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Why The Government Should Legalize Same-sex Marriage

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For the past view years, many same-sex marriages have been announced in the press but not all weddings are legally recognized, even get administrative fines. This controversial make same-sex marriage is one of the most important issues in the world because it concerns about human thoughts and rights, especially when the Ministry of Justice is in the process of advice on changing the Marriage and Family Law for open homosexual people. Nowadays, the number of homosexuals are increasing and people are no longer prejudice against same-sex couple but there is still rumor and negative impact on the social network about homosexual people. People should have a right to marry someone they love, to pursue happiness in spite of sexual identity. But gaining acceptance from other about same-sex marriage is still a problem in many nations

Firstly, Homosexuality is a romantic attraction between two men or two women. Although homosexuals were born the same way like heterosexuals were born but people still have strong opposition and protest homosexuality. However, a 2012 Cable News Network poll showed that a majority number of Americans are in favor of gay rights, such as same-sex marriage. In late 2015, a poll of Japanese people also found that a majority supported same-sex marriage. especially for nations with non-legalizing same-sex marriage, when someone mentions about same-sex marriage or same-sex couple, most people avoided talking with them and look at them with scornful eyes. The number of homosexual in the world has been expanding and it seems to be a part of the society.

The fact is that despite the law does not allow many gay and lesbian couples to live together. Even if they have a wedding, the marriage is still very loose because it has not been tied together officially, and certainly what gay people want is that they are openly married like “husband and wife “, held in the hands of the marriage registration they lose many of the same rights as legally recognized couples. Legalizing same-sex marriage will help homosexual people become more responsible and happier and it will make a big influence. With historical evidence showing that the Netherlands was the first country legitimating same-sex marriage in 2000. Therefore, everyone should have the right to marry voluntarily. According to Barack Obama, JD, 44th President of the United States ” …[W]hen I meet gay and lesbian couples, when I meet same-sex couples, and I see how caring they are, how much love they have in their hearts, how they’re taking care of their kids, when I hear from them the pain they feel that somehow they are still considered less than full citizens…” All citizens pay their taxes, so homosexual couples must have the same rights and benefits that heterosexual couples have.

However, every country and family have their own cultures and same-sex marriage could erode traditional family values and forced condemnation. Some of those aspects show that same-sex marriage would become social problems rather than benefits. Not to mention same-sex couples do not have the ability to bear offspring and having their own children, but it is the most important functions of marriage. It is hard for a person to accept the third-gender-people marriage, these couples would be prejudiced by their family and make family lifestyles become more complicated. If same-sex lover continues their marriage, they may become extremely stressful and their relationship could be threatened by many people who strongly prevent it. Religious are another reason for opposition to same-sex marriage, a natural order established by God. there are some religions that support same-sex marriage as an aspect of love when a country legalized same-sex marriage, some religions prevent it strongly. According to the Catechism of the Faith ( 1986 ) “destruction of the Sodom and Gomorrah for the practice of homosexuality” Religions appealing to disagree and prevent the number of homosexuals in society.

Furthermore, legalized same-sex marriage would lower the divorce and suicide rates, for example, Massachusetts – the state has legalized same-sex marriage in 2004, has decreased by 20% the divorce rate in the United States. Legalizing same-sex marriage can increase amount of children successfully adopted. Studies in the world show that, in homosexual marriages, their children will eventually be satisfied with their own and their gender as children in heterosexual family. Homosexual have no difference in the choice of friends, activities or concerns over other children. In addition, the development of intelligence, psychological adjustment, social adjustment as well as building friendship. As they grow up, their career choices and lifestyle are similar. Mates of same-sex couples are less likely to be sexually or physically abusive at home than those living in other families. Although legalizing same-sex marriage may increase the number of children adoption but people should first recognize how it will effects on their lives and their children.

There are many concerns about homosexuality, diminish in population due to the increasing number of same-sex couples, and same-sex couples can not have children. Or marriage is to create a family and family to ensure the function of nurturing and socializing children, but same-sex couples can not assume this role. However, for some children, having same-sex parents is not a big deal. However, some may find it very difficult because thier families are ”differ” from most other, which make them feel confused, frustrated, even afraid. But children may face some difficulties such as being despise or isolated if people know the young parent is a lesbian/gay couple. At the age of adolescence, children are aware that a segment of society condemns love between two people of the same-sex, laws in some places have not accepted same-sex marriage. Although some countries have passed marriage law for same-sex people, but in Vietnam and most other countries have not accepted this. In addition, children may be teased by their friends that they are also a homosexual, which can make children very miserable, especially when they are in the process of exploring thing. Sometimes when we looking at someone, we could not identify if that is a man or a woman, research shows that children raised under homosexuals parents will causes unbalance and can become bisexuals themselves. Many recommend that the best environment for raising children is having two individual loving parents, a man and a woman, in a stable relationship to raise their next generation.

So far, 23 countries have recognized the rights of gay people, 19 countries legalized same-sex marriage and 44 countries also accept two Gay marriage registration is legal together in the form of civil marriage, Registered relationships, family relations to have the same rights as other heterosexual couples. Many couples adopt children or accept from artificial insemination. The rest of the world, including Vietnam, still has many homosexuals who are not protected by law. Although homosexuality is not considered illegal in Vietnam, The conservative ideology of homosexuality is still heavy. The cause mainly due to false knowledge and many believe that homosexuality is a social issue, not normal, a sickness… only a very small proportion that open their heart to same-sex people. That caused negative consequences for the rights of homosexuals. Observations in the Nordic countries show that, after passing the law allowing for cohabitation, the attachment of long-term individuals to cohabitation is synonymous with pledged commitment. Thereby reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, the result shows that supporting or legalizing same-sex marriage are quickly increasing from many nations. Love choose them to become homosexual, people have the right to love and care each other. Although I can not fully understand the world of homosexuals, I am sure that they always need support because they deserve protection. Deep down inside, they just desire for courage, they dare to speak the truth. Les or gay, they are still live with their real gender, with their true love.

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