The Life and Career of Frank Sinatra

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Published: Aug 6, 2021

Words: 2152|Pages: 5|11 min read

Published: Aug 6, 2021

Francis Albert Sinatra is known as one of the best 40’s and 50’s singers of all time. Sinatra was a musician and actor. He impacted many lives during this time. However, Sinatra had many scandals in his career. Everybody makes mistakes but that is not why people remember him for. People will always remember him. People will always remember him as being one of the greatest musicians of all time. His music made him very famous and he cherished it. Francis Albert Sinatra was one of the best singers, and actors. His shows impacted people and he was, and still is, an inspiration to many.

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Sinatra had a very uneventful birth. He was born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken, New Jersey. His father’s name was Anthony Martin Sinatra and mother’s name was Natalie Della Garaventa. When Sinatra was a child he went to School of the Arts High School. His mom was gambling in Las Vegas. Where Sinatra discovered he also had a bad gambling problem. He would perform in Las Vegas casinos, then he would gamble the rest of the night. Sinatra’s father liked to work in a pencil factory. His father did not make enough money but enough to live with. His mother had a supermarket that she worked at. Sinatra had no siblings that he grew up with. From where having no siblings growing up he liked to call Alpha Phi Delta his brother online.

Sinatra’s mother and father was a very big inspiration. His mom was the one who got him involved with music. His dad got him introduced to musicians. With the both of them influencing him he started his first music career with a band. His mom was a very busy woman with all the work she did. She worked at a saloon and would volunteer in the community by helping out any one.

Sinatra’s mom introduced him to music. He started off in a band. The band started off with playing gigs at bars and coffee shop. Sinatra eventually started to slow down and branch off into different things like stopping. To start acting in different movies.

Sinatra had a few other movies. He had High Society, From Here to Eternity, The Manchurian Candidate, and The Man with the Golden Arm. He was in all these movies but didn’t sing. He made a lot of money producing all these movies. Sinatra was in the star line-up at Montgomery Clift but soon got removed. He won an Oscar for best supporting Actor. Before Sinatra even won the Oscar people wrote about him. He got wrote as if he already won the Oscar. When John F. Kennedy’s assassination happened, a few days before he withdrew a movie in what he had played in. The part he played was the deranged assassin paid to kill president. This made the re-release of The Manchurian Candidate a flop. Although his movies did not take off right away when he got started that does not mean it never did. This caused one of his relationships to not go well. He ended up getting a divorce in 1951 to Nancy. The only reason he got in Here to Eternity was because he got together with actor Ava Gardner. Sinatra’s movie days were over by early 1980’s.

In 1994 Sinatra was gave the Legend Award at the Grammys. November 19, 1995 Sinatra got honored at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium by 5,500 to celebrate his birthday. It is very crazy that they started at $1,250 a week and now is making much more. When Sinatra started out with music he looked up to Crosby but ended up taking the chair of power. He made Las Vegas a hit when he recorded ‘My way’ it stayed on the top 50 chart for 22 weeks. Sinatra had 3 top 10 charted songs ‘Strangers in the Night’, ‘That’s Life’, and ‘Something Stupid’. His career slowly came to an end he announced his retirement. Just soon after came out with ‘O’l Blues Eyes is Back’ and a TV show.

Some lyrics in songs get people feeling different ways. If your lyrics are sad the artists would tend to get more emotional during those songs. People could also feel emotional during these songs if they can relate to them or if they know people like that. Jazz was also very huge in the 60’s.There were only a handful of jazz artists such as Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, and the one and only Frank Sinatra. Jazz music fell out of popularity and pop music became more popular. Sinatra got into the top 40 with a jazz piece of his in 1961. It ended up playing at a jazz festival. It also ended up on TV on Thanksgiving Day.

In the twenty-first century is when pop music got very popular. Things like pop, rap, and rock was popular. More popular groups came out like the Backstreet Boys. Sinatra fell out of popularity and so did Michael Jackson, Madonna, and more.

Sinatra sang for a long time people used to listen on all sorts of things. Things like old radio players, MP3, CD’s, etc. They also listen to his music today and listen to it on all the new technology we have today. The main way people listen to his music is on the radio. 

Sinatra had plenty of supportive people in his life. He had several wives in his lifetime. His wives included Nancy Barbato, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow, and Barbara Sinatra. His first wife, Nancy Barbato and Sinatra’s relationship lasted at total of 13 years. Ms. Barbato only married once and it was to Sinatra. They got married in 1939 and during that time they had three children. Their names were Nancy, Frank Jr., and Tina Sinatra. Nancy had two kids of her own and Frank Jr. had three of his own. Tina had no kids in her lifetime. Sinatra’s grandkids were names Amanda and AJ Lambert and Natalie, Michael, and Francie Sinatra.

Sinatra's second wife was named Ava Gardner. They were married for about seven years. Ms. Gardner was a famous American actor and actually helped Sinatra with his acting career when they got married.

Sinatra's third wife was named Mia Farrow. They were only married for two years. They went to London and stayed in a penthouse. After they got married in 1966 and divorced in 1968, she went on to get married once more. Where she had several more children of her own with Andrè Previn.

Finally we have Sinatra’s fourth and last marriage. Her name was Barbara Sinatra (Marx) they were married for 22 years. Mrs. Sinatra was a model in America. She had 2 other husbands than Sinatra named Zeppo Marx and Robert Harrison Oliver. She had one other kid named Robert Oliver. She wrote a book about being with Sinatra called “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank”. With all off Sinatra’s wives he only had a few scandals.

Sinatra went to jail for escaping military services. He told the military inspectors to say he had disabilities. He paid them $40,000 to say he had a perforated eardrum and mental instability. He almost got charged with something called Mobsters but he always denied so he wasn’t formally charged. The reason he never got charged is because the selectees would get in trouble along with him. When they arrested him he was performing on December 22, 1938.

Back in the day Sinatra always thought disarmament would go global. It still has not happened to this day so I guess he was wrong. He thinks nuclear war is impossible to happen. He thinks nobody wants a nuclear war anyways. So why are they doing the testing?

Sinatra had many problems with his relationships with his wives. None of his divorces were clean and easy. His first wife Ms. Barbato actually fought for a year. She finally agreed then him and Ms. Gardner got married the same week in 1951.

Sinatra was actually afraid of some things that would make you think. Why would he want to be famous? He was scared of things like big crowds and elevators. They finally diagnosed him with psychoneurosis.

Now Sinatra did a few other things in his freetime outside of singing. One of those things were to paint, specifically oil paint. He also liked to take pictures he was an amazing photographer. He was a big fan of Luciano Pavarotti, Leontyne Price, and Beverly Sills. He also loved to collect little boy trains.

Sinatra’s wives were all important I think his first and last were important. They were also the longest. He stayed very close with Ms. Barbato because of their children and people often think he never stopped loving her. Sinatra was not there for his first two kids births. George Evans took care of Ms. Barbato while Sinatra did his thing.

Sinatra wears very classy things. Just like these days whatever a “famous” person wear people think it is cool. It was the same way back then too. Sinatra likes to wear a thing called a zoot. It looks a lot like a suit, it is a jacket that has padded shoulders and the pants were baggy with narrow cuffs. They wore it with a hat and chain. Sinatra also was a part of bobby socks. They were created by Frankie Avalon in 1959.

Sinatra has had many books wrote about him or articles about him in his past. From newspapers to books to just random article about him. Some of these authors call Sinatra honest. He did say in an interview he agrees with this statement.

In Playboys interview with Sinatra he asked if Sinatra was a religious man. When Sinatra answered, “I believe in you and me”. Sinatra did not have much to do with god other than knowing it existed. He just did not have much to do with it. He looked at himself like Albert Schweitzer, Bertrand Russell, or Albert Einstein. He believed in living things like nature and things he could see such as the sea, sky, trees, and birds/animals. He thought of all that sort of like godю

Most rich people are not very nice. Sinatra was not one of those people he was sweet and treated everyone with respect. He had talked to a guy that was “poor” and he thought he was a nice man so he did not treat those any different. People these days would look at those who were poor and think, How do they live? Which is nasty to say or even think about it. Sinatra met the man and did not judge him whatsoever.

Sinatra had parents like the rest of us. Sinatra’s father was not doing well. His health was going downhill. Sinatra tried everything he could to help his father. He sent him to different hospitals one being Houston’s Methodist Hospital so Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey could take a look. They found out he had a large aorta. Sinatra’s father ended up dying of a major heart attack. He died in 1969 at the hospital. He is now buried in Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City California where more of his family is buried. Sinatra was only 54 when his father died. His father was only 76 years old.

Dolly Sinatra died of a major accident. She died on January 6, 1977. She was going on a flight with a friend but shortly after taking off she crashed into a mountain that was 10,000 feet tall. Sinatra was 62 years old when his mother died. She was only 81 years old.

Sinatra announced his retirement in 1971. He was only 55 at the time. He only stayed retired until 1973 when he released another amazing album. He also fired up a new TV show called Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back. People say that his fourth wife was the reason he got back with a whole new album and the TV show. That wife must have got him moving. His last album was called Mambo Fever 22 Original Mambo Hits. People Favorite song of Sinatra’s was Fly me to the Moon. It now has 59 million views on YouTube. There also is more ways to listen to that song.

Sinatra died on May 14, 1998. He died of a major heart attack at 10:50 P.M. He was already at a hospital. He was at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Mrs. Sinatra was at his side when he did pass. When he died he was 82 almost 83 years old. He would have been 83 in that December of that year. His anniversary was in two days with his wife Mrs. Sinatra.

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Frank Sinatra was a good singer. People worshiped him and looked up to him, He made a lot of money singing around 100 million. Yes, Sinatra went through his own ups and downs. From birth he was a good musician and actor. He did a lot of amazing and impressive work like winning the Grammys and getting into the top 50 of the music charts. 

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