessary to prevent the younger generation from following the collapse. The impact of globalization on national identity is reflected in the behaviour of people who have begun to leave the Indonesian language and have become accustomed to slang. In addition, there is a level of land subsidence in Indonesia. Teenagers prefer slang as a colloquial language because it is very easy to use to communicate and only certain people understand the meaning of slang. As a result, Indonesian is less visible to teenagers, even considered archaic, and lowers the level of Indonesian. Dita Franesti argued that ‘Indonesian people do not use good and correct Indonesian language or more often use popular Indonesian language’. The correct Indonesian language is the Indonesian language used according to the applicable Indonesian language rules. Language rules include spelling rules, word formation rules, sentence preparation rules, paragraph preparation rules, and reasoning rules. If spelling rules are used then word formation rules are strictly adhered to and their use is considered correct. On the other hand, if the rules of a language are not complied with, the use of that language is considered incorrect or non-normative. In addition, it is necessary to learn the language according to its function. That is, as a state language and as the state language, Indonesian will be the first main language of the Republic of Indonesia. Regional languages in Indonesia have the task of advancing the support of the national language and are a source of national language development materials. Therefore, the regional language is a socio-political second language.


To conclude, the high number of adolescents who use slang is the result of the evolution of an era of increasing transition from the world of education to technology. Language symptoms that can inhibit the growth and development of Indonesian are considered language deviations. The lack of awareness of the love of Indonesian has an impact on the decline in the use of Indonesian in public life, especially among adolescents. Teenagers feel ashamed if they are behind the times and do not keep up with the progress of globalization by speaking slang. Although not all trends must be followed, many things should be filtered first. The development of slang today is very dangerous because it has a negative impact on the current generation and even generations to come. Many young people who abuse the function of the Indonesian language are good and right. Many teenagers in modern times do not use and utilize good and correct Indonesian language skills. Thus, in the language of adolescents, it is difficult to distinguish where to speak formally or informally. Many teenagers cannot distinguish how to talk to their elders or others. Therefore, good and correct language awareness needs to be instilled from childhood and need awareness in adolescents to filter out anything that is entering or is a trend. Not immediately accept it and feel cool following new things. Because it is not necessarily a new thing that is a positive thing. Thus, it is possible to keep up with the Times and globalization but still to fil in advance.


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