A Look at The Different Opinions Concerning Abortion

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Published: Jan 15, 2019

Words: 1342|Pages: 3|7 min read

Published: Jan 15, 2019

Being a subject that is never taken lightly in society, abortion is a wildly controversial issue. With a nation full of many diverse ethics and values, the issue of abortion has been divided into two opposite positions of pro-life or pro-choice. The pro-life stance is in opposition of legal abortion and against the termination of unborn fetuses. Overall, in the eyes of pro-life believers, life is a precious miracle and no matter how far along a fetus has developed, every aborted fetus has indeed been murdered. On the other hand, the stance of pro-choice supports the action of abortion and believes that women should have the legal right to terminate their pregnancy. No matter what position is taken on this crucial issue, abortion will always have lasting impact on people. For example, who can blame anyone who defends a pregnant mother's right to make a life and death decision by her own free will when assuming she completely understands all ramifications? By whatever way she arrives at her final heart- tearing decision to kill the fetus, should anyone have the right to force her to bear a child? Or, in contrast, who can fault someone who wishes to prevent the termination of a teen pregnancy in order to save the life of the innocent unborn child? Questions like these not only help conceive the importance and value of abortion but also raise much curiosity about this year’s election and the candidate’s beliefs.

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Although many of this year's election policies are based on issues that encompass our devastating economy, the often neglected issue of abortion has become a ruthlessly exploited topic in this year's presidential debates. The candidates, Governor Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama, have very differentiating views of pro-life and pro-choice. Usually shown as an issue that favors pro-life candidates, this election has shown a historical change due to President Obama taking charge in a recent Gallup Poll (Dannefelser). Although there are some appealing arguments about the pro-life choice, I believe the policy of abortion should be terminated in our society, as it takes the lives of approximately 115,000 innocent and defenseless children daily.

Of course, there is a population that doesn’t believe that the act of abortion is wrong and feels that women should have the right in whether they want to bear a child. Supporting this view, President Obama believes in the policy of pro-choice and holds the opinion that woman should bear the constitutional rights to their personal health and reproductive freedom. Within his campaign, Obama has shown his complete support of Planned Parenthood and given much funding to abortion and contraception advertising through his recent video known as “Yes We Can” (Yarrow). Through this tactic, Obama establishes the message that the women of America are capable of making their own choices. Disagreeing with parental notification, he states that he feels that abortion is an act that needs to have much thought and consideration and if “a young women becomes pregnant they should talk to their parents”. Moreover, he realizes that all girls do not have parental guidance and “in those instances, we should want these girls to seek the advice of a trusted source. Many feel this campaign tactic will be helpful in gathering support for abortion because “according to NARAL’s model and an extensive survey that shows there are over 5.1 million women pro-choice”(May). Claiming how Governor Romney “has gone to more extreme place”, by completely getting rid of funding for planned parenthood, President Obama claims that if he gets elected for a second term this crucial social issue will get resolved (May).

Although President Obama makes some crucial arguments about this serious policy, there have been criticisms’ about his policy of abortion. President Obama constantly mentioned the topic of federal funding of planned parenthood numerous times and consistently made sure to bring up Romney’s vow to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider that also delivers an array of other productive services (Yarrow). Furthermore, Obama states in all three of his presidential debates that not only does his funding of planned parenthood help women in need, but it also can act like any other health care provider or OB/GYN by providing breast examinations and referring women to outside technicians (Viebeck). In reality though, Obama has recently been proven wrong, though, due to a recent fact check that verified that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms or even possess the necessary equipment to do so. The truth is actually revealed; “they do hundreds and thousands of abortions and not a single mammogram”(Dannenfeiser). According to the Washington Times “Planned Parenthood is even reportedly dropping what little prenatal care it offers” (Dannenfeiser). Moreover, the Congressional Research Service report stated that the federal government gives Planned Parenthood about $66 million to a unreliable service (Viebeck). In general, this shows the amount of money that is being taken out of the American’s pockets (Viebeck).

Furthermore, pro-life candidate Mitt Romney claims that his opposing candidate, Barack Obama, needs to critically consider that abortion is a social issue and not an economical issue (Dannenfeiser). In general, Romney feels the most important thing should be fully trying to recover America from economic stress and this current devastating recession. Now completely behind the policy of pro-life, Romney’s policy of abortion has three exceptions of “cases of rape, incest, or pregnancy that endangers a women’s life” (Romney). His belief of pro-life advocates the legal protection of human embryos and fetuses and outlaws abortion. Throughout Romney’s debate he claims his first action he will take will be to defund Planned Parenthood in America. In addition, he he plans to overturn Roe vs. Wade, which states the legalization of abortion, due to over “fifty million abortions have been performed since 1973”. Through this plan, Romney claims that once overturned, abortion will be a matter of state decision and not a matter of federal decision. It will “finally allow the states to have authority” that they were initially intended to have (Blodget). In addition, Romney indicates that he will reverse the Mexico City position of the President and “reinstate the Mexico City policy which keeps us from using foreign aid for abortions overseas”(Weiner). Feeling that abortion is more of a social issue and not economic issue he plans to instead help the 17 million women that are currently living in poverty today (Weiner). Romney states "I’m going to help women in America get good work by getting a stronger economy and by supporting women in the workforce."(Bennett).

In general, much of this topic is subject to opinion and perspective and that is just the nature of this argument. Overall though, I find myself mostly behind Governor Romney and his choice of pro-life within America. Influenced by my morals and religious back ground, I believe that there are no exceptions for abortion. Living in a society that finds murder as a morally wrong act that deserves punishment, I believe the policy of abortion should be ended because I feel that there is no difference between murder and taking the life of an innocent and defenseless child. If a mother does not want a child or rape has occurred, adoption or other measures should be considered.

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Unfortunately, this is not a popular stance to many American's due to the belief that woman should possess their constitutional rights. In reality, the act of abortion is legal before three months because the fetus is still in the embryo stage. In contrast, facts show that “More than 90% of the body structures found in a full-grown human are present after 9 weeks.” Overall I feel that today we live in a morally wrong and depraved society that is unwilling to accept their wrongs. We end up exonerating others for our mistakes. I understand that fear indeed is a powerful motivator, but as we accept these self-centered acts we underestimate both the intelligence and priorities of women. The women of America can use their brains, not solely rely on other parts of their body, to move ahead in society and achieve their goals.

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