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The Most Suitable Energy Source for The U.k

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The lengths that most countries will take to acquire efficient, reliable and renewable energy are uncanny. The U.K is a very special case, due to its lack of sunlight, aggressive wind currents and the large consumption of energy- because of the large population- the kingdom needs to find the most suitable energy source with the mentioned conditions met.

Nowadays, people’s everyday lifestyle mostly relies on the total energy acquired and how it is obtained. This is the reason why the U.K is in an energy crisis as stated by some government officials, with large amounts of money being invested to researchers and third party companies to help seek out a solution to this issue.

It is believed that the matter has not been resolved yet because of certain difficulties and technicalities surrounding the kingdom’s policies. To explain, policies such as the assigned budget from the government is not sufficient. In addition to the preservation of wildlife in the U.K, researches must find a method to obtain power without disrupting the unique wildlife in the country. Lastly, the method must exclude any unethical and underhanded efforts to attain energy. This report will discuss the most suitable energy source for the U.K with respect to certain conditions that may be challenging.


A.) Definitions of renewable and non-renewable energy

According to Ellabban, Abu-Rub and Blaabjerg (2014). “Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat”. From this definition we can understand the meaning of non-renewable energy, which is the energy collected from sources that may be depleted and cannot be utilized again.

B.) Aspects about renewable energy

Mankind is in desperate need of a sustainable power source. However, the attempts of finding these sources have proved to be unsuccessful. To explain, mostly every renewable energy source has unavoidable flaws. For example, solar power panels have the requirement of absorbing a sufficient amount of sunlight. If not, the panels will not generate adequate energy, which makes it obsolete in cloudy regions. On the other hand, renewable energy is considered to be the future of power, for its ability to be an endless energy source. Most methods have certain conditions to reach its full potential such as the aforementioned solar power when placed in sunny places.

C.) Aspects about non-renewable energy

Since the beginning of the Industrial revolution humans have been using non-renewable resources to obtain energy for daily activities, for it was a reliable supply of power at the time.

Indicates the fact that mankind will mostly depend on non-renewable energy (petroleum and natural gas) for the next decade, due to its consistency and efficiency in supplying power. However, people realized that these resources could not be replenished, and started to recognize its harmful influences on the human body and the environment. Researchers commenced the search for environmentally friendly power sources, although they have failed to discover an energy source that is comparable to a non-renewable energy source in terms of overall magnitude.


A.) Definition of wind power

Wind power is a method of gaining power by using turbines that are being jumpstarted by wind, which is an inexpensive resource. This is why it is considered to be a candidate to end all debates about energy sources both renewable and non-renewable. It has the potential to be the ultimate solution for the issue. However, it suffers from significant drawbacks, which caused the idea of using wind as an energy source to be on standby until technology finds an approach to repair the issues surrounding the matter.

B.)Disadvantages of wind power

Wind power turbines require a number of conditions that are difficult to meet. For example, the turbines are not authorized to be around residential areas, due to the devices’ loud and disturbing sounds. Another example of the conditions is their affect on the surrounding wildlife; the large fans have reported to injure all types of birds flying around them. Lastly, the machines with the current technological advancements do not generate sufficient power, which is mostly the main reason why the method is not being applied on a broader scale.

C.) Advantages of wind power

One of the key factors that make wind power have great potential is the fact that wind is basically free. In addition, some places such as northern Europe, Asia and America wind continues to blow throughout the entire year. These areas have the great opportunity to utilize wind power. Nowadays, researchers developed certain type of wind turbines that can overcome the difficulties that surround wind power (Anderson, 2015, para.3). Lastly, when these turbines are implemented in the appropriate regions in the U.K it can end all the controversy about wind power and supply the kingdom with the sufficient amounts of energy that will help resolve the issue.


A.) description of Swansea bay tidal lagoon

This method of gaining power is heavily reliant on the movement of tidal waves in Swansea bay, Wales. The motion of water against the turbines located in the bay makes the machines generate power as shown in figure three. However, this technique of acquiring energy has been rejected by the ministers’ council of the United Kingdom.

1. Disadvantages of the Swansea bay tidal lagoon

This method of acquiring energy was an extremely risky investment for the government to accept. The project cost a massive amount of money to begin with and no guarantees of its success. The uncertainty surrounding the energy source caused controversy, therefore dividing the kingdom into people advocating the project and people against it.

2. Advantages of the Swansea bay tidal lagoon

The tidal power station was the considered to be the most suitable power source for the kingdom. Huge amounts of clean and free power are being obtained by utilizing the country’s enormous tidal waves. Furthermore, the station does not endanger the wildlife near the turbines, which seems to be an issue for most energy sources.

B.) The project’s great potential

The turndown of the Swansea bay tidal lagoon was a surprise to most of the British population, due to the large potential it had to resolve the energy crisis that the country suffers from. It was named the next most “green” source of energy in the U.K. The reason for this heavy title was its essential environmental, cultural and regeneration benefits (Curtis, 2018, para.2).

C.) The reason for its rejection

The energy source was shut down because the government were unable to finance the large funds required to assist the project reach its full potential. Ministers of the country preferred investing in offshore wind farms and nuclear power plants instead of the too expensive tidal power station (Vaughn and Morris, 2018, para.2). Therefore, it was unsuccessful to match the anticipated results, which after massive investments of both money and time left citizens disappointed.


It is believed that the funds that went to the tidal power station were wasted. However, if there were to be a fundraiser or a raise of taxes to help the project reach its maximum potential and thus becoming the most suitable solution. On the other hand, the funds can be directed towards wind power, which simultaneously supplies less power and is a safer approach, due to the uncertainty of the tidal power station’s success.


The United Kingdom’s dependence on non-renewable energy is making the country enter a period of crisis. With the increase of the kingdom’s population comes the increase in energy demand. Solutions have been suggested to the government, however only a couple candidates have been considered to resolve the issue. Firstly, the U.K is known for its aggressive winds. Therefore a solution could be the implementation of the latest wind turbines, which exclude the method’s drawbacks such as endangering wildlife and loud noises. Another solution is the tidal power station located at the country’s shores; they could offer large amounts of clean and free energy. However, it is believed that these stations require funding that the government is unable to afford.

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