The Reasoning Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 1860|Pages: 4|10 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

While marijuana being legalized can benefit smokers, smoke shops and the government; it can also have a negative impact on the community and Christians. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that the body produces its own Cannabinoids in a way in which it plays a role in “regulating pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, body movement, awareness of time, appetite, pain, and the senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight).” Investopedia says that legalizing marijuana could mean a big push for state economies and bring in a lot of money for state and federal governments. Smoke shops are booming, and are profiting. The hill has provides evidence that the legalization of marijuana has not reduced crime rates. In fact it has increased some crimes in different states. On the other hand, the gospel coalition says that marijuana will lead to a violation of biblical commands for sobriety and will not lead to a flourishing life in Christ. So why should weed be legal? Marijuana can benefit many people, and it should be legalized; educating the community about the recreational drug can help reduce the risk of it affecting kids and can influence the Christians belief about it. 

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Scientists are conducting clinical trials with marijuana and its extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions like HIV/AIDS, seizures, multiple sclerosis, muscle control, diseases that affect the immune system, inflammation or mental disorder. They have not seen any flaws in the drug and haven't said that it shouldn't be legalized. One of the main cannabinoids from a marijuana plant is called THC and this can decrease pain, reduce nausea, decrease inflammation and help with muscle problems. Marijuana may also help with killing cancer cells and reduce the size coming from recent animal studies. The FDA refuses to approve the marijuana plant because they need careful conducted studies on hundreds to thousands of humans to really see the benefits and risks of the medication. I believe medical marijuana really helps the body and should be legalized in all states, it helps with multiple illnesses and different types of pain. Based on the article, there are many positive inputs with taking the drug. The negatives are that you wouldn't be sober but people can take the drug while they are home. NIH really got to the point and it doesn't sound bad at all. More tests should be considered by scientist so the FDA can approve the drug. Researchers have conducted experiments but not enough trials to really see the benefits of the medication but there is still enough information to be provided as evidence that the drug is very useful. 

Although the community may not be very impacted by the legalization of the drug on the other hand as it does not reduce crime rates. The homicide rate in denver according to The hill, has steadily climbed from 2013 at 36 to 2018 which is 67. Homicides in Seattle in 2013 went from 19 then increased every year up to 2018 reaching 31 cases. The District of Columbia reached 160 homicides in 2018 after a historically low in 2017 of 116 homicides. Homicides rose more than 100 percent in January 2019 as to January of 2018. Legalization of marijuana also doesn’t eliminate the black market for the drug, black-market dealers increase competition among rival factions. State taxes, regulation, cultivation, and supply chain logistics cause prices to be raised much higher for legal marijuana than its illegal and unregulated competition. 

Marijuana is not only bad for the community but bad for kids. Children can encounter with drugs everywhere, places such as: the playground, car and house. Marijuana can come in many different forms ranging from gummy bears, brownies, cake; or anything can come in marijuana form and it's so easy for little kids to eat it. The rate of marijuana exposures among children aged five and younger increased by 148 percent from 2006 and 2013; the number increased every year. In Colorado alone, marijuana exposure in young children has risen to 150 percent from 2014 to 2016. Half of these were with legal, recreational marijuana. Edibles often contain more THC than other forms of marijuana. Children tend to experience more severe clinical effects from marijuana exposure. There are effects such as lethargy, slurred speech, difficulty concentrating, seizures and respiratory depression; there can be more severe outcomes in children than in adults. If the state has legalized marijuana for any purpose, policymakers should advocate for clear on-package labeling indicating the product contains marijuana. Not only that but should also regulate the appearance of marijuana edibles to ensure they do not resemble candy. Propose laws limiting the amount of THC allowed in marijuana edibles; and mandate it be sold in child-resistant and re-sealable packaging. Physicians should educate parents about what to look for if they suspect their child has accidentally consumed a marijuana product by staying informed about the symptoms of exposure. Parents should take steps to ensure kids are unable to access any marijuana products if they do own them. Keep products or any addictive substances out of reach and out of sight; keep the child-resistant and opaque packaging if its available. 

Christians would love to not see the drug legalized not only for the children but based on their belief. For some Christians the argument to use marijuana recreationally is as simple as equating it with having a beer but marijuana and beer are two different things. Alcohol can be consumed responsibly without feeling the effects of intoxication, but a person can smoke recreational marijuana as a need to feel the effects of intoxication no matter how much you consume. Corinthians 6:10 and Galatians 5:21 says that “those who persist in seeking their comfort in some sort of intoxication will not inherit the kingdom of God. ” One study showed that the ingestion of just 7 mg of THC or 4 puffs of a joint can cause intoxication; people light a joint for a specific high. In Ephesians 5 it says that “it is the sober-minded in Christ who will be filled with the Spirit. ” Isaiah 28 says “it leads to a lack of judgment. ” Hosea 4 says that “much wine leads to a lack of understanding. ” Proverbs says that “a lack of sober-mindedness can lead to poverty and a whole host of worldly anxiety. ” These are just some of the multiple verses basically saying that intoxication of anything isn't very Christian like or very holy. The Apostle Paul says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that “a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” in Christ. Paul is reminding Timothy of this in a passage centred around Timothy’s pastoral and evangelistic work, meaning not only is recreational marijuana and the inevitable intoxication opposed to a flourishing life, it is also a way in which we fail to love our neighbour. The Spirit doesn't give us Self-control for our own sake; “we get self-control that we might be beacons of stability in a volatile world. ” Philip Towner wrote “When everything is coming unglued, this quality of “level headedness” will keep the Christian focused calmly on the power and love that the Spirit provides, and so it makes perseverance in life and ministry possible. ” about the use of self-control that Paul was talking about. The gospel coalition adds that “Philips description of Spirit-granted “level headedness” not only makes ministry and persevering in life capable, but makes it powerful. ” “In a medicated age where days are scheduled according to happy hours and dispensary hours, the “self-controlled”, Christian tells their neighbour that there is a better and more excellent way. ” 

Marijuana can mean big things for the economy on the other hand. State and federal governments could make millions and benefit so much from the legalization of marijuana. Invostopedia says “Better than expected sales of marijuana in Colorado and Washington over the past several years have resulted in buoyant tax revenues. In 2015, Colorado collected more than $135 million in taxes and fees on medical and recreational marijuana. Sales in the state totaled over $996 million. Sales in North America grew 30%, to $6. 7 billion, in 2016, and is projected to increase to $20. 1 billion by 2021, according to Arcview Market Research. ” More than $58 million through taxes has been profited towards the economy according to a report from the Colorado State University-Pueblo's Institute of Cannabis Research. Marijuana can also help create jobs by people setting up different nurseries. Invostopedia also says “A RCG Economics and Marijuana Policy Group study on Nevada says that legalizing recreational marijuana in the state could support over 41, 000 jobs till 2024 and generate over $1. 7 billion in labor income. The ICF study estimates at least 81, 000 additional direct, indirect and induced jobs in California as a result of legalized marijuana sales. It also projects an increase in total labor income by at least $3.5 billion.” 1.1 million jobs can be generated in less than 10 years nationwide if the recreational drug is legalized. Workers would need to not only farm the drug but to process, distribute, and sell the marijuana-based products. Secondary industries would have many opportunities which were related to legal weed although not directly involved in its production and distribution. These opportunities can include construction companies, financing services, software developers, and multiple others. The other reason why marijuana should be legalized is that it can mean benefiting the economies on a local and a national scale. Investors still struggle to capitalize on the growth of the drug because it is still illegal on the federal level. Invostopedia writes that “The number of marijuana-related companies trading on public stock exchanges is miniscule, and while investors do have the option of working with over-the-counter exchanges, many of the most successful businesses in the early legal cannabis space have been based in Canada or other countries.” Marijuana companies would be free to list their stocks if the drug became legal on all U.S. exchanges, this would increase the liquidity and would also get more investors involved. 

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To conclude the essay, marijuana has many good effects and bad effects. Marijuana should be legalized as it can save many lives. The government or whoever is in charge can educate the community so that children are not exposed to the drug or even get the chance to get their hands on it. There should be safety packages so that it would make it easier or children not to get exposed. The drug is very useful and can cure may sicknesses and illnesses. Although it is against your religion, you can still take the drug as you are not just taking it for satisfaction but for a better cause. You can be ill or sick and God will not punish you for using the drug. The government's economy is benefiting tremendously and is racking up big dollars because of the drug. Smokers, smoke shops and ill people all around are happy. Everybody can benefit from the drug no matter who you are, just use it wisely. Legalizing the drug can benefit the economy and even help create jobs, we should take advantage of this opportunity. 

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