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The Relation of Corruption in India to The Alien Conspiracy Theory

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According to Rigoberta Menchu in the absence of the watchdog institutions, impunity would become a foundation that systems of corruption are laid upon, and if we don’t deal with impunity, the efforts of dealing with corruption are in vain. Organized crime in India is a common thing for the nation since the early 1980s. The people running these groups tend to be public figures who enhance the smooth running of the criminal enterprises. This paper will discuss the state of India in terms of corruption while testing the validity of the tenants/propositions outlined in the Alien Conspiracy Theory in regards to organized crime. Alien Conspiracy Theory is a foreign situation which invokes corruption through powerful people and is mostly under the country’s political influence. The situation tends to benefit itself from the weak, marginalized people, or rather it subjects considering it is politically based. Corruption is fraudulent conduct carried out by those who are in power of which in most cases, involves bribery or done for private gains. From the definition of the two terms, we can see that the two relate. Corruption relates to Alien Conspiracy Theory through the fact that they are both situations that are under people in power, likely to be politically motivated. The conspiracy behind the theories is questionable since there is usually no evidence to prove whether it is true or false hence increasing injustice. 

India has been considered a corrupt country since the early the 1950s as a result of the system that was used in business licensing. Currently, the state has greatly improved since then by a reduction in corruption cases compared to Pakistan, whose rate of corruption was higher than that of India. Corruption thrives in India due to some several reasons, which include the government pervasiveness, lost civic faith, chances upholding crony capitalism which has brought up liberalization and ingrained habits. Corruption in India may fade away due to its civic traditions which have inspired electoral campaigns. 

Corruption in India is enhanced by various factors such as the police and security system, political motivation, public figures, and some various systems. The police officers of India do not work in preempting crim. Instead, they work after the crime has been committed, which is not what they are expected to do this. They allow people with powerful authority to rule with no accountability of their way of the ruling, which gives an open room for corruption, which is a basic norm. Although some of the officers tend to be upright officers, they end up being ruled out by the legislature. It is evident that MPs/MLAs are major criminals of a given constituency. This mess can be sorted out by amending the constitution considering the president as the head of the executive. 

When a given state is corrupt, its security becomes a global concern. This is because not even the police or the country’s defense force is trustable. Since the department is in power, and they have no one to question them, they might place the country at different security threats. Through corruption, they can allow terrorist to invade the state and cause massacres leading the state to a great loss economic wise since the traders and immigrants in and out of the state are not assured of tight security profound measures.

The people in power that is those who rule at different categories tend to take advantage of their power for private gain and end up oppressing their subjects in different ways. Hey are the people who carry out the organized crimes such as contracts killings, money laundering, smuggling, drug trafficking, human trafficking and illegal migration in and out of the state. This is also related to the other public figures who must not be in the government but have a social influence on the citizens. They include the musicians, models, Brand ambassadors and the like. These people tend to be used since they are well known, and their chances of being questioned are very negligible since they collaborate with security systems to carry out their illegal businesses unnoticed. 

Systems such as the judicial, businesses licensing, land, tax and customs administration, natural resources, public procurement contribute largely to the state’s corruption. This is carried out by those in charge of the different systems. They might receive bribes from people to give large pieces of land or help them evade national taxes and even allow them to carry out illegal businesses by licensing them behind their desks. 

The above-discussed issues based on corruption have a great impact on the Indian State both positively and negatively. Corruption has led the country to loss of wealth, which is a great risk to the future economy. It has lost billions of money through different syndicates. Delayed projects to lead different fields backward, such as the economy, research, technology, medicine, and infrastructure. It, therefore, becomes a hindrance for the country’s development. Corruption becomes an obstacle to carrying out genuine businesses. Some investors are oppressed by the fact that they have to pay some money for some services to be offered to them as a company. Above we have discussed some systems that are giving rise to a corrupt country.

This has led to the people of India tending not to trust the judicial system for justice or even the police unit for protection against crime. They are mostly being affected by the injustice in the courts since people of a higher class tend to offer bribes for their cases to be nullified and if you cannot afford it, you end up being sentenced for a crime that you might not even have committed. The country is also at risk of losing resources to the hands of unauthorized people who will end up misusing the resources giving zero benefits to the country. This is characterized by illegal mining of the country’s precious sand. This leads to a loss of government revenue lowering the economy. From the illegal enterprise theory this criminalization of services and products, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider. The Indian government is not able to eradicate poverty in the country hindering economic development for the country. 

From the above discussion, we relate corruption to Alien Conspiracy Theory in very many ways.

An example is that most Organized crime groups have the mandate to monopolize their illegal market, making it grow up to international levels. This is also a similar case to that of corruption where those in power will tend to carry out their businesses unnoticed and make them thrive in the dark market. Both cases tend to use those in power for the smooth running of their businesses or for cover-ups in cases where they might get noticed.

The groups rely on ethnicity, whereby they use it to select and recruit members in their crime organizations. In both cases, the consequences of their actions are the same. They will both undergo, backward troll of certain fields, poor economic development, injustice, security threats, and loss of natural resources. For both, there is no evidence to proof whether right or wrong since the police or security system assumes or has no voice to be against such crimes and thus it is only left to be a belief.

The Indian constitution needs an amendment to make it a presidential government. With this, the president will be able to take charge of everything that is happening in the state. Through the help of his loyal officials, he will be able to eradicate the dark market. The government should also be able to connect with the governed reducing corruption. The vigilance agencies should check for any suspicious transactions or sources of income. The above will only be effective if the country is based on strong, effective leadership. 

In conclusion, Organized crime has characteristics borrowed from the Alien Conspiracy Theory, whereby its valuable perspective originates from the public and criminologists. Its support system is usually from law enforcement and public officials where the two forces give an inability to eliminate crime. As it is discussed in the Alien Conspiracy Theory, the organized crime groups also initiate people at different levels where they are taught everything about the group and given guidelines to adhere to. The members are not to interfere with other peoples interests at all costs. Based on the theory, organized crime ‘offenders’ are dealt with by the visible hand of social relations rather than the invisible hand of market forces. 

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