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The Reality of Apollo 11: Astronauts Or Actors

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“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong 1969

An estimated 600 million eager eyes watched carefully and in disbelief as Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon on July 20th, 1969. The landing of Apollo 11 was a monumental moment for millions all over the world. At the time it was a massive scientific milestone yet as time goes on, and science improves, many believe it was all just a Hollywood production.

Fifty years on, more and more scientific theories and conspiracies have developed and the sure knowledge that Apollo 11 landed on the moon becomes more and more suspect. The most famous theory about the Apollo 11 moon landing was that, although portrayed 384,400 km away on the moon’s surface, it took place 8,243 km away on a Hollywood movie studio. Watching the footage of the moon landing it is now evident that the footage has been edited, perhaps even filmed on a movie set. There are a large array of visible faults with the footage that professionals and even average people have picked up on.

The first being the oddity of the non-parallel shadows shown in nearly all photos and footage. Many argue that there had to be other sources of light when filming the moon landing as if the sun was the only source of light, as it is scientifically proven to be on the moon, then the shadows should face in only one direction. This small yet significant detail has led many to question the moon landing. This is quite plausible as in a movie studio there are studio lights and additional stage lights, all which affect the shadows in the action being filmed.

Furthermore, in multiple photos from the moon landing there is a space rock marked with the letter ‘C’. This unnatural and suspicious marking further proves the landing was filmed on a movie set. When filming a movie, props are often marked with numbers or letters so that staff working on the movie know where to place the props. Many people therefore believe that a member of staff had accidently placed the rock prop the wrong way around subsequently betraying the stage marking.

To add to this, there is a multitude of further evidence goes against everything we know about the moon and space, proving the footage of the landing has undoubtedly been edited. There are stars in space. A simple concept that everybody knows to be scientific and true. However, people became bewildered when it came to their attention that there were no stars in the photos or footage from the moon landing. It is said there are a hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone, surely at least some would be visible in at least some of the photos? But no, not one star is shown in all the footage provided. Yet nobody has felt the need to address this bizarre phenomenon, increasing the curiosities of more and more people.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted an American flag into the moon’s surface after taking their first steps. This led millions to be even more suspicious of the reality of the moon landing, as in the photos taken of the flag, it is seen to be flapping as if in the wind. However, due to the moons zero gravity atmosphere, it is impossible for there to be any wind as we know it on Earth.It would be however, very simple to imitate wind in a film studio.These faults in the moon landing footage has led anyone with even a slight knowledge of space into disbelief.

Another famous theory, perhaps one of the strongest, as to why the moon landings could not have happened is the science around the Van Allen belts. The van Allen belts “are two huge belts of radiation that surround the Earth, shaped by Earth’s magnetic field and pounded with high-energy particles from the Sun’s wind”. Due to the belts very high levels of radiation it is near to impossible to pass through these belts without being affected by deadly levels of radiation. The astronauts did not seem to be affected or did not report any issues or precautions against the van Allen belts which to many is very suspicious.

My last argument details specifically Neil Armstrongs reservations about being interviewed after the Apollo 11 mission and the way he acted when he did get questioned. After research I found that many professional psychologists have analysed Neil Armstrongs body language and have stated that his body language indicates that he is both uncomfortable and lying. After the astronauts landed back on Earth after the Apollo 11 mission, the astronauts often refused to be interviewed, especially Neil Armstrong, who had intriguing reservations about not wanting to be questioned on his experience on the moon. The moon landing was one of the most monumental moments in science, so it was obvious that the astronauts would be questioned on the experience. Therefore, it is interesting to know the astronauts had so many reservations about being questioned. Surely if they did land on the moon the astronauts would want to boast and tell people about their experience, yet, it was the complete opposite. Some go as far to say the astronauts were hypnotised by the government to believe they walked on the moon when really, they did not. This may explain the astronaut’s reservations about talking about the moon landing. In one article the writer stated that the reasons the astronauts were hesitant about answering questions on the mission was that they themselves sensed something abnormal about the landing, yet could not quite tell exactly what was wrong, as they had undergone a mind control program from the CIA. Although this idea is rather far-fetched there are many indications that shows that this theory is quite plausible. One of them being that in near to all the photos taking in the space craft the astronauts’ veins in their foreheads were seen to be protruding, which is a key sign of someone who has been drugged. This expands the theory and indicates that the astronauts could have potentially been drugged throughout their mission in order for them to be tricked into thinking they went into space. This also explains why the astronauts did not want to be interviewed, as if they were drugged it is unlikely, they would have remembered any of it to recall to the interviewers.

To add to this, at the time of the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a race between primarily the USA and Russia to whom could land on the moon first. The president of the USA at the time; John F Kennedy, was desperate to win this race against Russia.(expand! Look at Mrs. Cookes notes) This gives people another reason to believe the moon landing was a hoax and may even add to the theory that the astronauts were drugged and hypnotised by the government perhaps on Kennedys request.

In conclusion, there is a large array of facts that show that the live Apollo 11 moon landing was a hoax and at the least was edited to fool the millions who watched it live on TV. From faults in the photos and footage from the mission to developed conspiracies, although I’m not positive what theory is correct, I am positive that the monumental first step on the moon, is yet to happen.

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