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The Tale Of A Custard The Dragon

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The narrative poem I chose is “The Tale of a Custard the dragon” written by “Ogden Nash”. This is an imaginary poem written for children which also tells you a great story and gives you a great moral too. The poem tells a story about a coward dragon named Custard. The other animals insult him and chuckle at his frightfulness, until the point that one day when a pirate comes. And for the twist Custard beats him up and showed his other animal friends how brave he is. I thought the story conveyed an incredible message in that individuals aren’t overcome with everything, except valiant at specific things. The poem also gives you a bravery message through its story. I truly delighted in the outlines of Custard, since he showed up so innocuous for a dragon.

Custard (The Dragon)

A little girl names Belinda had so many pets including this fully grown but coward dragon named Custard. Custard was a fully developed dragon with all sharp and long teeth, pointed spikes on his back, scales on his whole body and huge toes including pointed nails. He was also capable of blowing fire like all other normal dragons. Despite of his looks, he was not scary at all. He was so coward that he always prefer to stay caged and safe. All the other pets were so tiny in front of him, but they were more brave than him. So, all the other pets including Belinda used to make fun of Custard.

The dragon is all grown up but he still cries. He is mature enough from his body to keep himself safe. But not enough mature from his mind. He just want someone to keep him safe. That’s why he start asking for a cage. He feels like he would be more safe if he will stay inside the cage. All the other pets used to make fun of him that they are much smaller than him but they are much more brave. The only point is he just love to get pampered.

Despite of all this he still wants to be the soft and innocent one. Until one incident took place. It’s on the ‘Tenth Stanza’ of the poem when he showed everyone his bravery. It was that day when Belinda and other pets heard some unusual noises. To their surprise it was a pirate with guns on his both hands, knife in his mouth. He looks really scary and threatening by his looks. That was the moment when everyone started crying for help and other animals hide in their holes. Custard was the one who showed bravery. He jumped from somewhere and started snorting with anger. His eyes were red and his tail was tapping heavy on the floor. He look really angry by his appearance not the coward, innocent Custard we all know. Finally he make his move and started heading towards the bad pirate like a cat run towards a rat that it will about to eat. It was that day when he showed his bravery and everyone get so impressed by Custard. He saved all of their lives including Belinda and other pets. It is a humorous poem and shows the reality of today’s word. However, at the end when situation demands for it the coward dragon showed his true nature and saved everyone’s life.

The poem also reflects the reality of life that the people who are generally very shy and do not talk much are the once that always take stand for others. One do not have to go and tell everyone that they are doing good, they are just simply doing good. The other characters of the poem reflects how people are in real life that who always talk about their bravery. If one is coward it does not mean that they are going to stay coward for rest of their life, as custard reacted to the threat when it was there. He used all the power he had to protect his loved once. That shows the reality of society that mostly people only go offensive when their loved once are in danger. It’s all about the moment of time when something is going on around them and their capability of doing things. We use all our power and strength to protect the one who we really care about.

A mammal’s brain does not react to the threat till it’s affecting them or their loved once and that’s how custard reacted too he did not care about what’s going on till he released that it’s going to affect his family, it was a situation of now or never. If he didn’t save their lives it was a possibility that they could have end up dead. After everything was over the thief was dead. Everyone start praising Custard for his bravery.

On the other hand the pirate was not the same what he appears when he was entering the house. He was so bold like a murderer when he entered and the end the only thing he could have done is to look at the big dragon eating him up. Thus, both the Custard and the pirate changed their personality according to the situation. The poem also gives a message that we should never judge anyone until and unless we fully know them. Custard was a coward in the beginning but showed his actual behavior when it needed.

At the end everyone start hugging him for saving their lives, whereas the other pet animals were still proud of their own small braveries. But Custard normally went back to his cage being a shy how he was and coward again because he did not wanted to show off to his family. Despite of the fact that he did so well showed his bravery that what he can do as a real dragon. He simply went back and still wanted to stay in his cage being safe and secure. However, in future if situation demands it they will show their actual nature and surprise everyone with their works.

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