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Why Biblical Worldview Should Be The Foundation of Education

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A worldview is a set of belief and opinion on how we understand and perceive the world. Everyone has a virus of the world, an understanding of every concepts. There are many concepts that influences one’s perspective of the world. For instance, religion, parenting education and so on and so forth. My belief is that God is the creator. The beginning of the book of genesis depicts a perfect example God’s creation. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Furthermore, at the end of the creation in genesis 1:26 “and God said, let us make man in our image. Paul the apostle stated in Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless, I live yet not I, but Christ liveth in me”.

According to “Developing a biblical worldview”, Ethan Pope states that a biblical worldview cannot based on upon any human system of beliefs and values. He further goes into depth by saying that the best way to define a worldview is ‘simply how you see the world’. Everyone has a different view of religion and God being the creator. However, before you state your review on it, you must define the word “God” God is a higher power that excels the level of humans. They are invincible and is the creator of life. One person who say God exist, if he didn’t who created people, and who created the world. on an atheistic worldview, some would argue against God being the creator because if God is so perfect, why are people born with imperfections and why there is negativity in the world.

I do believe there is a creator personally, because there is no other explanation for mankind. There has to be someone who created man. Also, I believe that someone has to create everything and the person that created everything have to have some type of greater power. Thomas Aquinas argued five different ways that God exist. One of his argument that supports my thesis is causation. “Nothing is the efficient cause of its own existence because it would have to be prior to itself, which is impossible. But is not possible for the chin of efficient cause to continue to infinity. Thus, there must be a first uncaused cause, which is God.” This explanation goes on to state that for everything to function the way it does, it is impossible for everything to have created itself.

Christian philosophy is structured by the bible, which provides conceptual guidance to students on Christianity. In order to fully understand Christian philosophy, one should have a Christian education. First and foremost, before going into depth with Christian philosophy of education is to have a clear understanding and perception of who gives knowledge. In another word, where does knowledge comes from? This simply means that God himself gives us the knowledge to teach in a Christian prospective and when we do talk about him in the classroom, God reveals himself through our spoken words and living testimonies. Thus, Christian philosophy is based on the fact that God is the creator of the universe, He is the truth and all knowledge, and all wisdom comes directly from God. “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding; he stores up sound wisdom for the upright”.

God should always be the foundation of education when It comes to Christian philosophy. As leaders we are commended by God to feed his sheep. This particularly means that it is our mission to instruct these children. In the book of Matthew chapter 28;19 Jesus had commanded all the disciples to go and preach the nation about all the commandments that were given to them. In first Corinthians, Paul lived as a teacher and he was able to tell his charges. “Be ye followers of me, even as I am also Christ”. Accordingly, we should be a prime example of God’s teaching as well as teaching them the word of God.

I strongly believe that it is crucial for an instructor to shape a student’s behavior under her care. Children are very attentive and ready to mimic the things that they have seen. Teachers are required to be a role model to students as it would have an impact on them. In the text philosophy of Education; an introduction in Christian prospective, Dr. Knight, states that “Education is an important function in any society, because all youth must pass through some type of educational experience before they are ready to take over the society’s responsible positions. The future of any society is therefore determined by its current youth”. 

According to Brummelen, it is impossible to teach Christianly in a Christian school due to the fact that in public schools, parent enroll children of all faiths including agnostics and atheist. The law is clear that teachers may not use their privilege position to proselytize or to promote particular beliefs. In fact, teachers in public schools face a lot of challenge where parents and friends might be skeptical about their faiths. Students today may be in doubt, despair and give up perhaps using drugs away to get over things. Christian teachers could take it upon themselves to give their students hope.

Christian teachers, in both public and Christians schools, often accept common approaches to the curriculum without reviewing their world view roots. As a result, their teaching does not fully reflect biblical views of knowledge persons and values. There are two common curriculum orientations from which we could learn, traditional and constructivist. Traditional education is what we often referred to as modernity. The most common alternative to a traditional approach to curriculum is constructivism. It uses pedagogical strategies that actively involve students. It also recognizes that students in the same classroom learn different things and interpret what they learn differently. Whereas, traditional educational level addresses the ecological, social, spiritual problems that affects students and society. In schools, test preparation has taken procedure over preparing students for a life that contributes to mercy, compassion integrity and justice. 

Brummelen, goes further by stating that, “a Christian approach to curriculum opens up God’s revelation in His word and His world. It upholds truth while encouraging students to apply it creatively to their personal lives and to their life in society. it helps them be and become disciples of Christ who erects signposts for the coming kingdom of God.” 

“Knowledge in the biblical sense reveals the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord as well as God’s ways of righteousness. That is why, as Samuel was teaching the Israelites “the way that is good and right”, he directed them to consider the great things God had done for them. A biblical worldview is centered on God’s word. A Christian philosophy of education emphasizes mostly on social, emotional, and cognitive needs of everybody. Therefore, every lesson should focus on God’s character. When teaching and healing, Jesus always focused on the whole person. Educators must follow His steps and make sure students are nurtured physically, spiritually and intellectually.

For instance, as a committed servant of the Lord, my dream is to get my degree in Special education. In order to become a successful teacher, I must have a mission. As educators our mission is to help others, to teach, to spread the word of God. A Christian biblical worldview is first to love, obey, and have faith in God. Therefore, I ought to be a teacher like Paul, where I would teach the curriculum the same way that he did. I would let the Holy Spirit guide me into making every decision.

To sum up, a biblical worldview should embrace every aspect of student’s education. From a philosophical point of view, educators should help students identify the gifts they get from God. Gifts that will be developed based on encouragement and strengths. Everybody receives gifts and talents from. One must use the gifts and talents to help each other. The way a Christian educator approaches the curriculum makes a whole lot of difference. It opens the way to God’s word in student’s life. It nurtures in students the truth, it encourages students to apply the truth to their everyday life.    

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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