The Issue of Violence Towards Women and Children Worldwide

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Published: Dec 12, 2018

Words: 2288|Pages: 5|12 min read

Published: Dec 12, 2018

“NO! STOP!, DON’T HIT HER NO MORE” , SHUT UP ! That is a phrase we hear and we quickly jump in our minds of a women who being abused by a spouse or boyfriend. Then we think, OMG hope the kids are not watching on what is happening with that relationship. When we come across abuse towards women and poor innocent children it is a hard topic, difficult to bring up especial to someone who has gone through it. Physical abuse is known to many people of hitting, slapping, causing bruises on the body. It could be on your arm, leg anywhere on the body or face. All around the world physical abuse on women and children is a major problem leading to suffer and have unexpected behavior towards the people that could be around them.

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In the article “IMPACT OF PHYSICAL ABUSE ON ADULTHOOD DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS AMONG WOMEN” by Al Modallal reminds us that “Physical abuse directed to women, both as girls and adults, is one of the most common types of domestic violence.” Right now, we live in a society were abuse is portrayed in many ways. Social media, movies, T.V shows, and any form of entertainment presented to the viewers, have an impact on abuse. This only comes to show that we’re influenced by this abuse and it’s in our everyday life. A Reality T.V show “Keeping up with the Kardashian” to BGC (bad girls club) to even adventure time and current cartoons we see abuse happening, it either fighting with friends that are females and males, boys and girls, and the fighting occurs by an argument witch later leads to physical abuse. We as humans tend to see this as funny and joking around. When in reality this is not something we should see as a joke. Most of the time when we are watching these T.V shows, and movies, we have our kids next to us watching and then a part shows up on fighting of a man abusing a women or even a women abusing another women. Most of us laugh to the fighting, because maybe the evil person in the T.V. show is getting what they deserved, but that not the case. Once our kids she our reaction and notice that we are not upset with the abuse going on. Our kids will think it is okay to fight or hit a girl. The kids could stay with that image in their head as they grow up.

In the article “Violence against women by male partners and against children within the family: prevalence, associated factors, and intergenerational transmission in Romania, a cross-sectional study” by Cornelia, Rada claim that “Children raised in homes where violence is used will learn to exercise violence in their own relationships, leading to a circle of violence.” Also in the article ‘The Role of Adolescent Physical Abuse in Adult Intimate Partner Violence” by Suanne Sunday claims “History of Family violence, either witnessing interparental violence or experiences family physical abuse appears to predispose individuals to violent tactics in settling conflicts or to accept violence as a solution to problems in relationships”. Explains that it is more likely for the kids who have history of abuse, could carry it on in their life as growing up and maybe having in family in the future. These two authors help the readers understand, why we tend to see men as abusive once they are older and in a relationship. We should understand that those who become abusive usually have a childhood of being abused by parents, family or friends, and once they get older and start to control them self, they tend to react with the same kind of violence once they are with friend or a spouse or even family. Cornelia article is agreeable, children who see it as young and have lived there it cause them as growing up being abusive to their spouse or partner as well. By having children know that there is physical abuse at home or towards their most is very post traumatic. What I could say is when you meet a man or get to know your boyfriend, they don’t go into automatically telling you if they have been abused or in their family history at all. That will have to be a task that you would later know as you get to know more about the person really well. The kids who have gone through abuse in their child hood could also have a hard time adjusting in their everyday life. This could affect them in school when it comes when it comes to socializing with others.

With all this abuse it has a tendency to regular begin at a young age in the article “The Impact of Childhood Physical Abuse and Age of Sexual Initiation on Women’s Maladaptive Posttraumatic Cognitions” by Amy Marshall, asserts Women all round the world who have passed through a phase of physical abuse by a spouse, boyfriend. When you first start to get to know someone they are all sweet and nice, loving, caring, but in reality by getting to know a person and there child hood, could seem a bit scary. In the article “Violence against women by male partners and against children within the family: prevalence, associated factors, and intergenerational transmission in Romania, a cross-sectional study” by Cornelia, Rada asserts us how “Violence against women is Intimidate partner violence (IPV), which has negative consequences on the victims’ health” with bad health problem could be lead to women having depression, anxiety and post- traumatic disorder are some health problem women could have. Women who tend to have these problem, makes it hard for them to have a communication or a relationship with a man, if they end up leaving there formal spouse they had before. This is serious behavior change in a women life. When women get abuse and later on in the future they can’t take it no more and end up leaving there spouse is a bit hard when it comes to leave the relationship. Most women have a difficult time with that. In article “A Preliminary Investigation of the Influence of Subjective Norms and Relationship Commitment on Stages of Change in Female Intimate Partner Violence Victims” by Rayan, C. Shorey. “Women’s relationship commitment, and the association between subjective norms and relationship commitment to women’s stages of change for stay/leave decision making.” There is five stages that Rayan, Shorey explains to us but these five stages are known of the person who is trying to take action in there change behavior. First stage is Procontemplation where an individual tends not to take so much action in their own behavior change, which follows to the next stage Contemplation when an individual is making an effort to change in a few months and have a plan set in mind to do so is called Preparation. The last two stages are good, showing progress on the individuals who really want to change the way they are. Action stage is when the individual has made some changes in regarding to Maintenance is when the individual is working to prevent relapse or fall into their old behaviors. These stages are helpful for the individuals that suffer abuse there whole life, and once there in their relationship, these stages could help them in to progressing and helping their behavior. When a women try to help their spouse out with these stages, the women stay in the relationship, knowing by helping them out and seeing the progress that can be done with their behavior.

“Among women beaten by their husbands, about 6% reported a need for hospital care and 52% received bruises lasting several days.” Claimed in article “Intimate partner violence against women, health effects and health care seeking in rural Vietnam” by Nguyen Dang Vung, Per-Olof Ostergren, Gunilla Krantz. That is just wow, crazy how women in the world tend to live with their husband threw all of this abuse and not always report it. By having bruise and marks on your skin, that is too much, something right there should automatically, be a sign that your husband, maybe had suffered when he was younger. If the abuse happens for the first few time, mostly the husband will be sorry and assure you that it will not happen again. Then you start to imagine (oh he hit me but he says he loves me, and he won’t do it again.) You could also think oh he hit me because I provoked him, maybe I should have not said that at all to get him mad, and he would probably not be acting like this. That is known as the honey moon stage, when your spouse abuses a women and then ask for forgiveness, so in his return he starts to act loving again. For example by bring flowers and chocolates etc., basically he starts to act so sweet. We as humans have to understand mostly why some women forgive them is because they know their husband or boyfriend does love them. There is a likely percent change that women will report what is going on or who is abusing them. Most women are scared on reporting on who is abusing them, for example if it’s the spouse, probably the spouse could be the one warning the women not to report it because it could go ten times even worse, in fact they could probably also threaten their own kids. That right there is something very horrible. Putting your own kids at risk is dangerous, but we also have to understand that we actually do not know who the spouse is really and how far can him actually take things.

“When women received positive support by talking about their experiences of partner violence with their family or friends, it reduced stress and they were more likely to experience improved psychological and physical health” I acknowledge Fleet, Claire, and Diane Hiebert-Murphy, in their article, “Social Support Related to Women Who Have Remained with Their Partners After the Physical Violence has Ceased”. Women who have a tendency of being open about their situation or try to reach out of help and tell their family or friends, feel liberated knowing that they have people that could help them out. Support is a good thing to have if a women is in an abusive relationship. When a women has support, they don’t feel so trapped and do by them know they could count on someone it takes most of their stress away. An example could be when we have a problem and we ask one of our family to just support you or help you out. In that moment when we know that they will support us, we feel comfortable and feel like they’re been a huge weight off of our shoulders. In many situation of support there is always a negative outcome that happens to people and the kind of support that others can offer or not. In the article “Social Support Related to Women Who Have Remained with Their Partners After the Physical Violence has Ceased”, by Fleet, Claire, and Diane Hiebert-Murphy, also claim “family and friends may avoid the abused woman, perhaps because they themselves fear the perpetrator, or they may distance themselves if they perceive the abuse to be a private matter”. WOW, but that is agreeable in reality when we come across a situation of abuse from someone we know. A lot of people hold back when the abusive women try’s to reach out for help, because we panic, we do not always want to be so involved on something that is really not our business. One thing Fleet, Claire and Diane Hiebert- Murphy assure us that “social support from friends tends to have more of an impact on women and older adults than social support from family”. This is agreeable in different cases because a friend could be more supportive in helping out giving some kind of guidance in the women’s life, than in family because sometimes family is not all understanding on everything. Once family doesn’t really help on being supportive it worries more on the women not having the family by their side in a time like this. So there is also organization that could help women’s out when they go through this and these organization are there to keep women safe and have a place where they can be and stay. An example is used in the article “Social Support Related to Women Who Have Remained with Their Partners After the Physical Violence has Ceased” witch reports “Rehabilitation might do just this. It can be an appropriate way to help distressed societies move on from emergency aid and re-enter development processes; it can also help to reduce suspect- ilities to future crises.

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Women who suffer or been through an abusive relationship have gone through a lot, having support throws them is a big part and help towards there life. Making a change in a women who is going through abusive can really help her out in her life. Physical abuse in women can cause women have problems and low self-esteem without support. Abuse is real and is not a joke that a women or children should go through no one should experience it and it is not ok. And remember it’s never the victims fault because the action is not their or committed by them but is done to them. We need to improve our behavior and try to change abuse needs to be stopped and not passed on to our children to later grow up with this rage on being abusive.

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