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Understanding the Psychological and Consumption Behavior of Bangladeshis Towards Foreign Products

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Executive Summary

Since our independence, we came to a long way. At the same time our perception and behavior has changed a lot. After our independence, we were mostly dependent on foreign products due to lack of resources. But as we moved forward we developed our own companies and also, we introduced a whole new culture to this nation. As our topic understands the psychological and consumption behavior of Bangladeshis towards foreign products, we will analyze the current situation of our country accordingly. Throughout this whole term paper we are going to discuss about the hypothetical perception we have about the consumer’s perspective and also the findings and the analysis. Before 2000 we can hardly see our own companies except some garments and some major industries. But as the world got more digital we also developed with the flow and Bangladesh has now their own companies. We are no more fully dependent on the foreign products. But still while buying things we have some very common perception about our quality and price and also the durability of those products. Some of the people of our country still believe that foreign products are better than our local products. On the other hand, we can see that our local companies are growing and at the same time their sell are growing. Mostly the people of our country are focusing on buying local products. Our psychological and consumption behavior is changing a lot. Our main objective is to find out these factors behind those behaviors, throughout the term paper we are going to analyze the findings and connect them with theories.


The report title “Understanding the psychological and consumption behavior of Bangladesh is towards foreign products” is prepared to show the consumer behavior towards different products. It aims to explorer and understand consumer preference and to understand the real-world situation. The report has been prepared under the supervision of Ms. Fabiha Enam and with the co-operation of the group members.


The primary objective of this term paper is to prepare a report that has primarily prepared to complete the course requirements. The secondary objective is to find the psychological and consumption behavior of Bangladeshi people. And as we are marketing student, we must know how to apply different theories on different problems and also learn about the changing situation.


The scope of the project is limited to the participation of general consumers. Only the consumers of Dhaka city is selected for the report and the participants are mainly graduate students who have high knowledge and have a strong sensory choice to differentiate different brands.


The report has been prepared using data from both primary and secondary sources. The background information on this term paper has been taken from websites and the real consumers. The impact of end user characteristics on choosing the brand has been determined based on a primary research. A survey with 60 (minimum) respondents is included in this report.


Like any other project, this one also faced certain limitations during its preparation stage. The research participants were few in number and their time was limited during the survey. Also, the participants wanted to respond about another related topic. There was limitation of collecting data of a large number of participants whose opinion about those brands could add more value in this research. The qualitative ingredient difference of foreign and local products is not included here.

Beauty and Hair Care

In terms of beauty people never compromise. They always tend to choose the best for beauty care. Moreover, hair care is an important part to everyman’s life. A brand is a promise of certain level of quality, taste and overall experience. People always know what to buy and what to expect. Local products can exceed these expectations but there is always a risk of disappointed. That is why most consumers choose what they know best and that one most often foreign product. When it comes with choosing hair care products people always go for those products which has style statements as well as status. Usually the packaging of the products also plays an important role in terms of choosing. As style is a key factor for falling foreign goods. I represent that, my survey is being responded by most of the young girls who mainly are loyal to foreign brands.

Analysis: Products that suits the best

Most women in our country thinks that is it best to use foreign brands for hair care. As they don’t trust in local or any global brands, they buy foreign hair care products. 87.1% people thinks that foreign brands suits the best for hair care as these are more trust worthy and have a brand loyalty.

Major goal of choosing

The main reason of choosing foreign products is to have a healthy-looking hair. As there are many products that serves various advantages but most of them do not ensure to have a healthy-looking care. People nowadays are mainly focusing not only on the outlooks to but in looks as well to enhance their beauty. So it is must to have a healthy freeze free looking hair. There were three options in this part but 54.8% people voted for healthy looking hair rather than silky and shininess or deep nourishment.

Do Local brands work better?

Buying local brands are not so popular among people. People voted 77.4% in responding negative to local products. As local products are mainly manufactured globally they tend to buy foreign products. No matter they are in middle class or lower class they always try to cope up with the high class. Foreign products are generally higher priced but they do not care about it. They think when one buys imported products, can be of a certain class.

Choosing high end brand over local

Before the survey, we predicted that price do plays an important role while choosing a product. But the response from the survey shows that 67.7% people will go for high end products which are a bit pricy and 32.3% people will go for locals. High ended products have a good reputation in the market and a way more popular than local products .As a result people buy foreign branded products because of the exclusivity of certain products.

Air Pollution

The common problem in our country is air pollution. It is the main reason of hair damage. Because of the amount of dust and other harmful gases almost every men and woman suffers varies hair problems like hair fall, dandruff etc. To reduce this problem they believe in using foreign products as 67.3 % people depending on foreign products. Whereas, 38.7 % people go for the locals as they think it is best to use the local products to solve the local problems.

First thing comes while buying

Buying the cheapest products to save money doesn’t always result in savings. Focusing on quality over price can be worth it in the long run. People think good quality comes with over priced products, as they voted 71% in quality.

Using conditioner

In the survey, 51.6% people voted for the same brand of conditioner along with the shampoo, as conditioner compliments the shampoo. Using them both at the same time can be good for hair care. Besides, the minority of people go for different brands as conditioner which can be local as well.


The survey shows most people are depending on branded products but I think local brands have a home-field advantage because they are more familiar, have a strong relationship with their consumers and therefore are entrenched in the local culture. People are mainly focusing on foreign branded products. If globally a brand can import to the market people will switch to local brands. For this, they need to imply brand positioning theory. A brand positioning strategy refers to creating brand associations in customers’ minds to make them perceive the brand in a specific way. If the product satisfies the consumer they will tend to buy the product and will be a loyal customer of the brand. Brand position can be found in these steps:

  1. Understand what your consumers want.
  2. Understand what the company’s and brand capabilities are.
  3. Understand how each competitor is positioning their brand.
  4. Being different among the competitors. The brand must be unique.

Clothing’s Globalization is an inescapable marvel that is driving the whole world towards getting to be one market, a worldwide town. With the world turning into a solitary market, globalization has had a noteworthy commitment in enabling the organizations worldwide to step out of their domestic markets and spread their operations across the globe with confidence. As the competition in global arena increase, more foreign companies are entering the local market taking over the customers. Foreign clothing brands have taken over a large part of our market. Due to globalization the pattern of consumption of people is changing rapidly. People are more into purchasing foreign clothing brand. Customers feel glad in buying imported dresses rather than trying out the local ones. It has been noticed that buyers hesitate to purchase from local shops whereas foreign brand are being seen as a status symbol. Especially young people are found more to follow foreign fashions instead of their own.

Main Criteria for choosing Brand

From the survey we got to know that most people have their own criteria in choosing cloths.41.9% people choose quality and 38.7% people look for comfort during buying clothes. However, people are hardly Brand loyal. They mainly look for their own requirements. Choice of brand also depends on age. In our survey most people are of aged between 20 and 25. Although previously we assumed that young generations would prefer Foreign brands most, our survey showed that we were wrong. Young generation peoples are more open to use the local clothing and try out different deshi fabrics. They feel more comfortable with local styles and tend to skip foreign fashions.

Professional VS Casual

In the investigation we have found out that social classes have an impact on choosing between foreign brand and local ones. Based on our own mindset we have asked a question. Almost 58.4% people agree that foreign brands are more suitable for Professional look. Foreign brands tend to provide a good quality of simple but sophisticated clothing which goes very well for formal outlook. So corporate and professionals tend to visit the foreign brands more. Whereas Local brands offer deshi fabrics and give a gorgeous look to the dress which makes them more suitable for social gathering or informal occasions.

Openness to The new

Before the survey we predicted that people would choose the foreign brands even if it’s new instead of a well-known established local brand. Our prediction went wrong as in the survey we found people more Dogmatic. They reacted to choose the old local brands over any new foreign ones. Almost 67.7% people review that they would choose a known local brand over a foreign brand which is new in the market. People seem to be less open to new brands even if it’s foreign. They prefer the brands they are used to choosing. Most people tend to avoid new foreign brands as they are not sure about the quality of clothes. They feel more comfortable with the familiar brands and designs, the quality and price of those which they already know.


Although globalization has made it a necessary to be open to the new and forget the cultural barrier, we must keep in mind that our culture comes first. For many years there was a trend among people to follow foreign culture more than our own. However, our young generation is now opening up to the local brands again.

  1. To attract the customers to local brands again can provide them deshi fabrics with foreign and also deshi styles. This will give the customers a chance to be comfortable with the fabric along with being stylish with foreign designs.
  2. People agreed with the fact that foreign brands are more professional. Local brands can offer formal attire with local styles and fabrics. They can keep 2 types of products. Formal and informal for both professionals and Social gatherings.
  3. People seem to be choosing the local brands more. These brands can keep offering the known fabrics and styles and in addition they can keep on introducing new styles and fashions to keep the customers regular and make them brand loyal.

Home Appliance

Sensation towards foreign appliances: From our survey we have figured out that people accept foreign products rather than local products but if they find the similar quality product in Bangladesh then they will buy home appliances from local companies. Here quality is the issue that triggers the consumer perception while choosing for home appliance products. Consumer examines quality based on consumption. So people first used foreign home appliances and after that they build the trust on the product, as a result it now pushes them to buy foreign products all the time because of their nature of quality. From the consumer research 96% people agreed that foreign products serves better than the local products. Most of the people think that foreign brands always maintain their quality as well as after sell service. Till now most of the consumers are willing to use Samsung and Sharp instead of Walton and Minister. Customers always want to buy a long lasting product with better quality with an after sell service. Till now in Bangladesh most of the home appliance brands are still suffering because of the old perception of the consumers that foreign products serves better than the local ones. But recently Bangladeshi brands are promoting themselves as they are also providing better quality products with after sell service. So a very small amount still believes that Bangladeshi products are serving well like the other foreign products.

Maintaining social status

Research have shown that people are feel sophisticated and they tend to associate themselves with foreign products. People whom use foreign products they feel classier about using it. Here people are associating their lifestyle with foreign products and they tend to expose such products to other. It describes their social status that uses foreign products in Bangladesh. The research is showing that half of the people believe that foreign products help them to maintain their social status. In addition, 57, 7% people believe that foreign brands add to their personality.

Opportunity of local brands

From the research it was pretty clear that if these customers get the same quality products with an after service, they will switch to local appliances from foreign appliances. The local brands should start their promotion to educate the customers about their product quality and service. A proper marketing and promotion plan can change the current scenario of local brands.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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