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What Good Evidence Is There To Think That God Does Exist?

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If God is something that has a mystical, mysterious property to it, the God that humans talk about and think about would necessarily be a metaphor exclusively, as God, by Christian’s own admission (was raised Roman Catholic, if that means anything here), is not something we could ever hope to fully understand. I’m not saying that God doesn’t literally exist, I’m simply saying that we lack the ability to think about and talk about God in a way that, for lack of a better phrase, does him justice, therefore every reference humans have ever made to or about God is to or about a metaphor.

As I write this however, it evolves into me questioning myself about whether or not an absolute, complete, and undeniable Truth can be understood about something if that something is not fully, but only partially known, as the answer to this question would serve as the core or the downfall of my above position: that the God humans talk and think about is exclusively metaphor.

This question leads me to search for metaphor, or rather analogy of my own to provide as examples of whether or not a partial truth can in fact be a truth. Say for example you know a person. There are many things you know about them to be true, or at least you tell yourself. Throughout the course of your lives there may be things you thought were true about someone that proved to be wrong, but perhaps the majority of things, and perhaps even your belief about what that person is at their core, were true.

If we accept that we can never truly know a person in their entirety, or perhaps, to be more generous, we will never be able to truly understand most of the people we encounter, then we could be wrong about any particular thing we assume about that person, as they may not be what we initially interpreted them to be.

That’s not how people in general act however, that there is a significant likelihood that what we believe about someone to be true is false. If people acted like this, things like eBay, which of course Dr. Peterson references in the video (or the last one perhaps? They’re so wonderfully long) would not function. If people acted like their assumptions about people are not unlikely to be wrong, no honest individual would buy from the site, as they would see a deterring probability of being scammed.

And I think this is a prime example of faith, which of course is what a belief in God is often (or always?) defined as, even by those who subscribe to such beliefs. So to answer the question derived from my initial argument: perhaps a partial truth is not an absolute truth, but if it isn’t and we always operate on the belief that that is the case, society wouldn’t function and the thorough and utter collapse of any perception of reality would likely result, so faith of at least some sort is necessary for any useful or meaningful endeavor, such as understanding what it is that we’re talking about when we talk about God.

And so this comment ends not with an emphasis of its thesis, but rather support of the thesis it was attempting to refute.

So yes then. Not only does God exist as metaphor, but he may very well exist, and if one has faith, does exist literally as defined by a doctrine, even with aspects that, it is reasonable to expect, will never be known, much less understood, during the course of mortal human existence.

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