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Why Anime Cartoons Should Have Parental Advisory

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Anime is a cartoon. Normally cartoons are for kids and have no parental advisory involved. Anime should have parental advisory because it can get super raunchy, anime deals with grief and loss, and takes on issues and current events.

Anime can be super raunchy. Some shows aimed at kids might make the occasional sex joke but most of the time they don’t go beyond acknowledging that sex exists. In the anime Seikon No Qwaser the main character gets his strength from soma which is basically milk from a woman’s Breasts. During most of the show you, will see naked women although kids may not know what this is I don’t think parents would want their child watching this. Some sexually explicit anime is ridiculous. For example, it’s supposed to be super-hot when some dude brushes his younger sister’s teeth in Nisemonogatari. Some scenes depict the beautiful coming together of two people who love each other, though to be fair those scenes often fade-to-black. Some sex scenes are depressing. For that particular poison, check out the heart-stoppingly miserable sex that characterizes Scum’s Wish. Some is disturbing, which you’ll have noticed if you ever watched Berserk. Some is just straight-up erotic, and that happens more often than not. Obviously, none of it is even remotely child-appropriate.

Anime deals with grief and loss. Death is a very difficult concept that humans have to deal with. Death is very Prevalent in anime. In erased, the main characters mother is brutally murdered by the first episode. Other shows deal with many causalities. In the show Attack On

Titan countless people are killed. In madoka magica there are many deaths and all this blood and gore being shown could potentially give your child nightmares. One summer day, in the town of Sotoba, 15-year-old Megumi Shimizu goes missing. Megumi is found several days later, but due to her condition upon being found, she dies days after her rescue. What follows is a plague of death as the Shiki, a vampire like race, attempts to turn the village into a safe haven for themselves.

In a fight for the village, Shiki sees the death of countless characters, both human and Shiki, alike. War isn’t pretty and that’s precisely what happens in Shiki: an all-out war. There are only so many ways to kill a vampire — stake to the heart, decapitation, or exposure to sunlight — but for the terrified villagers, it’s best to not err on the side of caution. Don’t forget there are blood-hungry Shiki on the loose as well. There are also many interesting ways to kill humans as well, and the truly vile methods are saved for characters of utmost importance. When there’s a pit of bodies, you’re guaranteed to find a trail of death leading to it. A tale of survival, Shiki offers the viewer anything but that, as the body count rises in quite a gruesome manner. This Anime is very horrifying to adults so just imagine what it would do to kids.

Anime takes on issues and current events. The kinds of food we put in our body is a serious issue. How will you ensure your own survival? What kind of eating habits make you a monster? These questions are not ready to be answered by kids. Toyo ghoul which is already violent and not for kids is one example.” ghouls” are creatures that look human but can only survive by eating human flesh. This often means they have to take human lives. As viewers watch kaneki who was surgically transformed into a ghoul against his will struggle to accept who he really is and survival needs, we have to as is it wrong for ghouls to kill? Is it different from humans killing cows, chickens, and other animals for our own survival? It forces viewers to think about their food choices.

On the flip side of this, we have The Eccentric Family, an anime about the conflict between humans and mythical creatures called tanuki and tengu. The tanuki patriarch of the Shimogamo family, Soichiro, was eaten alive by a group called the Friday Fellows. To the tanuki characters, this is terrifying, but to the humans, it’s a joyful tradition that brings them together and gives them the chance to appreciate a unique food. Whose perspective is right? Can both be? Is consumption appreciation? If you love something and destroy it, is that still love? There questions aren’t easy to answer, and The Eccentric Family doesn’t attempt to do so definitively. Like Tokyo Ghoul, it forces viewers to think seriously about their own food choices in a way that’s unlikely to resonate with most kids.

Clearly anime is not for kids but people really think it is for kids. The question is why. When anime first started showing up it was simply thought to be stupid. The thought that cartoons were for kids was still accepted by adults. The thought that anime was for kids is what made anime dubs heavily criticized. People are starting to realize that anime and cartoons are quite complex and can deal with more complex themes.

Anime should have parental advisory because it’s just it for kids. Putting parental advisory on anime will help parents choose anime for kids who want to watch them.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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