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Which is a Good Reason to Learn About Personality Theories: Understanding on The Human Behavior

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Theories of personality play a crucial role in providing an understanding on the existing human behavior and interactions. Psychological understanding plays a vital role in influencing how an individual has a given behavior. Understanding human behavior as reflected upon within the psychology perspective, personality theories plays a very critical environment where it is much easy to understand human behavior through different perspectives. Personality theories have played an important role in developing a number of considerations within the field of psychology. There have been major developments, which have created a renewed understanding on the overall role that personality theories have been able to influence the field of psychology. This paper will focus to develop a better understanding on the different concepts as developed within theories of personality in order to develop integrative personality theory. I will also focus on the seven concepts learned and important elements, which I feel, will be critical in understanding theories of personality.

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Personality theories provide a better environment where it is easier to understand human developmental concepts, which explain the various changes in individual behavioral changes. Personality theories provide an understanding on important aspects within human development and it is a clear understanding that in order to understand the influence of personality theories on developmental psychology, it is important to understand the key underlying issues in the field of psychology. These issues provide a better and favorable environment where it is easy to understand the different vital elements within the field of psychology. Effective understanding of important concepts within personality theories provide a clear understanding on how it is possible to develop an integrative personality theory which takes into consideration a better understanding of individuals cognitive and behavioral aspects (Dhar & Vaid, 2014).

  • Psychodynamic model concept

Sigmund Freud developed this theory. He asserts that humans are driven to act in a certain way by instincts that are aggressive and sexual in nature. Consequently, the theory emphasizes on the unconscious. We tend to hide many things from our own environment through different defense mechanisms. Personality develops from a number of key psychosexual stages. The childhood has a greater influence on how adulthood spun out as well as the existing relationships that we tend to have within our social environment (Zhang, 2013).

The development of this theory took a period of 40 years through which Freud was able to focus on his own developmental pattern in order to have a clear understanding on important factors, which influence a hid behavior. A key aspect that I will focus on under this concept would be the Freud’s structural components of the mind, ego and superego. These elements provide an understanding on how an individual is able to engage within a given environment. These elements provide a major focus on what needs to be considered in creating a better environment where there is need to understand both behavioral and cognitive understanding of an individual. The Myers Briggs Type indicator (MBTI) is an important assessment tool that provides significant understanding on the underlying issues, which describe an individual wellbeing and personality (Tananchai, 2017).

  • Behavioral model concept

The behavioral model focuses on the social learning theory where an individual adopts a given type of behavior based on the social environment and engagement. The development of the social learning theory as personality theory is based on Clark Hull’s stimulus response learning theory. Thus, Miller and Dollard developed social learning theory through integration of different psychoanalytic concepts. The social learning theory as developed by Dollard and Miller has significant relation to how Clark developed his own consideration on how animals learn. The most significant elements that are developed in this theory is that human behavior occurs because of different actions (Magidson, 2014).

A key factor that I would consider in this case is how social environment influences an individual wellbeing and overall understanding of the key issues within a given environment. Human behavior is subject to their interaction and hence there is need to focus on effective understanding of quality consideration where it is easier to understand some of these human developments.

  • Neurobiological model concept

This model concept follows through an individual’s nervous system and aims at creating a better understanding on how human being are able to perceive certain stimuli’s. Activity, emotionality and sociability are the key elements of neurobiology based on Buss and Plomi’s model. If an individual has had a lot of trauma in their life, they are more likely to adopt a withdrawn or introverted personality while individuals who have lived a normal happy life are more likely to have an open personality since they do not have any burden (Vansteenkiste & Ryan, 2013).

Therefore, a major understanding that I will consider in this case will include how activity, emotionality and sociability are able to influence individual personality. Understanding these elements will create a very much-enabled environment where it would be very easy to develop a clear understanding on personality.

  • Trait model concept

This theory provides a critical understanding on the habitual patterns, which tend to influence an individual wellbeing. It provides better focus on how individual are able to perform certain tasks in a different way where there is a clear focus on positive aspects. Personality traits follow a certain path and they are crucial in ensuring that individuals have a certain focus within their social environment. The model focuses on the five personality traits, which explain the variations in human behavioral and general engagement. These traits include openness, agreeableness, extraversion, neuroticism and conscientiousness. One of the theorists who developed a key focus on trait model is Gordon Allport. He developed a crucial understanding on trait theory that individuals possess certain traits, which shape their personality (Tananchai, 2017).

I will focus on this trait to develop a clear understanding on personality traits, which highlight different behavioral characteristics that individuals may tend to, assume. This will provide a clear environment in development of an integrated personality theory where it would be very easy to understand human characteristics and behaviors.

  • Cognitive Model Concept

The cognitive mode focuses on the work of the mind. The mind in this case plays a crucial role in influencing how we react and make decisions. Behaviorism is an important aspect in cognitive psychology, which more concerned with critical understanding of human behavior in order to develop a remedy through critical consideration of their behavior and how they interact (Vansteenkiste & Ryan, 2013).

In this concept, I will focus on the self-efficacy, which is the belief that an individual is able to succeed. The manner in which people tend to make judgments plays a key role in influencing their ability to succeed. Self-efficacy beliefs are considered the foundation of human motivation and wellbeing. Bandura developed this concept and claims that unless people believe in their actions to produce the desired outcome; it is difficult to achieve the objective in question.

  • Interpersonal/relational Model Concept

Harry Sullivan developed self-system consent within the interpersonal model. The self-system concept focuses on the underlying assertion that individuals are able to organize their personality in attempt to achieve the set objective. Avoidance of anxiety is critical in developing of an effective self-system and the manner in which these considerations are put into focus is key. The focus on this concept will create a better environment where it would be very easy to develop individual personality and understand what need to be considered (Magidson, 2014).

  • Self-Psychology Model Concept

This model provides focus on self-aspects, which tend to influence how an individual is able to engage within a given environment. The overall engagement creates a conducive environment where it is easy to have a clear understanding on what needs to be considered for an effective and well self-understanding. The key focus in this model concept will involve the concepts developed by Maslow of self-regarding and self-motivation. It focuses on the ability to satisfy an individual’s own needs (Urban, 2015).

Excluded concepts

  • The circumflex model

I will focus on excluding the circumflex model, which is developed by Timothy Leary. This model asserts that individual’s interpersonal behaviors determines their personality. It is in this model that the understanding of the term interpersonal reflex is discussed. The model highlights that individuals tend to respond spontaneously to the actions of others. Even though the assertions that have been developed in this case are important, they do not effectively satisfy in their assertions. The aspects considered in the model also do not in line with the assumptions of the theories that I have considered to include (Vansteenkiste & Ryan, 2013).

  • The Differences between Healthy and Unhealthy Personalities

A healthy personality would integrate a wide range of issues, which are developed under the different consideration where it is difficult to focus on a single behavior on an individual. Therefore having the right balance of temperament, character, traits, mood, attitude among other factors play a better role in defining health personality. This individual is able to deal with adversities and negative environment effectively.

Unhealthy personality involves having negative focus on almost every consideration among the key aspects, which shape an individual’s wellbeing and overall wellbeing. An individual is unable to positively respond to varying environment is considered to have unhealthy personality.

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  • The Roles of Heredity, the Environment, and Epigenetics

These factors are critical in determining the personality of an individual. Heredity includes inborn characteristics, which are adopted from the parents and thus are critical in shaping an individual wellbeing. Social environment is crucial since it highlights important elements, which an individual is able to learn from a given social interaction. Epigenetics involves gene consideration whereby an individual underlying gene expression influences their overall wellbeing. These factors therefore are critical in influencing behavioral, cognitive and overall personality of an individual.

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Which is a Good Reason to Learn About Personality Theories: Understanding on The Human Behavior Essay

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