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Writing a college essay with no knowledge

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College students could be presented with the dangerous task of writing an essay on a topic that they have no knowledge about and have to attempt to not write any jargon in the process. Just as it is mentioned in the book successful college writing, “writing is a process that involves planning, organizing, drafting, revising, and finally proofreading”. If you somehow are feeling impervious to those ideas, your goals of succeeding will be crushed. Writing needs to be given a guided sense of direction in some form of way or you will not convince your audience of your claim. Ignoring the proper steps to write a logical essay can keep you away from your goals.

Letting your audience know the thought process behind your ideas and statements must be a necessity. ‘’ Critical thinking is the process that involves when you had to think, act, question and evaluate the titles and articles that are featured on the cover’’, and using your thought process to find a relevant topic is what you need. Even if it were an argument about a picture for example, ‘’you need to evaluate and offer a valid source ‘’otherwise you would have lost your argument. One of the reasons behind this is “you need to invest your time in making your choice” to create a strongly written essay. When you develop your essay with no intention of revising it, your doing it wrong.

Out of all of the ways to succeed in college, reading passively is one viewpoint to a whole list of ideas that establish goals, planning activities and managing success. If you want to passively get through college, expect to not understand the material when a non multiple-choice exam comes around. ‘’Think of an essay as a complete piece of writing’’, organizing your sources and ideas can attract your readers and that is exact what you want. If you were to pick your ideas out of the way, that would mean they do not have a plan to support it and that puts them back in a dangerous spot. We don’t want to put ourselves in a place where the reader is not seeing the point of view the author envisions.

Revisions and editing allow the author to extend their view while analyzing what should the next step in the process be. Focusing on the paragraph for example since “each paragraph in your essay should support your thesis and contribute to the overall meaning and effectiveness of your essay”. When you are creatively a passive version of that structure, you could be missing crucial items such as your topics connecting the thesis. Even more items such as a topic sentence or valid sources could be missing. The reader would not be able to fully identify with the description and that “presents information in a way that appeals to one or more of the five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch”.

As writers, we have the power and creativity to show that writing is limitless. In order to make it true, you would need a set of proper guidance. Basic essentials such as having a process analysis which is “guided process of how something done or made and to see all the ideas in the picture”. It makes the material clearly expressed to see there was revision that can make changes to improve both what your essay says and how it is said. Writing in general allows us to express to show our knowledge and understanding but you need to see that passively going cant always be the correct answer used.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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