Why We Should not Continue Test on Animals

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About this sample


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Published: Oct 2, 2020

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Words: 962|Pages: 2|5 min read

Published: Oct 2, 2020

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Every day human being shop for medicine or cosmetic with being mindful where and how this product came to be. What if that product came from scared person sitting in a cramped, metal cage? All that person can do is await the next experiment that will be performed on. Image have no control over when eat then at any moment be poked, prodded, burned, and injected. That what billions of animals feel every day because life being uncommenting test subject. Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, animal research, in vivo testing, and vivisection. The goal for animal testing is use of nonhuman animals for research purposes, particularly medical research. Why animal are used for frivolous thing such as cosmetics and neurotechnology? Animals should not be used as a constant test subject.

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Animals testing had become an integral component of modern science, product testing, and education. The most important developments in medicine directly or indirectly rely on animal testing. Applied research includes medical research, defense research, and toxicology studies for drugs, food additives, pesticides, and cosmetics. The use of animals in medical education and training is typically considered to be a form of animal testing as well. Sadly, many animals end up dying after suffering a painful life of being tested and experiment on. The ability for the animal not speak up for themselves is considered inhumane. Does not take an expert to know data animal can feel and suffer too. In 2016, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture reported that close to 71,000 animals suffered pain through experiments with no anesthesia. Scientists are never short of payment they are unreliable animals are subjected to very high doses of chemicals. Usually a normal dose 1000 times higher than humans would ever be exposed to animals often reacts to chemicals differently than people. For example Certain drugs might not work specific animals, but they might have different effect on humans. Study shown penicillin kills Guinea pigs, but it does not do anything to rabbits. Penicillin is discovered in a petri dish not animal. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reported that 92 out of 100 drugs tested on animals were ineffective on humans.

On the other hand, animal testing is lot of time consuming and hazardous environment. Animal testing facilities produce a large amount of wastes that must be disposed of regularly. In 2011, just 20 out of hundreds of animal testing facilities produced 700 tons of waste into the environment. During these production would making it difficult to translate animal data into meaningful information for human beings this leads to even more testing and delays had protections for human health and the environment of three animal experiments are time consuming and expensive a cancer test. On just one ingredient can take three years to complete and the cost millions of dollars.

Animal testing is not all malevolent, Animals at ethical research has benefited medically. The facilities have given jobs to inexperience pre-vet students and scientists who want the animals to be as comfortable as possible. Former workers from the facility have proven fact on how intelligent and loyal a rat or a mouse can be. These facilities are medical and education centers. Products testing such as cosmetics are not ethical because does it benefit the animals at all. The facilities keep animals in small spaces and depressing areas. Commonly, use docile domestic animals like rats that don't have diseases, bunnies, pig, and dogs. People need to improve unloyalty to their best friend. Another Unethical use of animals for testing is putting a computer microchip inside the animal brain. Elon Musk during interviews has told his facility has used rats an monkeys. Musk joked. 'A monkey has been able to control the computer with his brain. Just, FYI.' Former Neuralink worker 1000 rats had died and monkeys suffer from paranoia. Scientists and animal lovers will agree a monkey does not need to control computer.

Luckly, there are some alternatives to animal testing include testing on human cells or tissue samples, computer modeling, or even human volunteers. The most common cell use is called the HeLa cells. Evidence proves that testing on cell and tissue samples, or in-vitro techniques, can offer faster, more precise, and more relevant results than animal testing. Fortunately ,there is a solution in recent years scientists have developed ground breaking test methods that actually predict how a chemical might affect human cells tissues and organs. These new technologies are more sensitive and can detect toxic effects that animal experiments may miss. Also they're often less expensive and much faster for example a new robotic device can work around the clock testing thousands of chemicals every day. In fact it can test more chemicals in a single day that have been tested in the past 20 to 30 years, by using animals in a National Academy of Sciences report the country's leading experts recommend a complete shift away from animal testing. However those who profit from the current situation are preventing change getting the best information on chemicals as quickly as possible should be our goal and the only way to achieve this is to stop testing on animals.

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Overall, a person does not need to be an animal lover to understand unethical testing. In society need to be careful and aware what they put in our bodies. If big companies are not care for animals, how the product is safe for the public. In study shows 80% of former animal testers are able to rehabilitate as emotional support animals. The most mankind can do look up the products before purchasing, even the one that says non animal testing test on creatures. Supporting companies that dedicate healthy cruelty free products. Animal testing is wrong, inhumane, and limited for ethical education purposes.

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The essay has a clear purpose and some good arguments. However, there are several issues with the organization, sentence structure, and grammar that make the essay difficult to read and understand. The essay lacks a clear introduction and conclusion, and some of the paragraphs contain unrelated information. There are also many sentence-level errors, such as subject-verb agreement errors and unclear phrasing.
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The essay argues against animal testing and provides some compelling reasons why it should be banned. However, the essay's organization and structure need improvement. The essay lacks a clear introduction and conclusion, and it is unclear what the author's thesis statement is. The first paragraph, for example, seems to introduce the topic but does not make a clear argument. The second paragraph, which discusses the importance of animal testing, seems out of place, and the essay would be stronger if it were reorganized to focus on the author's central argument. The essay's sentence structure and grammar also need improvement. There are many sentence-level errors, such as subject-verb agreement errors and unclear phrasing. For example, in the first paragraph, the sentence "What if that product came from scared person sitting in a cramped, metal cage?" contains a subject-verb agreement error and should be revised to "What if that product came from a scared animal sitting in a cramped, metal cage?" Additionally, the sentence "Does not take an expert to know data animal can feel and suffer too" is unclear and should be revised to "It doesn't take an expert to know that animals can feel and suffer too." The essay's voice is also inconsistent. At times, the author writes in a formal, academic tone, but at other times, the tone is more conversational and informal. For example, in the paragraph discussing the use of animals in medical education and training, the author writes, "Sadly, many animals end up dying after suffering a painful life of being tested and experimented on. The ability for the animal not speak up for themselves is considered inhumane." This phrasing is more informal than the rest of the essay and detracts from the author's argument. In terms of vocabulary, the author relies too heavily on the word "animal" and should use synonyms to improve the writing. For example, instead of repeatedly using the phrase "animal testing," the author could use "vivisection" or "animal experimentation" to vary the language. In conclusion, the essay has some good arguments against animal testing, but the organization, sentence structure, grammar, and voice need improvement. With some revision and editing, the essay could be stronger and more effective in making the author's argument.

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