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The Role of The Media Communication Industry in Informing People

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  • Published: 07 July 2022
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Media is a function that has its foundation in communication, it spreads information to many people, to aid the spread of information and public education. Media that reaches a large audience of people addresses a mass audience with niche needs. According to Wikipedia, Media is a group of communication forms that expose information and data to a large group of people, these forms are publishing, broadcasting and press. There are other forms of media which is called new media.

Macnamara states that new media brings new perspective with the dissemination of information in its own unique way, this sort of media is new and creates an avenue for two to communicate interchangeably, new media in this context is seen to slowly weed out the usual way of media disseminating information to the general public and a large audience. Media is seen as both old and new, media is seen as old and traditional and out-dated and does not have a way for viewers to have close interactions as new media gives such opportunities, which has led to having a new audience always online to watch and critique or suggest new opportunities and content that is better and well suited for online audience. New media though having a foundation in media, has a direction that is new and consistently capturing new audience and introducing new and audience satisfying content.


Communication is the art of creating and formulating a message and sending it to a receiver who is also able to understand the message. Communication as a field sees the effect and importance of communication within the organization setting, as relationships among members of an organization thrives around effectiveness, communication is applicable and is a process to see organizations thrive. In reaching a large audience within the arena of communication, mass media plays a critical role in making information reach the large audience, with the adoption of traditional media channels, without living out the employee, who are the main engine of communication.

Distinguishing media and communication theory

Media and communication theory has a main duty of spreading information, and in carrying out that activity, globalization has been enhanced by media and communication, the goal of globalization towards productivity is made possible by the activities of telecommunication, the consistent rigour of telecommunication is to be at the forefront of every human need, which has helped globalization to grow in such a large manner that telecommunications and globalization work hand in hand to make the other better. Also, film industries and their consistency has released great movie projects that has fulfilled the viewing needs of consumers.

The film and music business are enhanced by mass communication to introduce to the viewer new and improved way of living, as that informs the consumer what is new and trendy, more or less introducing a new culture or way of living through communication and mass communication, this can be introduced as popular to change the mindset of the viewer, such is the power of communication. Communication professionals in the industry are also influenced by such views.

The media and communication industry communicates with the people directly, and that gives them an important role at shaping the minds of people.

The current atmosphere of communication is a highly impactful one because it has the ability of sharing information around the world, it is fast and growing, as much as the players in this industry are few, it is still thriving, this does not affect the growth of communication in developing industries, this has opened the door of media in areas information wouldn’t have penetrated before like the rural areas, also government policies have been relaxed to encourage the production of information by local people.

Media practice/professionalism

To put practice in focus in media, is to change how you view practice as a whole within the media perspective, practice has a large role to play in the media as it has to do with applied knowledge. Practice is important in media, it deals with what has to be done, in general terms that has to do with the individual working within the media industry, and satisfying the criteria of the requirement of his/her practice to sustain the expected career outcome, the main focus is that as the integrity of an individual’s practices drops, so does public trust in the practice decline. Media practice is such an aspect in the media industry that calls for total integrity, the lack of that integrity causes a professional to fail at doing their duties. This leads to an imbalance in carrying media activities in such a way that audience can see quality in a professionals work.

To be a professional in the media, it is a professional height that he/she has mindfully measured to reach within the media industry, this makes the professional to work in such a way that there is a difference that they bring to the job at hand, in their sphere of influence they are able to do right, defend others, show some professionalism in every aspect they find themselves, the opinion of the public and how they are perceived is important to the media professional.

Communication practice/professional

Communication practice/professional has a two way approach, the professional has to communicate professionally within the organization, as well as be professional in the kind of information that is being communicated in order not influence the general public with bad information.

Communication practitioners are to be aware of the information that is being communicated to their audience, and their reaction towards the communicated information, because such information has a way of influencing audience opinion and behaviour.

Communication professionalism is about communication within in an organization, and how professionalism is being applied in the setting of an organization, this area of professionalism has attracted a large interest from scholars. This also means having the right conversation in the right way to include all involved in meeting organizational goals, if professional communication is done right, it will improve communication and decision making.

Distinguish between media and communication practice/professional

The media and communication practice and professional work interchangeably, as a media practitioner the message being communicated to the audience and how it affects the audience is at the forefront of the objectives of the message. While, as a communication professional maintaining proper and effective relationship within the organizational will definitely affect the outcome of any job a professional is engaged.

To maintain professional respect with the public, the professional must be truthful and verify all works that is done, in order not to create information that is wrong or sends the wrong message to the audience, such information will lose its effect and purpose for which it was create, this leads to being able to harness the every opportunity that being a communication practitioner has provided.


The media and communication is the foundation and the beginning of sending and exposing information to the people of the society, thereby having an informed people. As the nature of information and how it is being disseminated to the general public grows, there is need to have well trained professionals that would work closely and purposefully with colleagues and collaborate in order to meet the goal of sending information that is both educative and enabling.

The media and communication is viewed in itself as an industry, and to have a working industry, there needs to be people who are well educated and imbibes the aims, objectives, aspiration of the of the industry in every activity they find themselves. If the right people are in the industry, who are well trained and understands what is expected from them in the wider society, every information being dispersed to the wider society would be beneficial to them both to the society and the industry simultaneously.


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